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Part 13: Aries, Libra, and Scorpio - Summary of Sagittarius, Pisces, and Leo

Bonding Update VI – Aries, Libra, and Scorpio - Summary of Sagittarius, Pisces, and Leo
Alternate Title: The update where Psycho Knight gets angry and complains a lot

We continue our slog through Bonding Updates, although I’d imagine that at least some of you reading this are more interested in these than the actual plot of the game. Not really a whole lot going on in Plot Town at the moment after all.

We’re going back to regular poll order from now on, so Arie will start us off. You might notice in her list of events up there that there’s a little camera icon next to one of them. A couple of the Bond Level 2 Events have started coughing up CGs, so that should liven things up a little bit. Granted, a lot of the CGs that popped up this time are for Maidens in the Bottom 6. Either way, we’ll get to see some unique images for the next few Bonding Updates.

I also have a handful of new Star Children classes to show off. One of them we have technically already seen (Ranger), but the other two are new (unless you read the CII LP). I’ll have to wait and see how the Second Seal turns out, but currently my intention is to change up the Star Child Teams every 3 seals. By the time that happens, I’ll hopefully have at least 3 more new classes to show.

But anyway, enough rambling. Let’s get cracking on these.

~Church Spirit Chamber~

Hey, Arie. Do you mind me asking you to go again?

Before we can start checking the Bond Level 2 events, we need to Classmate with the Star Maidens and view a new Classmating scene.

Oh, uh, sure thing. Take your time.

My Lord, have mercy on me… …Thank you for waiting. I’ve finally calmed down.

Arie, you know you don’t have to do this if it makes you this nervous. I don’t want anyone to force themselves.

Thank you… You’re too kind, Itsuki. I’m sorry. But I’m fine now. I get nervous during the ritual, so I needed a little time to calm down.

Lose? To what?

It’s nothing. Itsuki, you’re… Itsuki, may I have some more time to calm down?

Um… sure.

My Lord, have mercy on me… …Phew. I’m all right now. Sorry to keep you waiting. Let’s begin.

*And then blasphemous sacred Classmating happens*


Whew… Are you okay, Arie?

It is… over?

Yeah, it’s over. You did great.

I see… I hope I was helpful to you in some way.

I feel a little bad about this though. Why are you so cooperative with this if it’s so nerve-wracking? Is it because it’s one of your duties?

Yes. It is my duty as one who has been chosen as a Star Maiden. This is a trial the Star God has given unto me.

…Wait, what was that about seduction?

Oh, erm… It’s nothing. Anyway, it’s by my own will that I want to cooperate with you. There’s no need to hold back, okay?

Okay… well, if you say so.

But if you come at me too aggressively, I’ll get surprised. I don’t anticipate that, so it makes me nervous. So, um… I would appreciate it if you were gentle.

I kind of thought that I was being gentle and careful. But I promise to keep that in mind anyway.

The hell is going on with this woman? The answer has to be in the room. What’s in the room, Arie?! Tell us!

~Star God Academy Church~

Hell, Itsuki. Something good has happened today.

Really? What was it?

Oh, really? Haha, maybe I should propose too then.

What?! B-But that’s so sudden! I-I’m not ready for this…

H-Hold on! I was just joking around, Arie. I didn’t mean to get you so flustered. You seemed kind of casual about it, so I thought you were messing with me. Were you really proposed to?

I was proposed to by a child of the class I teach at the church.

Little dude’s got game.

Oh, so that’s what it was. Well, I mean… he would definitely be a lucky guy if you accepted.

It’s just something a child says, so I wasn’t taking him seriously. B-But… thank you for your kind words. I know now how you feel about me…

W-Wait, what?

I’ve already dedicated my life to the Star God. I can’t think about marriage.

I see. Are members of the church not allowed to get married in this world?

No, it’s not forbidden, but…

So you’re giving yourself completely to the church?

Hot damn, Arie. If you were any more evasive, you’d be a ninja........ Are you a ninja? A church ninja? Because that would be sweet.

…You’re being really cagey again. Well, if you don’t want to talk about that, then can I ask why you joined the church in the first place?

Oh, it’s nothing interesting to talk about… I was abandoned as a child. A kindhearted person adopted and raised me until I could become independent. When I was young, I had no idea who I was. I wondered if I was ever truly happy…

I see. Well, for what it’s worth, you seem really happy now.


You’ve always got happy children around you and everyone seems to love you.

Everyone does treat me well. Even if I don’t have parents, this town has raised me quite well.

You’re a strong person, Arie.

Do you really think so?

Definitely. I think everyone loves you so much because you’re like a pillar to them.

When you put it that way, it’s rather embarrassing… A-Anyway… This town is like my family. It’s natural to want to do something for your family. And the most I can do is clean.

Classmating is one of the many duties of a Star Maiden. While I don’t want you to overexert yourself, I hope we’ll both work hard.

Damn… we didn’t find out anything about “The Room.” Just some character building crap. Oh well.

~Church Spirit Chamber~

Itsuki, we’re about to conduct the Classmating ritual now… But before that, can you pick up those data materials and read through them?

What are all of these? There’s so many papers here…

I’ve compiled all the Classmating ritual data up to now in them. They show “how Itsuki reacted in the middle of the ritual.”

Such are the reactions I have observed. Though they are not proven facts. If you really felt as such, I need you to confirm it.

Wait, you were recording all of this during the rituals?

Of course. It’s part of my research. The Classmating ritual is an extremely peculiar experience. Your reactions interest me of course. If I know your reactions, there are further actions to take according to which you exhibit. The data on my own reactions is also listed here. How my body reacts to certain stimuli, and…

(Great, studying… That’s something I was missing about my life on Earth…)

I see… You’re a really diligent person, Mirei.

Of course. That’s a given. If I take in the data properly, it will increase the efficiency of the ritual. That’s why you should remember my reactions. If you’re interested, you can ask me how I felt those times. It would serve to increase the efficiency of future rituals. Now let’s begin. Show me your reactions so I may memorize them. Let’s go.

*Classmat—Wait, Mirei actually feels something when she does this? Human things?*

We’ll take this opportunity to introduce one of the new Star Children classes that seems to be reliably available now. Paladins are the first real Tank class that we can make. Their unique skill gives an additional boost to DEF and their skills are focused on protection. They have high DEF, good TEC, and high ATK. Their SPD isn’t too bad considering the fact that they’ve got those big shields. Their drawbacks are LUC and MAT/MDF. A good use for them is to stick them on a Magic team in order to balance out the squishiness of mages.

They’re also the first class we have to use Spears.

…Hm. This is interesting. I was able to gather some exceptional data this time. I was also able to see a new reaction from you. That was quite interesting…

Is seeing my reaction really going to help with your research?

Of course it will. Your various reactions helps [sic] me accumulate more data. I will come to understand you better through all of that. To research you, an unknown being, and gain a vast array of knowledge… Nothing else currently brings me such joy. Heheheh…

So then it’s basically because I’m a God’s Gift?

Correct. I’m thankful that I was chosen as a Star Maiden. Thanks to that, I am able to interact with you. I require your continued cooperation so I may see other reactions you have.

I’ll do what I can.

Heheheh. How wonderful, Itsuki. Someone cooperative who understands my research is priceless. But this is a matter of give and take. I will thank you for this in kind.

You can assume that I will not refuse you.

Unless it has to do with stopping the mad scientist experiments or not strapping Itsuki to a table.

You don’t have to do that. I’m cooperating because I want to help this world.

Heheh. I’m saying that I’m thankful for you. I want you to understand just how important this research is to me. I will thank you eventually for cooperating. I’ll think about what to do once we’ve made progress with the research. I will take my leave now. I have a class I must attend. See you later.

~Star God Academy Field~

[Old Man]: Please don’t say that. Can’t anything be done?

This is a waste of everyone’s time. I don’t have much free time. And you should use yours more efficiently.

[Old Man]: Mirei, you’re so coldhearted… Everyone tells me the same thing.

What of it? Excuse me, but I can’t concentrate on my book because of you.

[Old Man]: All right. Then I won’t ask you anymore.

Yes, goodbye.

Uh… hey, Mirei.

Oh, Itsuki, you’re here. I’d like to investigate your body today.

H-Hold on! Could I ask what the deal was with that old guy you were arguing with?

He’s a user of the magic transmission device I invented.

Oh, so I guess that must be the thing that the Maidens use to send messages. Strange that it looks identical to a smart phone.

So you were the one that built that?

I’m the leading developer, yes. Unfortunately, they’re making me manage the systems too.

So why did that man look so disappointed?

He wanted me to modify the device, but I refused.


It would take too long to explain… Do you really want to hear?

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious.

Very well… I’ll explain. He wants to communicate with his grandchild living far from here. The current magic transmission device cannot output enough power to reach there.

Pfff, can’t even make international calls. Point: Sora.

That’s why he wanted me to modify it to improve the output of the communication. However, to make that a reality… It will require more Star Energy from its users.

Children and the elderly would be most susceptible to those effects. Considering that, modifications cannot be done on it without proper planning.

That sounds reasonable. So then if you have a legitimate reason, then why was he so upset?

The answer is simple: I didn’t explain to him the reason why I won’t modify it. At first I did, but there were too many people requesting the modifications. It takes far too long to explain to them each time.

I really really hate this goddamn excuse. “I tried, but then I got tired of doing it, so instead I just act vague and dismissive.” There was this 3DS game called Stella Glow where the antagonists do this for like half the game and then have the fucking balls later on to go “See? You were wrong about this the whole time. We knew, but we didn’t try and explain anything to you because, well, we tried that with others in the past and people didn’t immediately believe us so we gave up. And now the world is screwed because you've been foiling us this entire time while we've been being suspicious and untrustworthy. You’re clearly the assholes/morons here.” God, it’s such masturbatory bullshit on the part of the character doing it.

I am going to miss that developer, though. Oh my god, I should LP Arc Rise Fantasia some day. Has that been done yet? The English dub is so terrible, but the game itself has some redeeming aspects.

Not to mention there are also some who don’t accept my explanation. I’d rather conduct my research if I’m going to waste my time on them.

Sorry, getting off track again. We’re talking about why Mirei won’t kill an old man or something… I think.

I guess. I still feel for the old man that wanted to talk to his grandchild though.

Are you saying I should make a machine that shortens people’s lives?

Well, no. I’m not saying that.

See? These types of conversations are inherently a waste of time. I’d much rather use my time to research. Researching is everything to me. I will use all of my time and knowledge to find new discoveries. That will lead to my next piece of research.

I live only for that. Heheh. I suppose people wouldn’t understand though…

No, I get it.

Oh? I didn’t expect that response.

I can tell that research is very important to you, Mirei. That much is obvious just by looking.

Heheh, it makes me happy that someone understands me. You may very well be the first person to say that to me.

But that Magic Transmission thing is pretty amazing for this world. Why not do research on making it better for people?

Ah, look at that, it seems we’re out of time due to this idle chit-chat. Looks like I’ll have to save my research on you for next time. See you later.

I really wish we had an option to push Mirei more on this. The most obvious problem here is that her refusing to explain her reasoning to people and then arguing with them about it winds up using just as much time as if she had just explained the damn reason and then said “That’s it. Take it or leave it.”

Same thing with Lillie. Official Itsuki is way too capitulating to some of these women and their shitty behaviour.

~Church Spirit Chamber~

We’re going with Reone next, because her and Farun tied for third place. I’ll just switch back and forth between them for these updates.

Reone, will you do the ritual with me today?

I really wish that the game would stop using that opening so much to these Classmating scenes. They are already here in the Church, which means Itsuki had to have already asked them to Classmate (or Mana did it, but then if the Star Maidens didn’t want to then why walk all the way to the Church just to say no?)

Sure, I don’t mind. I am the Star Maiden you chose to do the ritual with after all.

You always seem a bit more enthusiastic about this compared to the others. Do you not want to do this today?

Hmm… Well, it’s not that I don’t, but…

Rituals with blood-relatives is taboo, you know.

Uh, why? This isn’t sex. The game constantly reminds us of that. You can’t pull that shit, game. You can’t go “The not-sex ritual between blood relatives is seen as taboo” but then go “Mahiru and Itsuki are cousins, but whatever, the player can totally have them build a romantic relationship.”

Actually, now that I think about it, this doesn't even make sense. Classmating is between a God's Gift who comes from Sora and a Star Maiden from Granvania. Up until Mahiru and Itsuki arrived, there was no possible way for blood relatives to do the Classmating ritual. So how can there be a taboo associated with it?

…But we’re not related, though. I’m not even from the same world as you.

It’s a matter of feeling. When I think about how my brother is watching me do the ritual… Oh, I just get so embarrassed…

And yet you are completely fine with stripping Itsuki and admiring his clavicles and coming on to him. That’s not going to stop now that Reone’s brother has been established by the way.


I like to think that I’m giving it my best.

I know. But I won’t be satisfied if you Classmate like last time.

I’m sorry, are we trying to save the world here or are we just trying to get you off? Spiritually off, I mean.

Say, how about we delve deeper into the ritual today? If you promise that you’ll satisfy me, I’ll play along with you.

You got it.

Haha… You are quite bold when it comes time for the ritual.

I’ve got a system in place now that really helps with this.

But don’t overwork yourself and end it before we really get started. You have to take your time during the ritual so we can make strong Star Children. But you do seem to be rather motivated, so maybe I can expect great things today. Haha…

Right. I’ll take my time with it.

Keep my mind off my brother, okay? Keep me focused on the ritual so I don’t have time to think about him.

Kind of helps if you don’t bring him up like that right before we start.

Haha… Now then, let’s begin. Never mind if your technique is good or bad. Just… take it slow.

*♪Classmating! It’s the thing that’s not sex and also Reone has never done it before Itsuki came along and also she’s a virgin so she doesn’t know jack shit about actual sex so everything she says is just her talking out of her aaaasssssss!♪*

Huff… Huff…


You’re getting better. I’m surprised how much you’ve improved so far. As expected of the God’s Gift with the 12 Star Brands.

Good to hear.

Haha… It’s fine to relax, but don’t get too comfortable. A little bit of tension goes a long way.

Aim to do even better next time.

Well, that’s sort of the idea. I’ll keep it in mind the next time I ask you, though.

Anytime, for you~ Now, shall we return? I’m sure you’re tired, so go home and rest for today.

~Star God Academy Clinic~

Oh, Itsuki. The office is closed for the day. But if you’re feeling sick, I can still take a look at you.

No, that’s not why I stopped by. Is it a slow day or something?

I ended a little early, so I was thinking of getting a drink on the way home. How about you come with me? My treat.

Jesus Christ, game. WE. GET. IT. The fucking drinking age in Japan is 20! You don’t need to constantly and unrelentingly shove that in our face at every possible opportunity. You’re really pissing me off with this, now. You do realize that the minimum drinking age is about 18 or lower for like 70-80% of the world, right? That makes it even weirder for this magical fantasy world to be following Japanese guidelines, so stop drawing attention to that stupid fact!

You know I can’t do that.

Oh, right. Then let’s go somewhere even a little kid like you can drink at. I know a place that serves some nice baked apples. I didn’t serve you any last time, so let me make it up to you. What do you say?

I don’t really mind, but are you sure? I’m don’t want to get in the way of your evening.

It’s fine. The place also serves alcohol for us grownups. So if that’s set, let’s hurry on. I could really use a drink right now.

I know drinking is a storied part of Japanese culture and all that, but it still surprises me how much Japan likes to glorify drinking to people who are underage while simultaneously having one of the higher minimum drinking ages in the world.

Where’s the scene where Mirei and the other Maidens dragged Reone’s drunk ass back to her office and had to spend a few hours keeping an eye on her so that she didn’t choke on her own vomit while she was passed out? Or the one where Mirei has to hold Reone’s hair back while she pukes her guts out into a toilet? Hell, where’s the traditional Japanese scene of Reone hunched over the bar ruminating on how her life is going nowhere and she’ll be stuck in the same old soul-sucking routine for the next 120 years?


Sorry, I’m in a pissy mood this update and I’m starting to get a bit too real.

They serve regular drinks and food too. But it looks like today is Farun’s day off.

Yeah. Kind of weird for her, actually. I see her here pretty much all the time.

Hmm… I want to start with a beer. What will you have?

We all know what would happen if you chose “I’ll have the same thing.” It’s also the worst answer. Reone’s “correct” choices are honestly tough to figure out. Sometimes she likes the bold/mature answers, and other times she absolutely hates it when Itsuki tries to be bold or mature. It seems like she’s caught between seeing Itsuki as a separate person and seeing him as her brother. Whenever she’s treating him like her brother, she tends to dislike the bold/mature dialogue options.

Just get me some water.

Don’t sound like you’re poor. Order a proper drink.

I just feel like having water. What’s wrong with that?

If you drink water in front of me, it’s harder for me to drink alcohol. Pick a juice or something at least. It’s pretty good here. They squeeze the fruit only after you order it.

Okay, okay. I’ll go with juice then.

Okay, let’s start by ordering our drinks. Excuse me. I’d like a beer and some juice, please. And please make it quick. I’m incredibly thirsty.

*A short time later*

There we go, here’s your juice. Shall we make a toast?

To what?

I know it sounds pompous, but this really was a fateful encounter. Don’t you think it’s a deserving of a toast?

I suppose.

Here’s to hoping our encounter will lead us down a better path. Cheers.

Sure. Cheers.

*gup*… *gulp*… Fwa… that hits the spot. I haven’t had booze this delicious in a long while. Drinking with someone can also be nice sometimes.

Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me. Again?

Well, this isn’t surprising at all… You better leave before you make me mad.

Fuck you, Conception Plus! Stop showing unique character art and then not giving them a Database entry where I can easily crop them out of the background! I made a character portrait for that little barefoot girl and she still hasn’t reappeared.

…All right. Shall we go outside? Itsuki, you wait right here. I’ll be done soon.

Done with what?

Don’t worry your pretty little clavicles over it. It won’t take long. Order yourself a baked apple and eat to your stomach’s delight. If you make a commotion here, it’ll be a problem for you and the tavern.

I really think I should go with you. I’m not going to act like I’m some sort of badass, but I do fight monsters in the labyrinth that would make those guys scream like babies.

I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I want you to stay here. I don’t think these people can do anything to you… If there’s a chance you’d get hurt, I’d be a failure of a palace physician.

*sigh*… If that’s what you want.

[Punk A]: Hey, you done—

…Uuuugggghhhh… I can't do it. I hate having art assets missing, even if it’s a pain in the ass...

Hey, you done talking to that kid? You’re really testing our patience here.

There. I swear to god, let this be the end of the one-shot character portraits. Or at the very least start using these damn things for more than a single scene.

I’ll deal with you soon enough.

All right, Itsuki. Be a good boy and wait here.

*Reone wanders off. There’s silence for a while and then we hear some generic crowd screams from outside*

Damn it, Reone. I can’t just sit here.

~Granvania Shopping Center~

Are you okay, Reone?!

Itsuki… I told you to wait for me inside the tavern. Though I did just finish up here. It didn’t even take me a minute.

You took them out by yourself?

Who else is here? They lucked out by trying to harass me.

Okay, first of all, that’s kinda hot. Street Fighter Reone earns a few points that partially makes up for the stupid drinking PSAs.

But what kind of pathetic lightweights were those dudes? Unless Reone’s go-to fighting technique is “kick ‘em in the balls”, then I’m not buying the idea that she beat the shit out of those dudes. That one beast-man guy looks like he’s two weight classes above her at least. I don’t care how much experience Reone has, she looks like she weighs 110 pounds at best and has no muscle mass (that dress she wears is pretty much painted on and there are no signs of abs).

Come on, Spike Chunsoft. You had 13 heroines to work with. You could afford to give at least one of them some iron, you know what I’m saying? Some guys love that look and you clearly wanted to go for variety. Buff Reone would have been way better. Hell, just give her some abs and slightly more defined arms. That’s all I’m asking. At least her legs look like they might have some power in them.

So you were a martial artist or something?

They were illegal underground prize fights. I wasn’t really hiding it, but it’s not something I’m proud of. It was the only way I could support a living with my brother at the time.

I see. Sounds like you had a tough life. Pretty amazing, though.

Haha… I’m actually undefeated, you know. But that’s all in the past now. I think I’m strong enough to at least protect you, Itsuki.

Just a reminder, Itsuki fights creatures roughly twice the size of him on a weekly basis. Actually, Itsuki is an oddity as well. Based on that scene in the first update, Itsuki’s body looks pretty strong (his arms look like they’ve got a bit of definition to them at least), but according to Mahiru he seems to enjoy spending his time playing video games and eating chips.

Then again, it may just be that the opponents this time were simply too weak.

Speaking of, are those three going to be okay?

Don’t worry. I only beat them up a little. Anyway, let’s get out of here. There’ll be trouble when they wake up.

*Some time later*

Sorry we didn’t get to relax and eat.

It’s fine. At least we got to have something to drink.

Haha… It sure was a strange toast. There may be a rocky road ahead of us. …I really enjoyed today. I haven’t had that much fun in a long while. I usually drink alone on the way home from work.

I can go with you more often, if you’d like.

And yes, Official Itsuki takes this moment to highlight again that he’s not old enough to drink.

Sure. I’ll ask you out again. If something does happen to you, I can protect you pretty easily. Well, I’m going this way. You should go straight home, okay? Goodnight, Itsuki.

And that’s where we’ll have to stop for now, at least with the Focus Maidens. Here are the summaries for three of the other non-Focus Maidens.


Sue’s Classmating scene has her being confused by what she feels during Classmating. She wants to keep doing it in order to figure out what it is. After Classmating happens, Itsuki asks her if she figured anything out, but Sue just says that it feels “mysterious.” It makes her feel “fuzzy”, “floaty”, and “warm.”

She says that whatever the feeling is, it’s different than happiness, sadness, or fun. She ponders that maybe it feels nostalgic, although she doesn’t elaborate on why.

In her first Bonding Event, Itsuki checks up on the status of the wounded wolf that he and Sue brought back to Sue’s ranch. Sue says that he’s recovered, but he’s kind of hyperactive and hard to control. Sue invites Itsuki to go with her and feed him, which he takes her up on. At the ranch, Sue says that the wolf was initially hesitant to eat, but now he eats whatever she gives him. Sue then gets to talking about how she thinks the two relate to each other, since they are both alone. Itsuki tells her that’s kind of a sad thing to say and reminds her that she’s got him and the animals at her ranch. Sue says that’s cheesy, but she agrees with him. Itsuki then asks her if she is going to give the wolf a name, like she did with all her other animals, but Sue declines.

She says that she can’t keep him at the ranch because, you know, he’s a wolf. He’s a wild animal, not to mention the fact that sticking him in with Sue’s other animals is a recipe for disaster. Sue doesn’t want to name the wolf because that will just cause her to get attached to him more and make it more difficult when the time comes to release him. Sue is clearly troubled by the idea of having to let him go, so Itsuki offers to go with her when the time comes.


Yuzuha’s Classmating event has her being embarrassed and asking if Itsuki is embarrassed doing it. Itsuki says that feeling embarrassed is just part of it. Yuzuha tries to worm her way out of the ritual by saying that she needs to run home and change into her special ritual outfit and then maybe just fall asleep by mistake. Itsuki isn’t having any of that and points out that they don’t need special clothing for the ritual, they just wear what they normally do. That’s basically all there is to this. There’s no new insight into Yuzuha as a character.

In Yuzuha’s Bonding Event, Itsuki goes to her house to visit and finds her asleep in her coffin bed. Itsuki asks why she’s asleep in the middle of the day and Yuzuha responds that she hasn’t been dreaming lately, so she’s trying to get it to happen by sleeping more. She says that she can’t draw anything if she doesn’t have any dreams to base her paintings off of. Itsuki suggests that it might be the Star Maiden duties tiring her out too much. She then falls back to asleep. There’s a time skip to when Yuzuha wakes back up and states that she still didn’t have any dreams. Itsuki suggests to her that she should go outside and look for some inspiration there. Yuzuha agrees, but only if Itsuki goes somewhere with her where there aren’t many people around. Eventually they decide on the park and Yuzuha finds herself apparently looking forward to going, which she says is weird for her.


Femiruna’s Classmating event opens with her saying that she’s not in the mood to Classmate. She doesn’t elaborate on why and just refuses to participate. Itsuki just lets it go and says that they can try some other time then. Femiruna then glares at him and comments that Itsuki isn’t very assertive. Itsuki questions what the hell she’s getting at, since she just insisted that she didn’t want to Classmate today. At this point Femiruna lets it slip that she was thinking about what happened in town the other day (when Itsuki called her out on her attitude) and was hoping that he would do it again.

Itsuki decides to try playing things her way, so he tells her that the two of them are Classmating right now and that’s that. Femiruna is shocked and Itsuki says that he thought that’s what she wanted. Femiruna gets all flustered and shy like she did last time, but then goes back to being defensive. Eventually classmating happens after a few more mixed messages from Femiruna. After the ritual, Femiruna wistfully says that she was “taken by force” and Itsuki asks her to please, for the love of god, rephrase that in a way that won’t be easily misunderstood by people. Femiruna is still really confused, Itsuki is confused because Femiruna is confused, and then Femiruna mumbles something about getting excited when Itsuki raises his voice to her. She then gets indignant and runs off while saying that she won’t lose to him. Itsuki is left not knowing what the fuck.

In Femiruna’s bonding event, she appears to be really happy and asks if Itsuki would like to have tea with her. When Itsuki questions what has her in such a good mood, Femiruna says that her mother and father are coming back to the manor today. She’s looking forward to having dinner with them and having them ask her about all the things that have happened at the Academy and that kind of thing. Itsuki asks why this is such a rare event if Femiruna lives at home with her family, but Femiruna points out that her parents are incredibly busy people and they have very limited time to see each other.

Anyway, Femiruna is excitedly waiting for her father’s servant to arrive and inform her of the schedule for that night. When the servant shows up, the exact thing that you’re expecting happens. Plans apparently changed and Femiruna is disappointed. She also mentions that her father said the same thing the last time they were supposed to have dinner. When she comes back, Itsuki tries to check on her. She tries to brush it off by saying that it can’t be helped because her parents are quite busy and this happens pretty frequently. Femiruna is clearly upset about it though, so Itsuki offers to have dinner with her since her schedule is open. She gets insulted by this, but when Itsuki mentions that he was offering because he figured she was going to be lonely, she softens her tone and gets shy.

She thanks Itsuki and tells him not to worry about her because she’s used to it. After a bit more “I’m acting like I’m insulted but I’m blushing and have tears in my eyes so I’m clearly putting up a front”, she takes her leave.

That’s all for this batch. Next update we’ll check in with Farun, Mahiru, and Ruka. Also the other bottom polling Star Maidens. Then after that, we need to go through everyone’s second Level 2 Bonding Event.