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Part 25: The Autumn Festival

Special Events I: The Autumn Festival

Now that the summaries are out of the way (they were in the bottom half of Update X, in case you jumped straight to this update for some reason known only to you), we can get to the good stuff. Arie, Collette, Farun, Mirei, and Femiruna all get something unique about their festival events. Why? Beats me. Collette even gets a CG for hers. Hell if I know what possessed the developers to only go the extra mile for certain Star Maidens.

~Star God Academy Field~

Yeah, Star God is doing a bang up job of that right now.

Hey, Arie.

Oh, Itsuki. Autumn is always so cool and comfortable, isn’t it?

Yeah, it’s pretty refreshing. Hey, Arie? Don’t you ever get worn out from praying all the time?

It’s not a matter of exhaustion. Praying to the Star God daily is important.

I see… Well, I actually dropped by to invite you to the festival that’s going on. I thought you could use the rest, but I guess I was wrong.

This conversation is pretty badly done. Official Itsuki makes no effort to chain together these thoughts. He just shows up and goes “Arie”, “Do you get tired from praying?”, “I want to invite you to the festival.” It kind of makes Official Itsuki look like an asshole that doesn’t actually give a shit about what Arie is saying.

A festival?

Yeah. Mana learned about it from Mahiru and wanted me to suggest it to the king. It’s based on the Autumn Festivals from where me and Mahiru come from. We wear yukatas and wander around to different stalls. Are you interested?

A festival… I’m interested in what they entail. But what is this thing called a “yukata”?

It’s sort of like a dress… kind of. Although both men and women wear it. I guess it’s more like an outfit for festivals… although… Never mind. I think it’s easier if you just see it for yourself.

Yeah, I think so. I think you would look really good in one.

Really? Then I will gladly go to this festival donning the yukata you speak of.

~Festival Venue~

Where is… Oh! Arie! This way!

This yukata has such an interesting shape. It feels quite nice to wear.

This is what I meant about certain maidens having “special” things added to their Japan Events. During the Autumn Festival, the maidens that I listed above will wear uniquely designed yukatas during their respective event. The other Star Maidens do get Autumn Festival events of their own, but they show up in their normal outfits. I’m not sure why SC half-assed this and showed favouritism towards certain Maidens.

Oh, and no, you can’t change the Maidens into their yukata costumes outside of this event, despite the fact that Swimsuits has a toggle in the options menu. Spike Chunsoft sucks at the whole “costume” thing, is what I’m saying. They design alternate costumes, put them in the game, but then make them unavailable for the player to use. They also don’t sell them as DLC. If you read the CII LP, you’ll recall that I pointed out the same issue in that game. Characters like Narika and Chloe had costumes in the game that only pop up for 1 or 2 events and can’t be equipped for use elsewhere.

I don’t support cutting out content and selling it as DLC, but if you’re going to go through the effort of designing alternative costumes (and especially going a step further by fully modeling them), then make them available to the player through some method, even if it’s through DLC. It’s better than teasing and not delivering.

Am I wearing it correctly? Do I look strange?

Of course not. You look great. Actually, I’m kind of surprised that you found one that matches you so well. You only heard about this a little while ago.

Haha. That’s wonderful, thank you. You look nice as well, Itsuki.

No, we don’t get to see Itsuki’s yukata.

These festivals are so bustling. There are so many shops here.

They sell a bunch of different kinds of food and drink.

And what are these ones? They seem to be selling things other than food.

Oh, yeah. Some of the stalls are games that you can play for a chance to win a prize.

A prize? I’ve never heard of such a thing before.

Give it a try.

Do I have the right to take part in such a ceremony from your world?

It’s fine, Arie. It’s just a festival game. There’s nothing sacred about it.

I’m very interested… but I wonder if I can really do it.

It’s okay to enjoy things, Arie. It’s a festival. Have some fun and let loose a little.

Throw the damn ball!

I do want to try it out… It sounds like fun. I will now participate in the target game ceremony.

It’s… Arie, it’s not a ceremony. You really don’t need to take this so seriously.

Itsuki, I received a ball. What should I do with this?

Okay. You see the prizes on the wall over there? You throw the ball at one that you want to try and make it fall. The ones on the top are easier to knock down.

*Arie wanders off screen. Is she getting a running start or something?*

…There! I missed…

That’s okay. You can keep throwing until you run out of balls.

Alright… There! There! There!

*Arie then wanders back into frame*

Phew… I can’t even hit one… And I only have one ball left…

You’re putting a lot of effort into your arm. Try putting your hips into it instead.

My hips?

Yeah. Turn with your hips during the throw. It should give you a bit more control.

That sounds difficult…

Well… I guess it is kind of tricky to do without any practice.

But… I’ll try following your advice.

Arie is wandering out of frame in this screenshot. I only include it because it gives us a look at her back and how she has her hair tied (she has it tied like this normally, but her habit/veil thing mostly covers it). They put some attention and detail in to these, which makes it even worse that you can’t equip them as costumes.

Let’s see… Turn with my hips to try and hit the target… There!

*Aries comes back into frame again*

I got it! I did it, Itsuki!

Hey, great job!

I got this prize! It’s such a cute doll.

Looks like something the kids would really like.

Perhaps, but I wouldn’t give this one to the children. This is a commemoration of participating in the target game ceremony. It’s a part of my memories with you, Itsuki.

*The screen fades to black for a moment as a time skip happens*

Itsuki, thank you so much for today. I had so much fun.

That’s good to hear. I’m glad that you were able to relax and enjoy yourself.

I didn’t know they could be so fun. The children would love it here.

There’s a disaster just waiting to be unleashed.

Well, we could always try bringing them next time.

It was just so much fun… Can we?

As long as you don’t mind being stuck with just me.

That’s wonderful. Let’s go out together again. I’m sure it will be just as enjoyable.

A little rough in the beginning, but it smoothed out as the event went on. Arie likes to have fun, she just needs a push to get going. If only she’d realize that Star God is kind of an ass and she doesn’t need to hold back out of fear that he might disapprove.

Next is Femiruna.

~Star God Academy Field~

Hey, Femiruna. Listen, would you like to go out and get something to eat with me?

Oh? It appears you have learned a little about how to properly invite a lady.

It’s called a Food Truck and the only stars it has are painted on the side as decoration.

It’s not really a restaurant. The Autumn Festival is happening today.

Festival? You’re going to that carnival?

Yeah. There’s a lot of shops and stuff there. Should be fun.

Goodness… I was hoping for a more mature date…

Come on. It’ll be fun. More fun than going to a fancy restaurant.

What are these shop stalls anyway?

They sell stuff like fried noodles and sausages and skewers… that kind of thing. They’re like outdoor restaurants where you can try a bunch of different things.

My interest has grown considerably. Do you mind if I join you? I will never forgive you if I do not enjoy this outing.

Yeah, yeah, you’ve still got some Tsundere/noblewoman in ya. Just throw on your yukata and let’s go.

Don’t worry, I’m sure you’re going to like it once you get there.

~Festival Venue~

Itsuki, what do you think of my yukata?

I like it, but that’s mainly because I really like deep purple colours.

It looks good. It’s very you.

It is quite a fashionable outfit. I like it.

Honestly, I think Itsuki should have just opened with “You get to wear an elegant/beautiful outfit.” Femiruna probably would have been on board immediately with just that.

There are far more shop stalls than I hard imagined… I did not expect to see such a diverse set of them.

Yeah, I’m getting pretty excited. There are so many to choose from.

What a fantastic business model!

Wait until you hear about “Malls”… and then find out that they were made obsolete by the internet. It’ll blow your fucking mind. You don’t even need to bring servants! Amazon will send theirs out to deliver your shit to you!

I think your excitement for festivals is a bit different from mine…

The attracting of customers and the profit margins do not seem too bad… Itsuki, this will surely provide great satisfaction to the guests!

Well, as long as you’re having fun I guess… You’ve been looking around for a while, though. Don’t you want to try some of the food?

Come, Itsuki. Let us go that way.

*Femiruna takes off out of frame*

Hang on, Femiruna. You’re going to trip if you… Hey!


I’ve got you!

*One super heroic catch later… I guess. We don’t actually see it*

You okay?

Y-Yes, I am fine… I almost fell down.

I’m glad that you didn’t hurt yourself.

It’s easy to trip in a yukata, especially if you haven’t worn one before. Good thing I decided to keep an eye on you. Anyway, just try not to rush around so much.

H-Hmph! I do not need you worrying about me… But… I will be more careful next time.

Here, let’s hold hands while we look around. That way you don’t have to worry about falling.


What? If I’m holding your hand then I can pull you back up if you do trip.

…V-Very well.

Come on. Make sure you have a good grip.

I-I know that!

H-Hey! You don’t have to pull me around!

*Fun Festival Festivities… later. Damn alliteration*

Whew! Today was quite the educational experience. It excited me greatly, and I even discovered a new business model.

Are you trying to open a business of your own someday?

That does sound like fun. If I get the opportunity, I would like to try.

Man… I wish I had the money to just go “Eh, I sort of feel like opening my own business. See what it’s like. You know, for fun.

That’s a bit of a low bar to clear from what we’ve seen of Granvania so far.

You definitely have the confidence for it.

The world outside the manor is fun. I am discovering so many things. Itsuki, teach me more about the outside world. I would like to bear more excitement.

Uh, okay. I’ll do my best. Not sure if “bear” is the right word, though.

Good stuff. Femiruna took some coaxing, just like Arie, but at least she found her own form of fun to be had at the festival. Let’s check in with Farun next.

~Star God Academy Classroom~

Hey, Itsuki. Hasn’t it been getting’ cooler recently?

Not for me. Fuck summer and all its mosquitos and flies and sweat and heat.

Then why don’t we go somewhere fun?

Hm? Where’s that?

There’s an Autumn Festival happening right now.

Oh! The festival from your world, right?

Sure. We can wear yukatas, too.

What’re those?

It’s an outfit from my world that you wear for festivals.


~Festival Venue~

Hehe…. Hahaha.

I’m guessing you like your yukata?

Yup! I love clothes like this. …What do ya think?

It looks great on you.

Ehh, kind of disappointing to be honest. Farun is supposedly older than Itsuki, so I guess the developers were going for a more mature look, but I just don’t think the plain colours and minimalist design works for Farun. She’s a traveling dancer. I was expecting her yukata to look flashier and more colourful. More fun and youthful. That sort of thing.

Aha! Thanks! I really like this outfit. It’s so cute.

Very cute.

I know, right? …Wait, did ya mean I looked cute just now? Or the yukata?

W-Well… I may have meant you, specifically.

O-Oh, but…

No, I mean it.

Hehe. I don’t think I can believe ya. Though it does make me happy.

Hmm… Doesn’t seem to take personal compliments well… Could be self-worth related… or maybe a distrust of others, kind of like Ruka… Oh, sorry. I’m still going through ideas in my head as to what the hell Farun’s whole deal/backstory is.

But isn’t this yukata cute? I like it so much. I can’t wait to walk around in it. Let’s get goin’. Now then. I head that the shop stalls are the best part of the festival.

Probably. I think Narcisstes mostly repeated the things I told him when he started organizing this with the citizens.

Oh, I see. Let’s look for some weird food!

Why only weird food?

Learnin’ ‘bout things ya don’t know is part of the fun of travelin’. Ya have to challenge yourself to new things! Look! That shop stall is sellin’ somethin’ I’ve never seen before! Somethin’ called “miso banana”!

Speaking of weird: Granvania having miso paste and miko clothing, but not knowing what a yukata is.

I’m pretty sure this idea didn’t come from my world… I think the idea of chocolate-covered bananas was just misunderstood at some point.

Hmm… So what’ll it taste like?

Death. Although that might just be a personal preference. I’m not a not a miso fan.

Wait, you want to try that? It’s completely different from the food in my world that its supposed to be.

Hehe. I told ya to challenge yourself to new things. But I’ll leave it to ya. So, what will it be?

Well… I guess you do have the right idea… Maybe it’s actually good. Only one way to know for sure.

Hahaha. Ya know it!

Now… are ya ready? Pops! Gimme two miso bananas!

Farun trots off out of frame here, but I didn’t include a screenshot of her back because there’s not really anything to highlight about it. The back of her yukata is just plain black with a pink bow. Her hair is also done up in the same way as it always is, so there’s nothing different there. Like I said, I was expecting more from Farun’s yukata.

*One ill-advised flavour combination later*

Ahahaha! Ahahahaha! That was so terrible!

Well, I’ve never had anything like that before…

Hehe, but wasn’t it fun? We’ll have a great memory of this so we can look back. It’s “the day we ate miso bananas together.” I love stuff like that. Thanks for eatin’ ‘em with me.

*Another brief time skip here*

Guess it’s time to say goodbye to this outfit. It’s too bad, it was so cute.

You don’t have to keep it just for festivals, you know. You could wear it all the time if you wanted to.

…No. I wanna save it as a special outfit I wear for when we go to festivals. That’s why I’ll save it for next year. Ya won’t see it till then! …Hehe. Well, see ya later!

At least Farun was more gung-ho about going to the festival. Didn’t need to twist her arm or anything. The same won’t be said about Mirei, who is next up.

~Star God Academy Classroom~

Hey, Mirei? I know you’re busy with your reading, but I was wondering if you wanted to go check out the festival with me.

I’ll pass.

I… Okay. That sure was quick.

I’ve heard about this festival, but I dislike crowded places. I highly doubt I can enjoy it.

So there’s no way I can convince you?

You’re persistent… I just explained why. Why do you want to go with me so much?

Because I want you to have some fun. I figured this was a good opportunity.

Didn’t I say I probably won’t enjoy it?

Won’t know for sure unless you try. Part of being a researcher, right?

Hm… All right. If I have time, I’ll go with you. However, that depends on today’s research progress. No promises.

Sure. I’ll wait for you at the festival, then.

Fine. But don’t expect me to show up.

We all know you’ll be there. Regardless of whether or not you think it will be fun, you absolutely cannot resist researching new things. Or researching Itsuki in new environments. Whatever works.

~Festival Venue~

Hmm… Doesn’t look like she’s coming after all…


*Mirei comes into frame*

Apologies for being late.

It’s… wait… Are you wearing a yukata?

This, on the other hand. This is exactly what I expected from Mirei.

I heard this is required for those participating in the festival. I completed my research and took far too long trying to put this on. Apologies.

N-No, it’s fine. It looks great.

Hmm, I see. I never was interested in clothing.

Could have fooled me. Could you spin around so I can get a better look?

Spin around? I suppose I don’t mind…

How was that…?

It was good. That yukata really suits you.

…I see.

Try holding up your sleeve and striking a pose.

Okay, Itsuki. Calm down. Don’t want to go pitching a tent in a yukata. Although, I guess they sort of naturally supress boners because of the wrapping and stuff.

You want to see that? You’re so strange…

…What do you think?

Yeah, you look amazing. How about-

Hold on. Why am I listening to you so unconditionally?

Oh, right. Sorry. I was getting carried away a little bit.

*Some time passes*

So, this is the festival… The atmosphere certainly isn’t something I would enjoy.

Don’t write it off so soon. Come on, let’s look around a bit. There’s a lot of shops and food to check out. Look, they even managed to make cotton candy.

Cotton candy?

Here, let me get some for you. …There, give it a try.

By using clouds from heaven… and combining them with a truckload of the distilled essences of the second and third circles of hell. Also known as sugar.

You heat up sugar with fire and spin it into threads. Then you swirl it on to a stick.

Hm, I see. So that stick is used to wrap the sugar around it. How interesting. Shop clerk. Can you let me try my hand at making it?

Wait, you want to try making it? Why?

Jesus, Mirei. Death comes for us all eventually, you don’t need to coax him along.

I don’t think that’s how it works, Mirei…

Be quiet. You won’t know if it will fail unless you try.

She’s got you there, Itsuki. That’s basically the reasoning you used to get her out here in the first place.

But, won’t you be troubling the clerks?

Don’t worry. I’ll pay for it.

That’s not really what I was getting at.

*One experiment in diabetes later*

I didn’t think I would actually break the machine.

It’s because you pushed the machine too hard… *sigh* We have to pay for that now, too…

Oh, no harm done then. Is there anything else we can charge to his account while we’re at it?

Oh, what is that shop stall over there, Itsuki? It says “octopus cakes.”

I think it’s-

Hm? And that one looks interesting as well. What are you doing? Hurry up.

H-Hey! Don’t pull! Mirei!

*After some fun festival time spent with Mirei*

Looks like you ended up having fun after all.

It was all part of my research.

Didn’t look that way to me…

I’m interested in cross-cultural customs. I did it to personally experience it. Now, let’s go home.

They have game consoles in Granvania?! What level of technology does this freaking world have?! You can’t make a damn long-distance call, but you can apparently fire up the old PS4 for some [insert your preferred game here]?

I’m convinced something was wrong… My calculations shouldn’t be inaccurate…

You know, I’m glad I asked you out. It really sounds like you had fun.

And that’s all for Mirei. It was pretty much exactly what you would have expected from her. Whether that’s a good or bad thing depends on your opinion of her. I think it was nice.

Last up for the unique events is Collette. Collette’s version of the festival event gets a unique CG. No, I have no sweet clue why Collette is the only heroine to get a unique CG for this event. I’m not even sure if there are unique CGs for the other Japan Events. I didn’t see any for Starmas. So it’s possible that Collette is the only one to get a unique CG for a side-event. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Maybe one of the developers or members of the art team had a thing for her. A possibility that creeps out user BlazeEmblem. They are definitely not alone in that regard.

~Star God Academy Field~

Hello Itsuki. It’s autumn now.

Speaking of autumn, there’s an Autumn Festival happening now. Do you want to go check out the shops with me?

Are they serving roasted sweet potatoes?!

Why are you so hung up on those?

Roasted sweet potatoes are a staple of festivals here in Granvania!

Granvania has festivals? Festivals that haven’t been copied from Japan?

This festival is based on one from my world, though. I don’t think there will be roasted sweet potatoes there.

What a shame.

Then buy some sweet potatoes and roast them. All you need is a fire. You own a bakery, so it can’t be that hard.

Well, there might be other delicious things there that are just as good as roasted sweet potatoes.

Ooh! You think so?! In that case, I will definitely go with you. Shall we go right now?

That works for me. They should have some rental yukatas there as well.

Oh, yukatas! That sounds like fun. Let’s be on our way then.

Okay, so I don’t know if Granvania has actual experience with yukatas or not. The other maidens didn’t seem to know what they were (including Farun, the worldly traveler), but Mirei was apparently able to research it and Collette seems to know what they are.

~Festival Venue~

Oh, these yukatas have a different feel than my usual clothes.

I don’t really have an opinion on Collette’s yukata. It’s kind of childlike/innocent, but that’s sort of her whole deal/facade. Her head sort of looks too big for her body though. Maybe that’s just me.

You wear your yukata well, Itsuki. You look really good.

Same to you, Collette.

Neehee. I think so too. But… it is a little airy. It feels weird if I don’t wear anything underneath.

Yeah. It also chafes a little sometimes.

…Ah, did you think I wasn’t wearing any underwear? Sorry to disappoint you, but I most certainly am.

Please keep your mind out of your lewd gutter.

My mind is not in the gutter. Plus, how was I supposed to know that’s what you were talking about? Not wearing anything underneath is traditional, right?

That’s the first I’ve ever heard that.

Historically and culturally, it’s complicated. It depends on where you are wearing a yukata (in a private room, festival, bathhouse, that kind of thing) and the kind of people you are wearing it around and what time period we’re talking about (modern day underwear is comfortable enough that you really should be wearing some under there just about all the time).

…Wait a minute! Does that mean… you’re not wearing anything under yours?

…That’s not important.

Ah, a true Scotsman! Free-ballin it like Highlanders intended (at least supposedly).

Don’t look at me when you say that.


Well, enough of that. Where’s the tasty food? There’s a bunch of shop stalls everywhere and the scents are enticing… I can’t take it anymore. *drool*…

Okay, well first you should wipe the drool off of your mouth.

Oh! Excuse me. But finding something more delicious than roasted sweet potatoes will be tough. Shall we split up and look?

*Something happens. Not sure what, but there’s a pause between Collette’s lines before she leans back from the camera*

…Uh? Huh?! L-Look at this crowd, Itsuki! What’s going on?! …Oh, the fireworks are starting. For now, I’ll look over here. Let’s meet up at the gate at the entrance later…

Collette turns a little bit during the “Oh, the fireworks” line, but she doesn’t turn around completely in this event. It is possible to briefly see that she has her hair together in a braid/ponytail (same as what Arie did with hers). I thought this was weird, because I was sure that Collette had a bob cut hairstyle. But I checked her character model in the database and she really does have a ponytail. I always thought that thing sticking out of her character portrait was a ribbon or something. Huh…

I don’t think it’s a good idea to split up in this crowd. Come on, just grab my hand.

Oh for… Ex-Excuse me! Trying to get through. God’s Gift making a path. All right, Collette, try again.


*After fighting through the crowd of people*

Whew… I made it. Thank you, Itsuki. Ah… fireworks. What shall we do? There seem to be some empty seats over there.

Let’s grab some candied apples and watch.

Candied apples?! That’s a great idea. Let’s go! Strike while the iron’s hot! Let’s hurry. …Ah, don’t let go of my hand. I don’t want to get lost again.

Don’t make it weird(er), Collette.

Sure, let’s go.


Oh, you have got to be kidding me. Damn it, Spike Chunsoft, if you didn’t want to draw partial artwork of Itsuki in a yukata then just say that he’s not wearing a yukata. It’s not that difficult.

Wow, seeing them so close is such a different experience. I can feel the sound. BOOM BOOM! This candied apple is tasty. The fireworks also look quite tasty.

Haven’t heard someone describe fireworks like that before.

Neeheehee. …Every time I hold your hand, I’ll remember this moment. This is a very delicious memory. Thank you, Itsuki.

*After the fireworks*

Shall we head home now, Itsuki? Bakers are early risers after all. Today was… very fun.

I had fun too. We should do this again if we get the chance.

Yes. …Oh, right. On the way home, let’s get a roasted sweet potato. If I don’t have one, it won’t feel like I actually went to a festival.

Oh yeah, you gotta watch those sweet potatoes. Their… 100 calories per potato… and 0 grams of fat…

And that’s it for the Autumn Festival. Time for us to get back to proper bonding updates, after having skipped them in the previous “chapter”. We’ve got a somewhat new group of Focus Maidens to show off.