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by Psycho Knight

Part 10: Every day there’s sorrow; today, tomorrow ~ But I’m dancing instead

Update V: Every day there’s sorrow; today, tomorrow ~ But I’m dancing instead
Song Title Reference: Dance Through the Danger – Jake Kaufman + Cristina Vee

Fun fact: Cristina Vee does voice a character in this game, but it isn’t the dancer, Farun. She’s the English voice for Ruka.

This update is on the short side. The full thing is too long for a single post, but there is a very clear divide between two scenes, so one of them was going to be shorter than the other regardless of what I did. But enough about that, there’s more important matters at hand.

Party time! Wooo!

Well, let’s kill some time before the banquet starts.

Not sure how I feel about having a party thrown for me when your world is like this.

Don’t worry about it. Everyone’s craving entertainment right now. They want a reason to celebrate.

I know. It still makes me feel a little guilty though. There’s still so much work to do.

~Star God Academy Field~

Why are you shouting? Did something happen?

Why are you so calm?! We have a huge problem! Did Narcisstes not tell you anything?

What’s got your panties in a bunch?

Wait, Mana, you don’t know either?

We have no idea what you’re talking about. Is it about that weird rumbling and roaring we heard? Shit, is some weird monster trying to break free?!

…A dress?! That’s why you’re freaking out?! Damn it, Mahiru… You scared the hell out of me. *sigh* Why do you need me for that?

You have money, don’t you? I heard from Narcisstes that the king gave you some.


Way to narc on us, Narc! I don’t regret unintentionally giving you that nickname anymore. Damn snitch.

Listen, Mahiru… that money is… for… us to get home. Yeah! It’s really important for equipping the Star Children and staying stocked up on items for the Labyrinths.

I won’t ask for much. Just get me the cheapest dress you can find! Please!

Don’t you want to get back home as soon as possible? I have to be smart with how I spend this.

Ugh… Fine… I’m never asking you for anything ever again…

Why do you want a dress all of a sudden anyway?

There’s going to be a welcoming party at the castle. Just look at me! What do you think this is?

It’s your outfit.

No! This is my uniform! I can’t go to a party at the castle in this. Ugh… But it’s fine…

I… *whispering* Back me up on this, Mana. I’m trying to cover for you here.

Don’t worry so much about that, Mahiru. The other Star Maidens are going to attend in their usual clothes. It’s not just you.

But those already look so elegant.

Excuse me?

…Okay, I’m willing to give you Mirei, Ruka, Femiruna, Arie, and Yuzuha. But the others’ outfits are not ones I would describe as “elegant.” They range from “I just got off work” to “stripper.”

I’m the only one with this plain-looking, black uniform.

At least you’re wearing something. Sue looks like she got out of bed and threw a cape on.

I thought I got pregnant, then got sent to a parallel world… And now I have to embarrass myself looking like this at a castle party. I look so pitiful no matter how you cut it…

*Our old friend “mysterious smooth sax music from nowhere” returns*

Nonsense. You’re quite attractive, Mahiru.



If you really need one, I’ll prepare a dress for you.

Hey, there you go. See Mahiru? Narcisstes can hook you up with a dress.

U-Um… I’m fine like this, I think. But, thank you for your concern.

I see. Well, I’ll see you at the party.

Bye, mysterious sax music! Also, Narcisstes leaves.

You sure about this, Mahiru?

You got your war funds from Narcisstes and the king, right? I’d feel bad trying to extort if out of him. But… he can say really cheesy things without meaning to come off that way.

Don’t tell me you looove him?

How do you figure that? Anyway, Itsuki, I’ll see you later.

*Mahiru takes her leave*

In a parallel world full of worries, Mahiru meets a handsome teacher… What will happen between the two of them?

And she thought I was just being jealous. She practically melted when he said all that stuff.

Taking it too far again. You seem way too happy.

You aren’t?

I’m relieved, more like it. I want to remind you that she came really close to finding out about you-know-what.

~Star God Academy Street~

The banquet’s about to start. Let’s go inside the castle.

Game, did that really have to be its own scene?

Oh man, that looks good. What do we got going on here? Is that shortcake? At least three full turkeys… eh, not really a fan personally. Couple of bottles of wine. Cookies, or biscuits, or whatever the hell that plate on the left has stacked on it. Looks like some baguettes, no doubt bought at a premium from Collette. Mozza sticks… sausages… or maybe crab legs? The hell is that? Either way, I want some of them.

Looks like tons of people are showing up. Oh, Your Majesty, Itsuki is here!

Ah, Itsuki. I’ve prepared many of the foods you like to dine on. Eat to your heart’s content and prepare for your next adventure in the meantime. Let us meet again later. Enjoy yourself.

*And Shang disappears back into the crowd*

I’ll try. Still pretty wiped out from the Labyrinth… Wait a minute… How does he know what foods I like? I’m from a different world.

Granvania, a magical fantasy world that still has all the same animals and foods as Earth.

Who cares? Let’s eat up, Itsuki!

*And just as quickly as she arrived, she disappears into the crowd*

Hey, you! How’d ya like some berry wine? Bottoms up! And for you? King Ale? Yeah, we got that! And you? What? A dance?! Not right now!

Farun’s a guest too, so why’s she acting like a bartender right now?

She’s always working at the tavern, so I’m sure she feels more at ease this way.

Yeah, that’s probably it.

Oh, you’re here too.

I’m a guest of honor, so I have to be. As a Star Maiden, I can’t just skip out on this.

You’re always so serious about everything.

We need to talk. Do you have a minute?

H-Hey! Where are you pulling me?! Can’t I at least have something to eat?! I’m hungry…

So, you’ve got me here. What did you want to talk about that couldn’t wait until I ate something?

I think you already know, but I’m in the Star Maiden class at the academy. I noticed something as I spend more time with the other maidens there. Everyone’s just doing their own thing. They aren’t united at all.

I mean, aside from their Star Maiden duties, they do have their own lives.

I’m not saying it’s bad that they don’t interact, but… I just thought we all had the same mission. I think we should come together more often. It’d be more efficient for you if we did that. Don’t you agree, Itsuki?

Well, it would be nice if I had an easier time finding everyone for stuff like Classmating.

Basically, you’re saying it’s a lack of communication.

Even with the ritual, they shouldn’t rely on your lop-sided knowledge. They should try to find out ways to make stronger Star Children on their own. We should supplement what the other doesn’t know and share that information. Granted, I know it can be embarrassing… But that’s all the more reason to.

It’s not sex, dammit! You said that, game! You told us! What information are the Star Maidens going to exchange, exactly? It’s not like you can study an issue of Cosmo or some shit.

Amazing, Mahiru. You truly are the best honor student of the whole class.

Mr. Narcisstes…

That’s why I want you to lead the other 12 [sic] Star Maidens.

That’s a sic because the 13th Maiden hasn’t been introduced, so this should read “the other 11 Star Maidens” because there are 12 Star Maidens including Mahiru, not other than her. Alternatively, they could have just said “lead the other Star Maidens.”


The unity of all the Star Maidens is crucial for this mission.

U-Um, sure…

Very good. I’m counting on you. Itsuki, please also cooperate with Mahiru the best you can. But for now, let’s stop with all this uptight business talk. Enjoy the party.

Hmm… now that I think about it, maybe he was counting Lillith and Lillie as two people? That would add up… Although they’ve always been counted as one person up until now. Screw it, I’m just going to assume it’s an SC-brand fuck up.

Anyway, Narcisstes took his leave while I was thinking about grammar.

”Mister” Narcisstes, huh…

He’s our teacher, what’s wrong with calling him that?

You hated it at first, but you seem super into it now.

It’s just to go back to my world. You should feel the same way, Itsuki.

I’ve always been super into this. Maybe not quite as much with the Classmating thing. I was also a little less pumped up about fighting the big monster. But I’m still totally on board with this hero thing.

Oho, you seem happy that Mahiru was complimented about being the best in class. And by that cheesy teacher of hers too.

Where did that come from?

Official Itsuki just responded to Mahiru with “Can’t argue there.” So Mana’s comment is still equally out of nowhere in the official script. I guess because Itsuki smiles/laughs when he says his line? Still a weird transition.

Please, he’s nowhere near as cheesy as you.

Wh-What? Moi?

I don’t really care one way or another.

Ohh, so ya like ‘em cheesy then? Wait wait wait, this is getting way too weird!

Well then, Itsuki. Let’s all cooperate more moving forward.

I’ll do what I can to try and bring everyone together.

Please do.

*Mahiru takes her leave*

Well, I can think of a lot of words to describe the things you say. Cheesy isn’t one of them, though.

I-I see…

Didn’t think you cared about that kind of thing.

I… I don’t! Don’t tease fairies like that!

I’ve enjoyed this scene because on top of teasing Mahiru, we also got to tease Mana at the end. This game needs more “making fun of Mana” moments.

~Palace Throne Room~

Looks like there’s more people now. But all the Star Maidens aren’t here yet.

Itsuki, you came at just the right time!

We were just talking to you in the hallway! What the hell are you getting on with? Did Itsuki and Mana take a hike around the castle ground or something?

The Star Maiden introductory ceremony is about to start as well. What could they be doing?

No clue about Arie, but Collette is probably trying to drum up business somewhere and Yuzuha probably didn’t even leave her house. Honestly, it’s kind of weird that you guys would be surprised about Yuzuha not showing up.

Itsuki, I know this is sudden but I need your help. Please go find them!

Am I going to be allowed to eat anything today?

Here’s a log detailing occurrences within the last five minutes. We have reports saying that all three were seen in different places.

There’s no time. Let’s split up and look for them.

Arie came in first in polling and the other two didn’t even make it to the Top 6, so the choice is clear.

I guess I’ll go look for Arie.

Then Mirei and I will look for the other two.

~Palace Laboratory~

We enter the Palace Laboratory to find the screen shaking. Seems like there’s some sort of commotion going on.

[Child B]: Look at that! I never saw a Star Energy circle like that!

[Child C]: Ms. Arie, look, look!

Children, very precious things are stored here! Please don’t run!

A little background information: There is a generic event for Arie where she talks about teaching children as part of her service to the Church. She seems to be kind of a lightweight when it comes to the discipline thing, so she doesn’t have a strong handle on the pack of little savages.

Arie, there you are. What are you doing in here?

Oh, Itsuki? I-I’m sorry… I was preparing to go with the children from the church… But as you can see, they’re doing their own thing…

A non-strict Nun? Why are all the Star Maidens bad at their jobs? Tarua can’t deliver things on time, Reone hasn’t displayed any actual medical knowledge (she has a magic device that just tells her what’s wrong with people), and Yuzuha doesn’t have any paintings to show. As for Sue, user Ibblebibble took offence a while back to her claim of wanting to be a zoologist, because caring for and treating animals is actually the job of a veterinarian.

[Child A]: Who’s this guy? Is he your boyfriend, Ms. Arie?

[Child B]: Really?! He’s your boyfriend?!

[Child C]: Haha, wooo! Boy-friend! Boy-friend!

Kids suck.

S-Stop it! He is not my boyfriend!

Don’t worry about it. Kids are just like that. Anyway, I came to get you because the introduction ceremony is about to start.

What? Is it that time already? Oh no! Wh-What shall I do? I can’t just leave the children here…

I can look after them. You go on ahead.

Really?! Oh, thank you! Well then, Itsuki! Please look after them for just a little bit!

*One Introduction Ceremony later*

~Palace Throne Room~

Hey, Arie. The children are over there sleeping. I think all the running around they were doing finally caught up with them.

Thank you very much, Itsuki.

You should be able to enjoy yourself for the rest of the party now. I doubt they’ll be waking up any time soon.


*Later on*

Ooh, it’s done! Now we feast!

Finally! Wait… what’s that music for?

I’m going to pass on that. I’d rather choose that plate of crab legs. Besides, I’ve never danced before.

Just have the Star Maidens lead you. They’re all good, especially Farun.

It’s basically her job to dance. She’s known for her sexy dance moves. Fuehe… You should enjoy the show, Itsuki.

I’d rather enjoy the food.

Everyone around here wants to see God’s Gift’s dance.

Why? They’re not entertainers. They’re trying to save your damn lives.

So, who will be your dance partner?

Ugh… *sigh* Well, is Mahiru around?

Let’s see… Oh, she’s right over there.

You rang?

They’re forcing me to take part is some kind of dance that’s going on. Come on, let’s get this over with so I can finally eat.

Huh? Why me?

I can’t dance, but I know that you can’t either, so I figured we’d make good partners.

I’ve taken the lessons, so I can dance better now.

Wait, what? Why are they teaching you guys that stuff?

Dancing is necessary for some ceremonies. And for luring in a man.

Oh, Itsuki, ya got a minute? Everyone won’t stop clamorin’ about dancin’ with God’s Gift. If ya’d like, wanna dance with me?

I’ve never danced before.

It’s all right. I’ll lead ya.

So many guys wanna dance with Farun, Itsuki. What’re you gonna do?

I know what you’re all thinking, but I’ve got to take whatever opportunities I can to make use of those polling results. Farun beat out Mahiru in the poll, so Farun it is.

I guess I’ll dance with Farun, then.


If Mahiru knows how to dance now, then it’s better she partner up with someone that also knows how to dance.

Well, I guess so…

Of course, Mahiru. Gladly.

Okay, Farun. Should we get started?

Thanks for choosin’ me, Itsuki. I’ll be sure to lead ya throughout the dance, so try to keep up!

*And so they drunkenly shuffled around danced*

So, how was it?

Well, I’m dizzy. Other than that I think it went okay.

We’re lucky you didn’t eat anything before then.

Thanks for dancin’ with me. It’s an honor to dance with God’s Gift. Hehe.

I think the honor was mine. Hopefully I managed to get a little better at dancing because of you.

I dunno about that… Well, see ya!

Now, speaking of having something to eat.

Itsuki! You call those hobbling steps dance moves?! You think you can defend the world with that?!

Oh come on… I just want to eat. Just one bite. Can’t you just give… wait a minute… Reone, are you drunk?

Reone, you’ve had one too many. Apologies, Itsuki. I’ll take her away.

Don’t you ever forget that!

Sue! Ruka! Lillith! Tarua! Help me!

No, wait. Drunk Reone has potential for hilarity. I want to see where this goes.

We’re taking Reone to the medical office right now!


Oh, fine…

Should we gag her too?


I think I need some fresh air. Let me just grab a small plate to go and…

~Granvania Shopping Center

Finally, a little peace and food. Hey, isn’t that the king over there?

That’s definitely not like him.

Uh, hey Your Majesty. Should you really be wandering around out here?

Oh, Itsuki… Are you enjoying the banquet?

He hasn’t had one bite to eat yet. Can you believe it?

It’s not by choice you know. That’s why I had to bring this plate with me. Speaking of, I’m just going to eat while we talk if that’s okay with everyone.

Thank you for your work, Mana. I need to apologize for forcing such a dangerous mission upon you.

Aw, it’s nothin’. It happens.

Itsuki, have you gotten used to life in this world yet?

Mmf? Sowwry, ang on… *gulp* Phew. Well, I’m definitely getting used to how things work here.

I hope you will grow to like this nation.

I’m sorry if I come off as rude, but it’s not really about that. I don’t have a choice in being here.

Please don’t let Shangri-La be the villain here, or some kind of extremist. I like this dude. Can’t we have at least one cool old guy in this series? Other than TCG I mean.

Or at the very least if Shang is secretly evil then please let that mean that Mana is secretly evil too, like she’s meant to be a spy or something.

However, our fate ultimately rests in your hands, Itsuki. Please save Granvania.

I’ll do whatever I can. That’s all I can promise.

That shows your confidence. Mana, take care of Itsuki for us.

You can count on me.

I thought you were only supposed to be watching over me temporarily or something.

Oh, you don’t have to worry about that. Let’s just get back to the castle! I’m gonna stuff myself till my stomach bursts!

~Palace Laboratory~

*Some indeterminate time later*

Hm? What’s that light?

*The screen goes completely white and then fades back to normal*

*Another time skip of unknown length*

This text appears to be something left by our ancestors. A spell has been cast on it to keep it hidden until this day.

Why reveal itself now…?

Because “The Ancients” are almost always assholes in every story. They love being obtuse and unclear about incredibly vital information.

Suspicious… Anyway, next update: some incredibly stupid Scooby-Doo mysteries that Mahiru discovered which have very little to do with saving the damn world. Also, Ruka casually repeats an incredibly rumor about the king.


Just kidding, I wouldn’t skip an opportunity like that (especially since there is a unique CG that accompanies it).

So what would happen if Itsuki decided to dance with Narcisstes?

Excuse me?


What do you say, Narcisstes?

I’d just embarrass myself dancing with the Star Maidens. Besides, you’re the one that’s been pressuring me into this.

I see. I understand how you feel. Farun, Mahiru. Do you mind?

G-Go ahead. I didn’t want to dance with Itsuki in the first place.

Man, Mahiru gets weirdly pissy about this possibility.

By all means. I’m interested in seein’ you two dance…

I-I see. No objections then.

Even the king’s laughing at us…

Come on, Narc. Take responsibility. You wouldn’t just let Itsuki enjoy the food, so now you have to be his dance partner.

All right. Then I shall join you.

Sure. Like I said, I don’t know how to dance.

Let’s go then.

Phew… I think this is the first time I’ve garnered so much attention.

Oh, you don’t even know. If the girls at the Star God Academy are anything like the girls in CII, there will be gay fanfiction of you two written within the hour.

It would be good for you to ask for a Star Maiden’s hand next time.

Sure, as long as you let me eat first.

Don’t use internet fan lingo from a world that isn’t your own, Mana.

What are you getting at?

Oh, nothing. That was a great dance.

-Bonus Bonus!-

Because I have some more room in this update, let’s check out the Seasonal Event that occurs every May. I’ll also give a word of warning about Mail Messages.

During the first week of May, this scene will trigger. This first part only plays during the first time you see a Seasonal Event, though. After Mana has explained a particular Seasonal Event, future events of the same type will operate on the fact that Itsuki already knows what it’s all about.

~Inn Room~


Oh, really? Is that something the Star Maidens take part in?

Of course. And you too.

Wait, what? Why am I taking part?

You have to participate as the representative of the Star Maiden class. You must lead the Star Maidens and not bring shame upon the title of God’s Gift.

Do I suddenly not have a world to save or something?

So that’s the intro scene. Every May after this, Mana will simply ask Itsuki if he’s going to participate this year. Apparently he only has to act as the representative of the Star Maiden class one time and then he’s allowed to just say “nah, I don’t want to.”

~Star God Academy Field~

Today’s the sports festival! I’m looking forward to your work today, Itsuki!

Why am I doing this, again?

Now then! As for the events you’ll be participating in…

Oh, sounds like they’re calling you for the three-legged race. Your partner for the race is… Choose one of the Star Maidens who’s happiest to participate with you. The higher your bond with the Star Maiden, the better your chance of winning. So, Itsuki, who will you team up with?

In Week 2 of May, the sports festival will happen and Itsuki will get the opportunity to make a few choices as to which Star Maidens to pair up with. Winning the events will get you a unique gift item, or so I’ve read. Why don’t I know for sure? Well…

~Three-legged Race Event~

Itsuki, please team up with me.

Okay, I think I’ve got our legs tied. Is it too tight?

I’m okay.

I’m getting hints that Arie the Nun likes it kinky. Is that going to be her “thing”? She’s too suspiciously normal, so she has to have some kind of weird secret quirk.

Well if it is too tight I can try loosening it a bit. It’s no big deal.

But if it isn’t tight enough, it might come loose while we’re running.

Okay, I’ll leave it as is then.


[Teacher]: Ready… set…

And they’re off!

And they’ve lost!

This too is the Star God’s will. Let us accept it gracefully…

So yeah, as far as I’m aware it is impossible to win this first Seasonal Event during your first playthrough. Having the first bond gauge maxed out doesn’t change things and several attempts with different Maidens didn’t lead to any different results. I’ve seen some people online say that you need a maxed out Bond Level 3 in order to have a chance at winning these activities. It’ll be some time before Itsuki is able to find out what the reward is for victory.

Let’s start the afternoon events. These events consist of group competitions. You can choose one event from the following: tug o’ war, relay, or ball toss. By my count… The higher your bond with a Star Maiden, the better your chance of winning. For tug o’ war, you will participate with Reone, Lillith, Ruka, and Collette. For the relay, you will participate with Mahiru, Tarua, Femiruna, and Farun.

Mana will ask if you want to have what she just said repeated, but there’s really no need. You can check a text log at any point during these VN segments.

All right, Itsuki. Which event do you wanna participate in?

This was a difficult one, because each event has two of the Maidens from the Top 6 and two from the Bottom 6. In this case I went with the ball toss, since Arie and Mirei led the polling for the Top 6 and Sue and Yuzuha were the top of the Bottom 6.

I guess I’ll go for the ball toss.

Ball toss it is then. Now get out there! Aim for victory as a team!

~Boss Toss Event~

Everyone, let’s do our very best as a team! The Star God is watching over us.

That basket is so high… I wonder if I can make it in…

It sounds like they’re doing free throws. Still technically “ball toss” I guess, but not what I was thinking when Mana said that.

I want to check this once more. We really can’t use Star Energy?



Damn, lost again.

This is merely the Star God’s will. We must humbly accept it.

I can accept that. Star God is a total dick. This seems like something he’d do for laughs.

Phew, we’re finally free from this waste of time.

Sue’s havin’ fun.

Phew… So, it’s finally over…

~Wrap up~

Itsuki, you were great out there today. Here, it’s a little gift from me.

Mana does this regardless of whether you win or not. Winning will supposedly give better prizes though.

And that’s all for the Sports Festival. We’ll check back in next year and see if Itsuki can manage to do any better. All depends on whether or not the plot will have opened up the Level 3 Bond Gauge, I guess.

Speaking of bonds. A friendly warning for anyone who might be playing this. Messages from other Star Maidens can totally pop up during generic bonding events.

Pro-tip: Kind of a dick move to answer those in the middle of a conversation with another lady.