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Part 52: FS NOD 08: Harvester Hunting

FS NOD 08: Harvester Hunting
Harvester Hunting

A dreadful cooperation has taken place, as both the Brotherhood of NOD and the GDI must continue working together to take down CABAL. With both groups having gathered information on CABAL's core's whereabouts, each group must damage outlying support facilities in order to weaken CABAL's forces enough for a final attempt at destroying the AI, once and for all!


Location: Unknown, Unknown
Objective: Protect the civilians in the area and destroy CABAL's harvesting operations in the area.

Briefing: Prior to our main assault on CABAL, we need to slow down his production capabilities. CABAL is harvesting Tiberium heavily in Eastern Africa. Proceed there and eliminate CABAL's harvesting facilities. Our forces are scattered at this
time and we can only afford to provide you with a small strike force. Use the new Fist of Nod mobile production facility to build up an effective strike force and crush them. DATA LINK CLOSED.

Author's note: One of my favorite Firestorm maps; lots of flavour and a not-to-strict constraint for the player makes for a fun and interesting level.

Name: Anton Slavik
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: NOD
Occupation: Faction Leader within the Brotherhood of NOD [The Black Hand of NOD]
Voiced/Played by: Frank Zagarino

Rescued from certain death by Oxanna and a handful of trusted troops, he immediately murders the traitor responsible upon return to his command vehicle. Along with CABAL, he sets out to defend his holding(s) in Egypt from Hassan's forces. Kills Hassan the Betrayer. Is forced to bail out Vega at the behest of Kane, if only because the ship he was flying contains the Tacitus. Is captured alongside Oxanna by GDI forces lead by Commander McNeil. Lives for Kane; Dies for Kane. Captured and converted Commander McNeil's brother, Jake. Survived the 2nd Tiberium War and currently the leader of the Black Hand of NOD. Vying for power against other NOD sub-factions in a bid to become its leader.

Name: Lieutenant-General Cortez
Aliases: None
Affiliation: GDI
Occupation: GDI Commander
Voiced/Played by: Efrain Figueroa

De Facto leader following GDI's inability to maintain contact with the USS Philadelphia. Appears to be on a first-name basis with Dr. Boudreau. Thought that leaving all of CABAL's cyborgs alive was a good idea.