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Part 49: Flower Viewing Part 2 - Capricorn, Libra + Bottom 6 Summaries

Special Events III: Flower Viewing Part 2 - Capricorn, Libra + Bottom 6 Summaries

Let's get back to it. We'll be one step closer to story progress after this... and also more anime episodes, but let's try and look further ahead and the good stuff rather than the crap.

~Star God Academy Classroom~

Oh, Itsuki. It’s getting’ hotter out now.

I just can’t seem to help it.

Well, we wouldn’t be going very far, but if you wanted to travel a little then how about going with me to do some flower viewing?

Oh, the thing the king was advisin’ everyone to do? Yeah, that might be nice. I can’t go too far anyway.

Of course I will.

She’s being oddly normal about it this time. She’s not pleading for it like she usually does when she starts getting stir crazy.

Ahaha. Thanks!

~Flower-Viewing Spot~

Wow… This is so nice…

Do you like it?

Yeah. It’s really pretty.

I beg to differ.

This is something that people in my world do every year.

Oh, really? I see…

Uhhhh… Sort of? Kind of depends on where in the world you go, to be honest.

Well, it’s different. That much I can say. Sometimes the flowers in my world can cover mountains.

Oh, you were specifically talking about the blossoms. In that case then yeah, our world blows Granvania out of the fucking water.

Look at this majestic shit.

Wow… So that’s what your world is like… You have tons of beautiful sceneries, right? There must be so much stuff there I don’t know ‘bout. How nice… I’d like to go someday…

Itsuki, we’ve been over this. Stop encouraging young women to abandon their families and follow some teenaged boy to another dimension.

…Thanks. I’ll be so happy if we do go one day.

You’re being a lot more gentle than usual today.

Well yeah. I get like this when I see beautiful scenery. Hehe.

Huh. It’s weird to see the game address Farun’s weird personality swings.

So I guess I should say this again. If ya do take me to your world, I’d be so happy. …

We’ll see what happens, Farun. As of writing, you’re still somehow sitting at 0 votes in the poll. Let’s revisit that possibility when/if you manage to work your way into the Top 6.

…Why do you have your eyes closed?

…Hm? I’m just soakin’ in the scenery.

That’s why I’m tryin’ to imprint this scenery into my mind. Don’t ya do the same? Or is it just me? Hehe.

No, it’s not just you. But usually when you are trying to take in the beauty of something, you… you know, look at it.

Seeing you like this, it really drives home just how much traveling you’ve done in your life.

Ahaha. I hope ya also understand how great travelin’ can be. …Someday, I wanna go travelin’ with ya. We’d really go places. What do ya think?

It sounds like a great idea.

Hehe. Oh. I just thought of somethin’. I’m imaginin’ what it’d be like to travel with ya.

An’ of course, we’d run into tons of trouble. That’s just a spice to travelin’.

Whoa, hold up. Trouble? …Farun, is there some adrenaline junkie aspect that you are hiding from us (and the game’s profile pages)?

We’d walk together an’ see sceneries we’ve never seen before… That’d be so nice… It really would.

I hope we can experience that someday.

Yeah. …Oh, I know. Let’s go on a trip.

What, now?

…You mean every path?

You mean that row of cherry trees over there?

I repeat: You mean every path?

Is that the official name? Anyway, let’s go there. Let’s walk from edge to edge of the row of cherry trees. I wanna call that our journey together. We’ll walk slowly while lookin’ at the scenery.

Well… that does sound nice.

Yeah. Let’s take a journey through those cherry trees. Wait, didn’t that sound really poetic? Ahaha. Let’s go. We can walk slowly.

Good stuff. Let’s finish up with Mirei in the hopes that she will do something weird or crazy that will spice things up. I don’t mind these sweet events, but honestly I’m getting a little bored with them considering how many we’ve been seeing lately. We need some drama up in here… or at the very least something we can all point and laugh at or otherwise roast.

I said ”all”. We’re getting back to you, Anime. Calm down. The next trio of episodes is after the beach events… and also after the dungeon… possibly after I fuck around a little with some kind of side thing… the point is that we’ll watch the next three sometime between now and the end of the LP. I promise.

~Star God Academy Classroom~

You… You take days off?

Reone gave me this warning as medical advice:

Aww… Mirei cares enough about Reone’s friendship that she stopped her research.

Just how much work were you doing to make her say that…

But even if she told me to rest, there’s nothing else I want to do.

We could go flower viewing. What do you think?

Hm… I don’t get how seeing some flowers would be productive…

Great. Then let’s head out now.

~Flower-Viewing Spot~

…Mirei? Could you not glare at the flowers like that?

Then what am I supposed to do?

Reone, you already had your turn. What are you doing back here?

…Who’s that man making such a ruckus in his underwear?

Oh, right. Blue text box, so not a woman. My mistake. Sorry for assuming it was you, Reone.

Also, gross…

Is that the proper thing to do here? Should I take my clothes off too?

Please keep your clothes on, Mirei. No, that’s not what you’re supposed to do during flower viewing. He’s causing trouble for everyone else.

[Drunkard]: Muahahaha! More booze! Booooooze!

Now we’re talking. Do it, Mirei. I’m sure it’ll be interesting to see.

Hang on, don’t confront him on your own. I should go with you.

There’s no need for that. You stay here and look at the flowers.

I can’t do that. If you’re going, then I’m going.

Very well. Do as you wish.

*Let’s ruin this guy’s buzz*

…Hey, you there.

Shut your mouth.

That was a pretty direct warning… Then again, I guess direct is kind of your thing.

[Drunkard]: The hell did you say to me? Whassit to ta?

You’re annoying.

Are you stupid? Because I detest morons.

What is this, grade school? Come on, Mirei. You can do better than that.

I thought you were going to shut him up? This is more like provoking him.

I don’t have a problem with you drinking, just do so quietly. That’s all. Let’s go, Itsuki.

[Drunkard]: Wait right there! Ya think I’ll let ya walk away after tha’?

Of course not. You’re a Granvanian. Being a jackass is in your nature, so obviously this was going to escalate. It’s what I’ve been banking on.

You think an idiot like you stands a chance against me?

[Drunkard]: Damn yoooouuu!

Hey! Don’t you even think about touching her!

[Drunkard]: The hell’re you? I’m talkin’ to that woman, notchu.

Yes, Itsuki. There’s no need for you to get involved.

Yeah, keep your nose out of this Itsuki. I want to see what Mirei has up her sleeve.

I can’t just stand by. I want to protect you.

You… You are so persistent. I’ll be fine.

Maybe so, but I don’t want you to be put in danger.

…Heh. Fine. I appreciate your concern.

[Drunkard]: Hey! Don’ ignore me! Stop talkin’ to yerselves!

Oh, apologies for ignoring you. So, are you going to drink quietly or not?

[Drunkard]: The hell’s that mean?!


[Drunkard]: Huh? Whassis? A seed…?


[Drunkard]: Uwaaahhh! Monsteerrr!

…He ran away. I suppose that should sober him up.

That was fun. I would have preferred it if the plant had bitten off an arm or something, though.

…What? Fuck the people of Granvania. You know what I’m about. This place sucks.

Mirei? Did you really make a monster?

It’s a plant I made with Star Energy. It’s rather cute once you get to know it.


I don’t think this is the same thing.

I see. Then teach me the proper way to view these flowers. Oh, Itsuki. Take that flower with you please.

…What? What do you expect me to do with it?

Thank you.

*Mirei wanders off*

H-Hey! Mirei! Don’t just walk away!

I missed Mad Scientist Mirei.

Anyway, that’s it for everyone the thread cares about. Now for the rest.

In Mahiru’s flower event, Itsuki finds her sleeping under a tree by the Academy Field. Mahiru apparently fell asleep reading a novel from Granvania. Itsuki asks her to go flower viewing and she sort of waffles on it a bit before Itsuki prods her into going.

At the flower viewing spot, Mahiru is enjoying the sight of the flower trees and Itsuki mentions something interesting. Apparently these are cherry blossoms. Itsuki says that a previous God’s Gift had been carrying a cherry tree seedling when he was brought over (which… how?). Mahiru then asks Itsuki how much he knows about “the floriography of cherry blossoms”. She says that they mean “purity” and “superb beauty”, which sounds about right but I know nothing about flower arrangement so I can’t tell you if that’s accurate or not. Anyway, Mahiru figures that maybe the God’s Gift had been carrying it in order to give to someone as a gift. She also says that if that’s the case, then she feels sorry for him because he didn’t get the chance to give the gift.

Itsuki then spots some space under one of the trees and there’s a brief fade to black that I think might be an Old Mahiru cut, because when it fades back, Mahiru is talking about how Itsuki doesn’t seem interest in romance novels. Then there’s another fade to black, although I think this one is a time skip. When it comes back, Mahiru is admiring the spot they managed to secure under the tree. Mahiru plans to keep reading while Itsuki plans on a nap, so Mahiru offers to let him rest his head on her lap. She says not to overthink it, but Itsuki blurts out that it feels like they’re newlyweds. Mahiru just finds that funny though. Mahiru then proposes that she charge him for the nap-lap and says that if it’s a transaction then people won’t mistake them for being lovers.

Another fade to black. Itsuki settles in and falls asleep with his head on Mahiru’s lap. By the way, is that really especially comfortable? Always seemed like just laying down flat would be better than cocking your head at a weird angle. I get the “romantic” aspect to it, but not the comfort part. Oh well. Itsuki later wakes up, realizing that he had completely fallen asleep. He finds that Mahiru had also fallen asleep, and she starts sleep mumbling about how many hours Itsuki owes her for. Itsuki offers to carry her back home, which she agrees to because she’s still sleepy. On the way, Mahiru mentions making her lap pillow free of charge for today, even though that does away with the “we’re not lovers” thing.

Itsuki finds Yuzuha standing on the Academy Field inhaling the scent of the flowers. He asks her why she’s just smelling them and Yuzuha replies that she was hoping it would help her dream more about raining flowers. Yuzuha apparently loves stuff falling from the sky, whether it be snow, feathers, or etc. Itsuki asks if she just wants to go flower viewing instead of trying to smell them from a distance, but Yuzuha says that she doesn’t like the idea of going into big crowds. Itsuki convinces her to at least scope things out and that if there are too many people then they would just go home. Yuzuha agrees with that idea and they both head off.

At the flower viewing location, Yuzuha seems to be captivated by the pretty sights. She asks if Itsuki likes this colour and he asks why she wants to know. She then says that it’s because hers are the same colour, which--

No, it wasn’t the “best” choice, but I prefer this to the alternative responses. We all know that this is a case of Yuzuha talking about something else but deliberately phrasing it in a way that makes the player think of dirty things.

So yeah, she quickly reveals that she’s talking about rice balls, which she somehow managed to turn pink. Anyway, Yuzuha and Itsuki take a break to eat the rice balls, after which Yuzuha starts asking about the flowers. Itsuki isn’t sure what they call them here in Granvania, but he says that they are called cherry blossoms in his world. Yuzuha thinks they are pretty, but also thinks there’s something sad about them. I guess we’re going to follow along with Ruka and make this depressing after all.

Yuzuha starts apologizing for bringing down the mood, but Itsuki reassures her. Yuzuha talks a little about how composed and optimistic Itsuki always seems, which even Itsuki thinks is wildly off the mark. Even still, Yuzuha believes it’s true. After a time skip, Yuzuha and Itsuki both decide to head home because more people are arriving and Yuzuha is not cool with that. She did have a good time though, so at least there’s that.

Sue’s event is going to be a bummer too. The title of the damn thing is “Seeing flowers is sad” for god’s sake. Here I thought Ruka was being the weird one. Anyway, Itsuki finds Sue out on her ranch and asks if she had any plans for the day. Sue doesn’t really know what flower viewing is, so Itsuki explains it, but Sue is not into it.

Itsuki offers to take her someplace else, if she wants. Sue then asks him why he wants to go flower viewing so badly and Itsuki responds that he just wanted to go with her to do it. Sue then changes her mind after seeing how much Itsuki wants to go with her. She says that she always gives attention to her animals when they want it, which says a lot about how she sees Itsuki in this case. Sue then says that she’s never spent much time looking at flowers because they make her sad. She also asks Itsuki to stay close, because she might start crying at any time.

At the flower viewing spot, Sue doesn’t seem too worse for wear. Itsuki asks what it is about the flowers that normally makes her feel so sad, but Sue doesn’t quite have an explanation for it. It just reminds her of people going away. She thinks that she might be all right at the moment because Itsuki is there with her. A bunch of petals then wind up on Itsuki and Sue starts picking them off. She also mentions that Itsuki is like an animal that needs a bunch of attention. Either way, Sue seems to be enjoying it and there’s a brief time skip, after which she thanks him for inviting her out. The event ends with her saying that she wants to do this again with him.

Collette’s event opens with her talking about how Spring is the season for new meetings and that she’s looking forward to meeting new customers. She then says that it’s time for her to start Collette’s Sweet Roll Festival. It basically just means that she’s going to sell bread at the flower viewing spot. Collette ropes Itsuki into going with her and says that if they sell everything then he’ll get the pleasure of taking her arm. In a romantic way I mean, not like a Mortal Kombat kind of way… although…

Itsuki asks her what kind of bread they’re selling, and Collette tells him that it’s red bean bread which Collette made in the shape of flowers. Collette has Itsuki taste one to show him how sweet she is. They then get to work on selling it, which means a time skip.

The bread sells out, which causes Collette to say that she should have made a lot more. Itsuki is fine with it though, because it means that they can enjoy the festival now. However, Collette is sleepy because she was up at 3am in order to bake. This leads to another “lap pillow” moment. Itsuki takes a seat and Collette settles in, then passes out immediately.

After a quick nap, Collette is feeling well enough to fish for compliments, as she is known to do. She then says that they should do this again next year.

In Lillith/Lillie’s event, Lillith starts us off by asking Itsuki for a favour. She wants to go flower viewing with him, obviously. Lillith closed her shop for the day in order to have time for it. She also mentions that she’ll bring lunch (hopefully without Golden Apples this time).

At the flower viewing spot, Lillith talks about how pretty it is and how relaxing looking at flowers can be. Unfortunately, something is worrying her. Namely, when Lillith relaxes, she gets very relaxed. She thinks that would be boring for Itsuki, but Itsuki is down for that. They then have a little playful argument as to who likes to relax more. Lillith then breaks out the lunch she brought for the two of them. Lillith says that her cooking still isn’t great, but Itsuki goes for an omelet and thinks it’s just fine.

Itsuki starts pigging out and Lillith stops him to pick a piece of rice off of his face. Then she feeds it to him, which Itsuki finds a little embarrassing even though this is like the fifth time he’s had one of the Star Maidens feed him by hand. Lillith is jazzed about finally doing the “say ah technique”… which I kind of thought she had done before, but maybe I’m just mixing her up with one of the other Maidens that also did this. Itsuki suddenly gets serious and Lillith starts getting shy because of how he’s looking at her, but Itsuki points out that there’s something black on her shoulder. Lillith sees that it’s a caterpillar and freaks the fuck out and faint.

Itsuki tells Lillie that Lillith was freaking out because there was a caterpillar on her. Surprisingly (to Itsuki, I mean. The audience knows what Lillie’s deal is by this point), Lillie brings the caterpillar over to a nearby tree and gently sets it down while pretending to be pissed off at it. She says that it would be gross if it was left alone and someone wound up stepping on it. You know the deal from this point on. Itsuki thinks it’s really considerate of Lillie, Lillie gets pissed off and tells him that it’s not like that, she tells him not to misunderstand, and then she blushes because she’s flustered.

After that, Lillie asks what the two of them were doing and Itsuki explains. Lillie thinks flower viewing sounds pretty boring, but she rejects the idea of just going home. She asks if all she has to do is lay down and look at flowers, but then immediately passes out when she does. Itsuki goes to pick a flower petal off her face, which causes Lillie to wake up again and lose her shit because she thought Itsuki was trying to do something perverted to her. Itsuki says that’s not what it was about and points out the petal, Lillie blushes a bit as he picks it off of her, then Lillie talks about how careless it was for her to fall asleep in front of Itsuki because he’s totally the type that would do lewd things and blah blah blah.

Fuck Lillie. I don’t care if you like her. She’s terrible.

Anyway, the event ends with Lillie running off and shouting at everyone about how perverted Itsuki is.

Never thought I’d be thankful for a Tarua event. Itsuki finds Tarua at the Academy Field and she tells him that she’s finished all her deliveries for the day. That means Tarua has free time and she wants to use it to play with Itsuki (which means she wants to run. She says that by the way, I’m not making a joke). Itsuki questions why they always have to go running whenever Tarua wants to play and instead convinces her to go flower viewing instead. Tarua is pumped for that, even though she has no sweet clue what flower viewing is. She gets bummed out about it when she hears that it involves staying still. Even still, Tarua still wants to go. She basically drags Itsuki along like she’s a dog on a leash. That comparison will be more apt than you think.

At the flower viewing spot, Tarua amuses herself by kicking up the scattered flower petals as they walk. She thinks it would look even better if they ran through them instead. Itsuki tries to stop her, but she bolts before he can reign her in.

Itsuki says he’s having fun watching her run around and kick up a whirlwind of petals, so Tarua throws a ball to him to try and make it more fun. Itsuki suggests that maybe they could slow down a little bit and look at the flowers, but Tarua is insistent on this “go fetch” thing. Itsuki throws the ball a few times and Tarua runs off to bring it back. Eventually Itsuki sees Tarua running back in a panic and she tells him that the ball hit a beehive. Tarua darts off and Itsuki tries to protect her. Eventually things die down and Tarua says that she managed to not get stung. Itsuki says that he got stung on the cheek, which prompts Tarua to start licking him. Either way, Tarua had fun and wants to do flower viewing again some day.

Good stuff. That does it for the flower viewing. It was… well it was something. I’ll say that much. I can’t put my finger on why I thought it was fairly boring, but I definitely didn’t enjoy these as much as previous events, like the Festival or Starmas. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that the events were more about the scenery than the characters, if that makes sense.

Whatever, it’s beach time next. At the very least there will be no shortage of stuff to talk about during those, what with all of the swimsuit critiques that we can do while simultaneously knowing that we’d never look even a tenth as good in them as the Star Maidens. Or maybe that’s just me projecting.