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Part 37: The Star Conception Festival (Part 1)

Special Events II: The Star Conception Festival

What in god’s name is this thing for?

Hm? Oh, sorry. I was trying to figure something out. We’ll get back to the Polyoshka and its vague purpose in the next story update. For now, we’re taking a look at the next “Japan Event” (even though this one technically already existed in Granvania, just in a different form).

Just like with the Autumn Festival, Alfie does not have one of these events (she’s also currently dead… so, yeah…). That means we’re starting with Arie.

Unlike the Autumn Festival, none of the Maidens get unique costumes or CGs for this one. We’ll take a look at Arie, Femiruna, Ruka, Farun, and Mirei, since they are the Focus Maidens at the moment. After that, I’ll include some of the Bottom 7 Star Maidens in detail. The rest will stay as summaries.

~Star God Academy Field~

Also, pay no mind to the date up in the corner. The Star Conception Festival events will only trigger when you try and bond with a Star Maiden during the Winter months (December, January, February). The reason the date says “June” in these screenshots is because I’m viewing them in the database, which uses the in-game date of the save file you choose.

I heard you have a similar ceremony in your world too.

Oh yeah, Mana mentioned something about a festival that’s similar to Christmas. Yeah, I wouldn’t mind checking it out.

Then, if you’d like… would you mind joining us for the Star Conception Festival?


It may be rude to ask you to join, but if you’d like…

So we’ll be there with all those kids, huh?

If you don’t want to, that’s quite all right. Every year, the priest and I chaperone the children… But the priest has caught a cold this year…

Oh, well, I could give you a hand with that. I don’t want to leave you hanging. Not after what happened at the party that one time.

Really? Thank you! The children will be overjoyed.

Ooh, pretty. Beats the crap out of that gaudy Christmas tree garbage.

Come on, everyone. Are you done with the decorating?

[Children]: Yup!

Now, let’s exchange presents.


[Child A]: What a pipsqueak! I thought God’s Gifts were big and strong!

We’re big enough to kick your ass. Little shit.

Hey now, don’t say that!

[Child A]: Even I can kick his butt!

This little brat… Okay, fine. I’m willing to accept that challenge. Come on “Child A”, let’s see what you’ve got.

C-Come now… Please forgive them, Itsuki, they’re only children…

It’s fine. I’m sort of used to it.

[Child A]: Hey! Who do you think you are! Jerkwad!

Hold on a second… Is this the little player that asked Arie to marry him? Are we moving in on his action? HA!

You sure have your hands full.

Let’s exchange presents now. Um, Itsuki… Did you bring a present to be exchanged?

Of course. It’s just something simple, though.

Then let’s…

[Child A]: Hey! Teacher’s whispering to God’s Gift in secret! They’re totally dating! They’re a couple!

In your face, Child A! Arie is ours! At least until the thread votes on which Maiden we actually want and the others are left by the wayside.

Good grief… I’m sorry, Itsuki. Now, let’s start with the present exchange. Come, children. Let’s sing the song.

[Children]: Okaaay!

And 1, and 2, and…

*The ear-splitting sound of the terrible singing of children then follows. Thankfully we don’t have to actually hear it*

Be safe as you head home, children. Phew… Thank you, Itsuki. The children loved it.

I bet they did. They spent most of their time teasing me…

But everyone said they wanted to play with you again.

Well, if it’s you asking me, then sure.

Thank you. Speaking of which, what present did you get?

I got some candy. I’m going to guess that it wasn’t from you.

Right. My present was a hat. My fluffy hat is incredibly popular.

Well, it’s definitely appropriate for the season.

It’s unfortunate my present didn’t go to you…

Why can’t we have nice things? I wanted an Arie hat… it’s cool…

So instead… take this.

Hm? What’s this?

It’s small, but it’s a protective charm. It has fluffy wool woven into it. Can you take it with you as a good luck charm inside the labyrinths?

Of course I will. I’ll gladly take anything that helps protect me. Thank you, Arie.

I should be the one thanking you. Because of you, this turned out to be a very fun Star Conception Festival.

I know with the children, it can get a bit too lively…

Not going to lie… I do like it when things are a bit quieter.

And that’s all for Arie. The children got in the way of anything romantic happening and Star God apparently rigged it so that we didn’t get an awesome Arie Hat.

Maybe Femiruna’s will go a little better.

~Star God Academy Hallway~

Hey, Femiruna. Do you want to go check out the Star Conception Festival with me?

…I do not mind.

That’s what I was told.

Itsuki, what are you going to wish for…?

I’m not really sure. Inviting you was kind of the first step. Didn’t really put any thought into the festival part.

Please Star God… make the Conception PLUS Anime not as bad as it looks.

*sigh*… As expected of someone who never plans anything out. Very well… I do not mind going with you.

Really? Thanks, Femiruna.

…You had other plans?

…No, it is nothing.

~Great Star Tree~

Is this your first time at this festival?

The tree isn’t lit up in this event. At least not yet.

Usually, I come here with Mother and Father. But they are quite busy, so after praying, they immediately return home.

Oh, I see… Then is it really okay that you’re here with me this time?

Then I guess you’re stuck with me all day.

What…?! What a lewd way of phrasing it!

Wait… what? What was lewd about that?

Y-You have no need to concern yourself over me. I am used to this sort of thing. Let us hurry and pray to the Star God and return home!

R-Right… okay.

*After some praying that it’s doubtful Star God is listening to… because he’s an asshole*

Okay, the praying is done. We can head back now, if you want.

Uh… yes?

You said you would be with me all day…

But you said you wanted to just pray and go home.


…Itsuki, what did you wish for from the Star God?

Me? Well… um… I wished that we’d always be together…

…How corny. You probably say that to everyone.

You’re not wrong.

No I don’t.

Really now? Well… whatever. My wish has been the same since I was a small child…

That’s kind of sad.

But this year, my wish was a bit different.

What’s different about this year?

Hehe… Well, I have been greedier this past year.

Just this year, huh?

What is with that face?

No, it’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.

My wish every year is rather modest. But… It was a problem this year. No matter how much I wish for, it is never enough.

Wait, so what’s different?

There are so many joyous things that have occurred at the academy. So many interesting things… Like with Tarua and Farun…

What the sweet Christ happened with Tarua that could be considered “interesting”?

*A time skip happens here for some reason. I guess we don’t get to hear about all the things that Femiruna thought was interesting*

Whew… I talked more than usual there.

Yeah, it’s getting late. We should head back.

Hehe… This year seems different from all the others. The most different thing is that you…

…Me, what?

It was fun. Now good day to you!

*And Femiruna fucking hauls ass out of that conversation*

Not bad, but I felt like that scene was a little incoherent/unclear. Could have been written a bit better than that. Oh well, I guess that’s what happens when you’re trying to write these in a somewhat neutral way that accounts for the fact you can trigger them at any point in the story/character route.

~Star God Academy Classroom~

Ruka, the Star Conception Festival is going on right now.

Why are you talking to me about it?

Can you not even show up long enough for me to give you a gift? I heard that’s what they do at the festival.

Do it if you want. You’ll just be exchanging gifts with yourself.

That’s kind of harsh, don’t you think?

Hmph… Anyway, I have to be at the orphanage for the Star Conception Festival.

Do you want some help with it?

I guess I’d be thankful if you helped… But how am I supposed to introduce you to everyone?

I’m just a friend, aren’t I? I don’t think anyone will care that much.

I-I care!

Whoah. That’s a huge leap, Ruka. Don’t get me wrong, they will mercilessly tease you about having a boyfriend, but calling you a tramp? I doubt that.

Ruka, none of them are going to think that.

I-I just don’t want anyone to misunderstand!

Is there any way I can get you to accept my gift?

You’re coming on a little strong now, Itsuki.

… Th-Then, once it’s over, I’ll contact you through the magic transmission device.

That’s fine with me. I’ll wait for you.

Y-You really don’t have to do this… Well, goodbye for now.

~Great Star Tree~

She just messaged me, so I guess that means she’ll be here in a little bit…

*Ruka then runs in*

Huff… Huff…

Did you run the whole way? You didn’t need to rush like that. I would have waited.

I overate, so I just wanted to get some exercise in! It’s not because I felt bad about making you wait or anything.

If you say so. Well, here’s the gift I got for you. Thanks for everything, Ruka. I appreciate all of your help.

H-Hmph. You’re welcome. …Can I open this?

Of course. It’s your gift.

What’s this? A ribbon…?

I figured it would be better to get you something you could use regularly. I tried to get something that matches your style.

Um… This… is from me. Sorry it’s leftovers, but it’s my fried chicken. I put it in some containers. I wanted to get you something proper, but…

Hey, don’t ever feel bad about food. Itsuki is a man of simple pleasures.

I didn’t have time before preparing the party, so I’ll buy you something later.

I think this is fine, but if you insist, then I’ll look forward to it.

I can’t get you anything too expensive, so don’t expect too much. With that out of the way, I’m going back. The party isn’t over yet.

Wait, you left the party and came all the way out here just for me? Sorry about that. I thought the partying would have been over by now.

There’s no deep meaning behind it. So, goodbye then.

Right. Oh! Wait a second!

Do you still want something?

Here. This is for the kids.

I-I can’t take that. What am I supposed to say when I give this to them?

You could always say it’s from Santa.

He’s an old legend that was turned into a corporate mascot. Don’t worry about it.

He’s part of the Christmas tradition from my world. He has a sleigh that’s pulled by reindeer and delivers presents to good children on Christmas morning.

Oh? I don’t understand… Is he like some gift fairy?

Well… Actually, never mind. I’ve got an explanation written down with the sweets. Just read through it later. Put the gifts next to their pillows.

Oh? That sounds like fun. Thank you. I’ll read it later. …Are we done here? Um… Thank you for the gifts for the kids… Oh, and for my gift too…

Something wrong?

Um… While I’m here, maybe I should use the ribbon you just gave me. Help me tie it.

You want to put it on right now?

I-I want you to see if it looks good on me!

STOP USING THAT PHRASE! It sounds stupid!

Okay. What do I need to do?

Hold on. Let me untie the one I’m using. It’s long, so it’s a ton of work just to tie it up… All you have to do is hold down my hair…

*A fade-to-black happens as Itsuki helps Ruka tie the ribbon… no, we won’t actually see the ribbon when it fades back. Are you crazy? It’s not like they have an accessory system that could have been easily employed here (as well as a ribbon accessory that can be given to anyone, including Ruka). Sheesh*

Hmph… All done. What do you think…? H-How does it look?

I think it looks great. It’s hard to imagine you without it.

H-Hmph… I’m not wearing a ribbon for you, you know? But it does feel comfortable, so I’ll be sure to take good care of it…

One more thing.

What? There’s still more? Why don’t you say it all at once?

Well, it’s just… I saw you with your hair down earlier. I think it made you look really mature. It suits you in its own way.

Too bad we couldn’t see it. Seriously, this event was begging for a CG.

D-Don’t stop me just to stay [sic] that… Jerk… No matter how much you compliment me, I won’t change my hairstyle.

I’ll make you help me tie it again…

Sure thing.

H-Hmph. Don’t cause too much trouble for me next year. Well… A happy New Year’s to you then.

That went on for a while. It was sort of sweet though… in a strange way. You know, when you get past Ruka’s stupid tsundere crap.

~Star God Academy Classroom~

Itsuki, are ya goin’ to the Star Conception Festival?

You mean the Christmas thing? Yeah, I was thinking about it. Why?

Then do ya wanna go with me?

I’m in the same boat, you know.

Since we both don’t know, isn’t that just perfect? Please, Itsuki!

Sure, I don’t mind.

Really? Great!

Everyone does it, right? I wanna do it too! Let’s meet up in front of that tree. See ya later!

Just getting right to the good stuff, huh? I’m cool with that.

~Great Star Tree~

Hey! Sorry… I didn’t mean to make you wait…

Hey, Itsuki. Take a look at that. The decorations are great.

It’s gigantic… I don’t think I’ve seen a tree that big in my world.

What was it like in your world?

It’s a day when family and lovers spend time together.

Oh, lovers, huh. I wouldn’t understand… But this is really romantic. I’m sure it’d be fun goin’ a [sic] date here.

I didn’t expect you to think about stuff like that.

Course I do… Seein’ the starry skies always feels so romantic to me…

I did think ‘bout that durin’ my travels, I’ll have ya know.

You could always try walking around with me. What do you say?

Hehe… That’s a cute thing to say. Right now, my heart is full of warmth. An’ I got that thanks to you. So thanks, Itsuki. Well, that’s it for this topic.

So you don’t want to walk around…?

Oh, right. Here. Not sure if you’ll like it, but…

Haha. My heart’s racin’~ Can I take a look inside? Let’s see… Oh… gloves?


I was told that they’re really popular in town at the moment, so I… Uh… Farun?

Can ya open up my gift now?

Sure… I guess… Oh, it’s-

This… kinda feels weird, right? Sorry…

We’re like a couple.

Huh…? Oh, right. I guess ya can look at it that way. Huh… Just thinkin’ that we’re wearin’ the same thing…

I mean, judging by those thong straps you’ve got up around your hips and the kind of swimsuit that Itsuki apparently likes to wear… those gloves are probably not the only clothing you’re wearing that’s similar.

I-I’m suddenly feelin’ really embarrassed ‘bout it…

Why? I like them.

I-I know, but… I just feel bad ‘bout it. Are ya sure you’re okay ‘bout lookin’ the same as me?

I’m fine with it. Are you not?

I-It’s not that at all! There’s no way I don’t like ‘em!

O-Okay… So, we’re gonna have the same look then… Hehe, it kinda feels more precious this way. Thanks for the wonderful gift, Itsuki!

*Some time passes*

Huh? Looks like people are goin’ home.

Looks like everything is wrapping up. We should probably do the same.

Right. Thanks for comin’ here with me today. I got a taste of what it’s like to be lovers.

Wait, what?!

Just kiddin’! Ahaha! Thanks for the present! See ya later!

That was fine. I think the glove conversation dragged a bit longer than it needed to, but overall it was sweet.

~Star God Academy Classroom~

I want you to go with me…

I don’t mind… but why are you so eager to go with me?

I was asked by His Majesty to make the Great Star Tree shine brightly this year. It’s supposedly to follow the custom of your world.

Custom? Oh, you mean like the lights on a Christmas tree.

It’s more flashy and interesting that way. But Narcisstes didn’t seem to like it.

Narcisstes can go to hell. We’re still looking for answers on that life stealing alchemist circle in his basement.

Thanks to him, I had to redo it. He’s so troublesome despite the busy season.

He does seem like the micromanaging type.

In the end, I made simpler lighting. Today is the lighting ceremony after all.

Sounds easy enough.

Thank you. Then let’s go.

~Great Star Tree~

Looks like a big turnout. The king was on stage earlier, why weren’t you up there too?

Fair enough. Either way, I’m looking forward to this.

To what?

The decorations you made. You always do really good work.

Yes. I’m looking forward to that as well.

I am sort of nervous though. I’m standing right next to the person that made them.

[Announcement]: Thank you for gathering here today. The countdown will now begin.

Here we go…

[Announcement]: Five… Four… Three… Two… One… Zero!

This loses a bit of the impact when we just saw this exact CG like 4 times before this.


Why are you laughing?

Nothing. I merely thought to myself about how childish your reaction was. How does it compare to the ones on Sora? Please tell me your thoughts.

This is a lot better.

Yeah, I like this more restrained look. Christmas decorations/lights in our world are super tacky and abused. Some people turn their houses into a miniature sun.

I think you did an amazing job.

You’re quite honest. It feels special when you compliment me. Will you compliment me some more?

Okay, take it easy now. It’s getting weird.

Eheheh. Thank you, Itsuki.

Looks like the crowd is loving it as well. Are you sure you don’t want to go up on stage?

I only made what was requested of me.

Until it’s not up to their lofty standards, then they want to know who made it so that they can send threats and insults until their demands are met.

I’m going to return now.

Well, I know who made it. You’re the one that created this amazing show.

Heheh… I told you I didn’t care. You’re so strange.

I’m returning to my lab. See you later.

That one started out okay, but I think it went a little too far with the “praising Mirei” aspect. Not that I don’t think she deserves praise, mind you. I just think they went overboard with Itsuki’s gushing over her.

We’ll pick up the rest in Part 2, since the update is too big for a single post.