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Part 16: ManxomeBromide - Jericho

Let's Play Jericho!
Compute! Gazette, June 1988, Issue 60, Vol. 6, No. 6


Your arch-nemesis Strangles MacDonald has stolen the OP's Seizure Inducer and is using it in his textiles factory to make a line of blasphemous kilts. Your only hope is to send in a squadron of super-moths to eat all of the eldritch fabric before Earth itself is lost to Yuggoth!

I swear I only made about half of this up. I decided to type this one in because I noticed flipping through the game lists that there was a "Jericho II". Crossroads rated a sequel: could this stand up? Nope.


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I think this was actually intended as a joke at the time, but in this era of e-sports, I think it might not be anymore.

Our politicians have been failing us for decades. They should have just been playing videogames instead.

The Verdict: This looks a lot like a Breakout game but it really isn't one. I'm not sure what it is though besides just frustrating.