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Part 35: Cancer, Capricorn, and Libra + Summaries of Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini, and Taurus (Part 2)

Bonding Update XVII: Cancer, Capricorn, and Libra + Summaries of Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini, and Taurus (Part 2)

Almost finished. Hopefully these don’t result in any unfortunate events happening to the Star Maidens. I’ve already got my hands full trying to figure out what I’m supposed to do about the Alfie situation, or if there’s anything that can be done.

~Star God Academy Classroom~

Hmph. There’s the bell for classes to be out. Speaking of which… today is the last day of the shopping center sale.

Uhh… I’m standing right here, you know.

A-Ah! C-Come on… Don’t sneak up on me like that. Geez, why do you pop out of nowhere all the time?

Sorry. I thought I was being pretty obvious about entering the room. Anyway, did you say you were planning on going to the shopping center?

Oh, yes… But since you’re here, we can do it next time. Let’s do the club patrolling duties today.

Well, we could always combine the two and just go patrol the shopping center.

Huh…? S-Sure, I guess.

We can do some shopping too. That’s not a bad idea coming from you.

Anything in particular you’re looking to buy?

Shoes. I want to buy a cute pair to congratulate my sister. I want a pair so cute she’ll never want to throw them away.

Oh, that sounds like a good idea. …Should I say congratulations too?

Yes, of course. The orphanage is only a temporary place to stay. She’s only leaving to where she should be.

I’ll be totally honest, my brain shorted out while I was typing this and I completely lost track of what the hell was being said. Ruka said this line and I was like “What the fuck is she talking about? …Oh! Adoption."

We should see her off with a smile.


Why the long face? Come on, let’s go.

~Granvania Shopping Center~

Okay… these are good. I managed to buy a pair as cute as I imagined.

Hm… I don’t think so. Pretty sure I’m set as far as supplies go.

I want to say that Itsuki is really bad at this whole “flirting” thing… but then I remember that he’s got 13 women falling over themselves to have him and I’ll likely die alone. Really puts things into perspective.

What? Come on, buy something. We can do a lot drawing if you buy something to get one more ticket.

I thought this was a typo at first, but then I remembered that Japan (or at least Japan as depicted by media) loves those little spinny prize draw things. You know, the “turn the handle and if the golden ball pops out you win a big prize” stuff.

I know, but I can’t think of anything that I need.

[Older Lady]: Oh, my. Aren’t you God’s Gift?

Huh? Oh, thank you. That’s really sweet.

Oh my god… a nice NPC! We found one! They do exist in this world! I salute you “Older Lady”. Too bad you don’t have a character portrait, or I would have immortalized you along with Takoyaki Guy.

Well… we’ve got that ticket, now.

You are stupidly lucky, you know that… But a lot drawing ticket for saving the world? Is this nation really okay?

Listen, the bar is low right now. Like, underground kind of low. This is a way bigger gesture than you might think.

Does it matter? You can do the drawing now.

Well, thank you. If I win anything, I’ll give you half. All right. Let’s go to the lot drawing place!

*At the lot drawing place… wherever that is*

[Lottery Staff]: You won the third prize! A day trip ticket for two at the hot springs!

Why do you need a ticket for that?! Itsuki’s gone there four times already! There’s also been nobody around during each of those times, so it’s not exactly restricted in any way that would require a pass.

I seem to win so many things when I’m with you… Like with the parfait last time and now this hot springs ticket…

Could you not make this into something ominous?

S-Sorry… I just got that feeling… Here, I’ll give you this. You can split the ticket. S-So… why don’t you ask out some Star Maiden you like?

What? But I want to go with you.


I mean, we’ve already gone with most of the Focus Maidens by this point and Alfie is sort of dead… So why not?

Ruka, you’re the one that drew the lot and won. It only makes sense that I’d ask you.

Uh-huh… I thought as much.

That was painful to watch. How is it possible for someone to blow it this hard?

Well, if that’s what you think, I don’t mind going with you. Right… I won this, so it’s my decision. Would it hurt you to say that you were even slightly interested in me?

Huh? Did you just say something? I was reading the fine print.

N-No, nothing. Well, just tell me when you find the time. Remember to come pick me up. Since it’s a day trip, we’ll have to go early.

Okay. I’ll head to the orphanage in the morning when I get the chance.

Haha… I’ve never been to the hot springs before. I don’t know much about them.

Yeah, about that…

Oh, look at the time. I better prepare dinner or I’ll be late. Sorry, I need to go. Let’s try to take the trip soon… I’m really looking forward to it.

Same here.

Oh well, she’ll figure it out when we get there I suppose.

Oh, um… I-It’s not like I’m looking forward to this date with you or anything! I-I mean! I-I’m calling it a date, but I don’t mean anything by it!

Okay… Then what do you mean by it?

Anyway, be sure to hurry and get me when we go!

If we had stopped that event 6 lines early, it would have been perfect. But no, we just had to get that tsundere shit stapled on to the end. Oh well, I guess they are appealing to the people that like that kind of character so you’ve got to slap it on for their sakes.

Now, where are we going with Farun? She (basically) had her big confession scene and did her fancy lover dance for Itsuki, who proceeded to stare vacantly and muster up the kind of emotion normally reserved for finding out you won $5 on a lottery ticket. So where do we go from there?



Ya always come in here before we’re even open.

It’s kind of the best time to talk to you since it isn’t crowded. Besides, the door is always unlocked.

Yeah. I keep it unlocked. Anyway, do ya write letters, Itsuki?

Why? Are you trying to write one to somebody?

Y-Yeah… Well, that’s a secret.

So can ya gimme advice on it? I’ll thank ya in kind.

I don’t mind. What are you going to do as thanks though?

Hm? Hmm… I’ll do anythin’ for ya really, but… What would ya like?

Why is there never a “stop talking that way” option? Transcribing Farun’s dialogue is starting to seep into my normal typing habits. I think I had an accidental “bout” in one of the previous updates. Still trying to find it.

Why don’t we go on a date? That seems popular.

Ahaha… Well… Hmm… No! It wouldn’t be proper thanks cuz I wanna do that too!

Right, I forgot that we were back in the Tavern. That means Farun is going to get all loopy on us.

Where do ya wanna go? Where? Hm? I don’t mind where so long as it’s with you.

Slow down a little. What about the letter you were trying to write?

…O-Oh, right. I got a li’l ahead of myself… That’s embarrassin’…

Let’s focus on that first. Why don’t you just try writing about something normal.

Well, there must have been something that gave you the urge to write. Just write about whatever comes to mind.

…Right. I guess I could do that. All right. I’ll try writin’ it in the way ya described. Thanks! Hm? Wait, ya sounded like ya knew who I was writin’ to.

He does?

Then again, we do already know that she gets letters from her parents and doesn’t respond to them for some reason. I guess Itsuki would remember that.

I used to be more mysterious in the past. Looks like that part of me was washed away after meetin’ ya.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, you know. Anyway, I have to get going. Good luck with your letter. I hope I helped a little with giving you ideas.

Oh… R-Right. So you’re goin’ already…

…Do you want me to stay?

Yes, I do want ya to stay longer. Ya came all the way here, an’ I’m lonely.

What do you want to do then?

Well… There’s tons of stuff. We can chat an’…

Farun! I warned you once already! Geez. I gave Arie a pass because her and Itsuki were out in the forest by themselves, but you guys are standing in the middle of a bar that’s about to open. People are going to be coming in here to drown their sorrows since they can’t do the old bump n’ grind. They don’t want to see you two going at it like rabbits.

… I wanna do stuff with ya! Is that so bad?!

No. But there’s a time and a place.

Lemme hold ya right now! C’mon! Lemme walk arm in arm with ya! I wanna do that too! I do!

F-Farun, just relax a little… I really do need to get going. I still have a lot that needs doing and you’re about to open the tavern.

I-I know…

Listen… I’ll do what I can to come back early, okay? We can spend more time together then. Although… it would be nice to have another good luck charm to help with that.

Huh… Huuuh?!

It’s not somethin’ I can do over an’ over… Oh no! Look at the time! I better go an’ get ready! The customers are gonna start comin’ in!

Oh, r-right. I’d better go in that case.

Wait, Itsuki! Itsuki!

*Farun leans in for another kiss*

Good luck. See ya later. Hey! Barkeep! Sorry ‘bout that!

*Farun runs off*

I overslept, so I didn’t do the prep work yet! But I’ll do it straight away! Sorry! I’ll do it now!

Okay, so Itsuki went from barely acknowledging this outpouring of feelings to not batting an eye at asking Farun for a kiss. I don’t get the writers for this game.

~Mirei’s Laboratory~

Oh, thanks. I could use some of that. Mmm…

Can I ask you to do something? I can’t open the lid to this jar.

…I’m not getting blasted with sleeping gas again, Mirei. Sorry, but I’m not touching that thing.

We’re on to your games, Mirei.

Won’t you please? Oh, that’s too bad…

Wait, what?! Mir… Mirei…

*And Itsuki goes down like a sack of rocks. Touché, Mirei*

Heheheh… Good night, Itsuki.

*Some indeterminate time later*

Good morning, Itsuki. It’s time for the interview.

Ughh… Wha?... H-Hey! You tied me down again!

Heheheh… It’s been a while since I’ve seen you like this.


I told you before. If you want to ask me questions, just do it normally…

But I can’t. The topic today will be of utmost importance for this research. I restrained you to get as accurate an answer as possible.

Restraining always seemed like the worst way to get answers from someone, at least in a non-torture/extortion scenario. They’re predisposed to tell you want you want to hear until they are let free.

So then what’s the question?

Here goes… Itsuki… Do you…


I’m talking about hairstyles.

You know, I used to dig long hair on women, but I think I’m more of a short hair kind of man now. Obviously there are exceptions (I don’t care for the buzzcut+mohawk combo that seems to be going around, but I also really like long+tied) and you gotta factor in accessories and facial structure, but I think I lean more towards short.

Would you rather have it down? Or up?

This I don’t have much of an opinion on. Both of those can be done really well and really poorly in equal measure.

Do you prefer elegant or cute clothing?


Do you dislike pant suits?

Are we filling out an OKCupid profile or something? Slow your roll, Mirei.

And this next one is extremely important and serious… What do you think of older women…?

How old are we talking? Obviously you’re asking this with a personal interest, but I’m still positive that you and Reone are in your mid-20’s at most. I guess that counts as “older women” for Itsuki, but not for me (and I’m willing to bet that’s the case for like 60% of this game’s playerbase).

Why are you asking me all of this stuff?

This is proper research. Now answer me: What do you think of older women?

I… Uh… I mean, I do like them.

Heheh… Heheheheh. Really? Is that really true? You’re not lying to me, are you? If you’re lying, I won’t forgive you for defiling my research.

Do you really, really like older women?

Yes! I’m telling the truth!

Heheheh… I see, I see. So, you like older women, Itsuki…

Mirei, why are you asking me all of this? How does this help your research on God’s Gift?


God’s Gift isn’t who I want to research most. It’s you, Itsuki.

O-Oh… I see…

Come now, Itsuki. I’ll continue the questions. Let’s talk about the book you own with naked pictures of the opposite sex.

Itsuki is now confirmed to be buying Granvania porn, just in case you thought there was some wiggle room in the interpretation of that “magazine” talk in Alfie’s route.

…I don’t have the right to refuse… do I?

You never did. You will answer me… Heheheh…

Thankfully the event cuts off there, before we start getting any hints as to what Itsuki gets off to.

~Bottom 7 Summaries: Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini, and Taurus~


In Sue’s second event, Itsuki drops in to check on how her and Eisenbach are doing. Sue comes out and says that Eisenbach is all better now, then thanks Itsuki for worrying while also yawning a bunch. Itsuki figures that Sue stayed up all night to take care of the sick goat, but she says that she’s fine. Sue says that she had to make sure Eisenbach got better so that she could bring him back to be with the other animals, who really miss him. Eisenbach still needs a little more rest before he can be taken back to the animal hut, so Itsuki offers to watch over him while Sue gets some sleep. Sue wanders off to rest, but then leans back into frame. Itsuki tells her it’ll be fine and Sue disappears out of frame once more. After reassuring the goat that he’ll be fine, Itsuki notices Sue pop back into view. Itsuki asks if Sue wants to be next to Eisenbach, but Sue responds that it’s just not fair that Eisenbach gets all the fun.

Sue wants Itsuki to be near her in order to make her feel better, so Itsuki tells her to go sleep nearby. Sue responds that she wants Itsuki to sleep with her. Sue says that Eisenbach is fine since his bed is right next to Sue’s room, so she’ll be able to respond quickly if anything happens.

Yes, yes. Here is the unedited. Thankfully Sue is covered slightly better than Mahiru and Farun were.

Sue talks about how it feels weird, because her body feels warm with her animals, but her heart is warmer when sleeping next to Itsuki. Itsuki says that he’s not sure why that is (either because he’s playing dumb or he really is that dense) and then Sue just tells him that she likes him. Itsuki is a little taken aback, but notices that Sue is sleeping now, so she must have just been talking in her sleep. Except Sue then responds with “I’m not sleeping… Zzz… Itsuki… I love you.”

The next day, Sue says that she slept more soundly than she has in a long time. Also, she’s still sleepy so she’s going back to sleep. Itsuki is about to go when Sue asks him for a goodnight kiss. She says that her mother always did it for her. Itsuki is a little hesitant, but eventually caves. Just as they are about to kiss, Eisenbach bleats and startles them. The event wraps up there with Sue going to feed the goat.


Collette’s event opens with her slightly creeping out Itsuki with her greeting “No customer can escape my sight.” Collette says that it’s only a greeting for Itsuki but then says she was just joking when Itsuki apparently starts moving for the door. Itsuki asks her how the baking is going and Collette says that she came up with an idea. Specifically, she wants to create a topping for the bread. She mentions something about a “crumb of happiness” that will make people believe in happiness but says that her research didn’t turn up anything like what she had in mind.

This really sounds like the bread is being laced with drugs. Is Collette positive that her grandfather wasn’t secretly a pusher?

She asks Itsuki for help and he says that it sort of sounds like a four-leaf clover (…I guess? Not really seeing the connection on that one). Collette asks what that is and Itsuki explains it to her that sometimes clovers will rarely have four leaves instead of three (fun fact: Four-leaf Clovers aren’t that hard to get. You really just need to find a clover patch and sift through them for a bit. I’m talking about a 4 foot by 4 foot area. The real obstacle is your desire to look for superstitious charms. Hell, you can grow the damn things in the span of a week if you wanted to skip the looking part).

Anyway, Collette likes the sound of the idea since it has a romantic ring to it. Collette starts getting really excited and mentions that she had been hiding this same kind of excitement during the ritual. She says that she can barely even remember what happened and asks Itsuki if he did anything dirty to her. Back on topic, Collette and Itsuki head out to look for some clover. In the forest, they find a lot of clover growing under the shade of a tree. The two get to work looking but come up empty. Collette starts to think that maybe there are none in this world. She also mentions that maybe she won’t get the chance to make the “Ultimate Breadwinner” because her grandfather’s memory has been getting progressively worse lately.

I’ve been through that with one of my grandmothers. It sucks. She started not recognizing dad, then thinking that I was her son instead of her grandson, then only knowing me as someone from a place she goes to, then not knowing me at all. Anyway, didn’t mean to bum everyone out by reminding them of the ravages of time. Back to bread stuff.

Collette hopes that eating the “Ultimate Breadwinner” will let her grandfather remember her just a little longer. Also, you know, saving the bakery from bankruptcy. The two decide to resume the hunt, but then the scene cuts to the bakery and reveals that there was still no sign of what they were after. However, neither of them plan to give up just yet and instead resolve to go looking again whenever they have time. Collette also brings up a rumor she heard that going to class with bread in your mouth will lead you to meet someone special. Collette says that she doesn’t need a rumor to meet someone special anymore and Itsuki asks what’s she going on about. The event wraps up shortly after.


Lillith/Lillie’s event starts with Lillith asking Itsuki if he would like to go on another date. She says that she found a beautiful lake to go to for a picnic (the writers really like to recycle “Hot Springs” and “Lake Picnic” it seems). Itsuki is a little surprised that Lillith would be the one to propose that, but she says that she’s been trying to be more proactive lately. Itsuki wonders if Lillie is aware of this and explains again that Lillie has been feeling like a third wheel in the relationship. Lillith says that she already informed Lillie about it, though. Back to the date plans, Lillith says that she’s picked up a small island in the middle of the lake that they can get to by boat, where they can then have some lunch. She also mentions how she can’t swim, so Itsuki should be careful not to capsize the boat.

The two manage to get to the little island without Lillith drowning somehow, surprisingly. Lillith shows off some sandwiches she made and Itsuki asks what’s in them since he’s never seen it before. Lillith says that it’s made with Golden Apples. Itsuki tries one and discovers that it’s not especially good. Lillith wonders if maybe Golden Apples are a Granvania food that doesn’t agree with his Sora stomach and Itsuki thinks that’s probably it, since Golden Apples don’t exist in his world. Instead, he starts eating some of the other sandwiches and finds that they are much better. Lillith is happy about that and reveals that until recently she only stayed in her room. She never thought she’d be out on a date with a guy. Itsuki is glad to hear that she’s being more outgoing and Lillith asks if she can tell Itsuki’s fortune for him. Itsuki is a little hesitant about that, since he still doesn’t like the idea of getting a bad fortune, but Lillith reassures him by saying that everything is going great so the fortune must be great as well. When she does it, she is surprised to find a very ominous sign. Itsuki asks her about it and Lillith says that the fortune means his life is at risk. At this point, Itsuki keels over and explains that something is wrong with his stomach and it’s getting harder for him to move. He wants to get back to the boat, but Lillith is against it because the fortune could be a sign that he might drown. Lillith wants Itsuki to believe in her fortune telling and that anything he does could be life threatening. Instead, Lillith goes off to the boat in order to call for help. Except…

Lillith is at a loss because she can’t swim, but then decides to write what’s going on down on a memo and proceeds to run headfirst into a fallen tree. Lillie staggers back and Itsuki points her to the memo. Lillie immediately takes off across the lake to get help as Itsuki passes out.

Itsuki comes to with Lillie and Reone watching over him in the Academy Clinic. Reone reveals that the Golden Apple is apparently pure poison to humans from Sora (which, thanks for coughing up that helpful tip after the fact. Seems like a very important thing you would want to warn God’s Gift about considering how badly his life is needed in this world). Reone says that one wrong move could have killed him and that he should thank Lillie for rushing back to get help. Lillie tells Reone to shut it and Reone makes herself scarce after telling Itsuki that he needs rest. Itsuki thanks Lillie and she gets embarrassed. She blames Lillith’s terrible cooking. However, she does ask that Itsuki not blame Lillith for it since she went through so much effort for him. Itsuki thanks both of them, Lillie is happy about that, and then Itsuki also tells Lillie that she’s not a third wheel to either him or Lillith. Lillie then apologizes for flipping out like that back then and explains that she was jealous. At first she thought she was angry at Itsuki taking Lillith away from her, but now she doesn’t think that’s why she was jealous. Of course she bails on revealing any feelings by returning to her typical attitude and telling Itsuki that he has to sleep.


Tarua likes to run… straight into Itsuki, who asks why she has to keep ramming him on purpose. Tarua says that she’ll do it as many times as she wants because she’s super happy right now. She reveals that Boss is feeling better thanks to a medicine that Mirei made for him at Tarua’s request. Because of what happened, Boss has finally agreed to hire a part-timer for help. Tarua is happy that work will be easier on Boss now since he won’t be under as much strain. Tarua apparently convinced him that it’s okay to rely on others (Aww). Tarua thanks Itsuki for all the help he’s given her and reveals that she told Boss about him. Boss apparently asked what kind of guy Itsuki was, such as whether he was tough or a good man. Itsuki asks if the toughness question was because of how much Tarua runs into him and she confirms that Boss was super worried about that.

Tarua says that Boss looked really relieved when she talked to Boss about Itsuki. That’s when Boss decided on hiring a part-timer to help and he’s been nicer than before. Tarua is really caught up with wanting to thank Itsuki, so she offers to kiss him again. Itsuki says not to force herself, but Tarua is insistent. Itsuki gives in and closes his eyes while Tarua tries to psyche herself up. Nothing happens, and when Itsuki opens his eyes he sees Tarua just kind of leaning forward with pursed lips. She gets embarrassed about it and upset that Itsuki opened his eyes. She also says that him apologizing and looking at her like he is makes her super nervous. She thanks Itsuki and says that she’ll work hard as a Star Maiden and all that stuff, then runs off (I guess something technically happened this time… barely… also what “happened” did so off screen… but whatever, I’ll take what I can get as far as Tarua’s route is concerned).

That’s it for Bond Level 4. We won’t be taking a look at the final Bonding Events until a few dungeons from now. I want to space it out so that we aren’t wrapping up all the Maidens’ routes while there are 7 additional dungeons to run through before the ending.

Instead, we’ve got a few… special things to look at. After the next Labyrinth, that is.