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Part 22: Prenton - Match Blox

Issue 41, November 1986

Game Summary
Click (well, press fire as it's joystick controlled) on squares to toggle them and any surrounding ones. Match the pattern to - wait, this is just Lights Out isn't it? It's Lights Out, on a tiny board.
But wait, a twist: you can only click on orange squares, allowing you to get yourself into unsolvable positions.

It caught my eye because I actually saw my first Lights Out-esque game on the C64 back in the day: the much later Reaxion.

(click for video)

What's Good
A new twist on an old classic. Taxes the little gray cells quite nicely for a bit.

What's Bad

Very spartan, with a grand total of two sound effects and standard system font throughout. Also, staring a long line of cryptic reverse video symbols (C64 BASIC really needed a "PRINT AT" command) for ages until I realised the checksum mismatch was because I'd used the British spelling of "colour"

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