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Part 55: Final Side Events (Part 1) - Leo, Cancer, and Libra

Special Events V: Final Side Events (Part 1) - Leo, Cancer, and Libra

I know I said that main story content is coming after the next dungeon, but we have one last thing to get through before we get the ball rolling on the end game.

At the very bottom of each Maiden’s event list (except Alfie’s), there is a single special event that I’m pretty sure will only unlock once you have maxed the bond gauge (or at the very least cleared out all the main events in their character route). These events also only happen during certain times of the year that differ based on which Star Maiden it is.

Arie’s “Star Birthday Vows” can only be triggered in the winter months, for example. Meanwhile, Tarua’s and Ruka’s only trigger during the summer. These events are different for each Maiden (they don’t have a unifying theme like the Autumn Festival, or Starmas).

The other thing is that quite a few of the Star Maidens have their third CG tucked away in these events. Femiruna, Ruka, Mirei, Lillith/Lillie, and Sue all have a CG here. Because there are so many, we’re going to skip detailed accounts of Arie and Farun. We’ll focus just on the Maidens that have a CG and everyone else will just get a summary.

~Star God Academy Field~

There you are, Femiruna. I was wondering if you wanted to go flower viewing with me.

All of these events still revolve around the Japan Events (Starmas, Flower Viewing, Beach, and Autumn Festival).

Yes! I even obtained this.

Aw, she’s studying up on the flowers. Except we’re not going to a mountain. …Although, I guess Sakura trees can be mountainous plants.

Correct. It lists many different types of plants and their fruit. I want to see the actual plants I read about in this book.

Hmm… It’s pretty detailed. There’s a bunch of sketchy plants in here as well.

Off we go, Itsuki.

*Femiruna heads out*

Hey, Femiruna! Wait up!

Hurry, hurry!

~Flower-Viewing Spot~

Femiruna? Aren’t we here to view the flowers? You don’t need to take notes on them. Although, I guess as long as your having fun with it.

Don’t be a killjoy, Itsuki. At least she’s not getting drunk, like Reone. Let Femiruna study the flowers.

Look at these wild strawberries. Commoners love eating these, no?

Do rich people not eat them? What, you stick only to grapes or something?

I think you’re being a little biased.

They look so green and bitter… Maybe I should try one.


Yeah, they’re— Wait a second… Femiruna, strawberries are supposed to be red. Hold on—


That’s probably not the good kind of reaction.

Femiruna?! Are you okay?

*The screen flashes black for a split second as Femiruna drops like a rock*

Femiruna! …No good. She’s out cold. What the hell did she eat? Does the encyclopedia have anything about this…?


Femiruna? Oh, thank god. She’s breathing… Just, hang on a minute. I’m going to look in the encyclopedia and see if I can find what you just ate.

*After some quick referencing*

Here it is! …An “Honesty Fruit”? What does that mean?

It means that I think we’re about to have an entertaining scene.

You’re awake? Are you feeling okay?

Darling~ Please be by my side…


My heart beats so fast when I am near you.

You’re acting a little strange, Femiruna…

I was kind of expecting something a bit different. Doesn’t really feel much like “honesty”, more like drunkenness.

Darling… Do you dislike me? I love you so much, but you always go and see the other girls…

Man, remember when Femiruna’s route seemed like it was going to focus on her feelings of alienation and the barrier that her family named posed to her forming friendships/relationships with others? Good times.

…What is going on right now?

Waaah… Darling… I love you so much…

I’m not going to abandon you, Femiruna.

I will do anything for you, Darling…

Whoa! H-Hey, Femiruna!

If you request… I will endure any shameful act you wish to do with me…

I’m not going to ask you to do anything like that!

*sniff*… Am I not good enough? Will you not be satisfied with me?

If this really is an “Honesty Fruit”, then holy crap does Femiruna have some underlying issues that haven’t been addressed in her route.

I love you so much… It pains me…

That fruit must really be messing with her. What am I supposed to do?

You already know what you must do… Darling, you are so coy…

Wait, what are you saying?

Darling… do you not like me?

No! Of course I like you!

Then… prove it to me with your actions.

What are you getting at…?

Prove your feelings for me… with a kiss.

That’s all? Shouldn’t be a big deal. Come on, Itsuki. You’ve gotten one from basically every Maiden so far at some point or another.

I… Uh… Well… Okay then.

Hurry. Simply waiting is vexing me. Darling, hold me by my shoulders…


Mm… Your hands are so warm.

Here I go…


Zzz… Zzz…

…She fell asleep.

That much seems fairly obvious, Itsuki.

*A little time goes by as we wait for Femiruna to awake from her drug trip*

When did I fall asleep?

O-Oh, you know… a while ago. You were really tired out.

Why are you acting so strange?

I’m not acting strange. What are you talking about?

Did you do something to me while I slept?

No! Of course I didn’t.

Are you sure?

I promise. I didn’t do anything to you.

Hmm… Well, all right then. I saw so many plants that were in the encyclopedia, so it was a fulfilling day.

Sure. But, um… if you find any more, just promise me you won’t eat them before reading about them. Okay?

Hm…? I suppose I will keep that advice in mind for now.

Based on past actions, you probably won’t. Reckless self-assurance seems to be a thing with you. …Well, I guess she is the Leo Maiden.

Great. More work for me. It’s called “Wardrobe Malfunctions” and there’s a CG, of course I’m going to have to call up TCG for this.

~Star God Academy Classroom~

I don’t think that will do much in this heat. You’re just going to get hot again a few minutes later.

This is why I prefer winter over summer. It’s way easier to get warm and stay warm than it is to get cool and stay cool.

Oh, so you were here. I know, how about we go to the beach? You probably have nothing better to do anyway.

She’s got you there, Itsuki. I mean, you do have better things you could be doing, but we’re specifically dragging our feet on those matters.

It’s weird to have you inviting me to do something like that.

There’s no meaning behind it. You happened to be here, so you ended up being invited. That’s all.

I wish you’d stop doing that. This event happens after the end of your character route, so we all know (Itsuki included) that you’ve got the hots for him.

I-It really is just by happenstance.

Well, I’m still happy that you invited me.

R-Really now… Then I’ll go home first to get ready. Let’s meet up at the beach.

It’s beach time! Again!


How can you take even longer than a girl to get ready?

Sorry… I kind of stopped to get lunch.

Listen, I know this is the game and the protagonist can basically do nothing wrong enough to ruin his chances with these women. But for god’s sake, how does a dude this dense manage to have multiple women chasing him? “I know you invited me to the beach and were waiting on me, but I felt like swinging by Subway and grabbing a footlong. I figured you’d be cool with that.”


I’m forming a team with you.

Oh, sweet. Dead or Alive: Extreme Beach Volleyball crossover. I mean, they may as well. If there’s one thing that Dead or Alive has really latched on to over the years, it’s crossovers and DLC (DOA6 has over $700 of it). I’m sure they’d jump at the opportunity if Spike was down for it.

We’re playing beach volleyball? Where did this come from?

I still can’t seem to feel that our bond has deepened at all. That’s why I’m doing this.

He helped you reconcile with that little orphan girl! How is beach volleyball supposed to be more effective than that?!

If our bond is significantly deeper, we may get pretty far. Luckily, you seem to be okay at sports.

He is? Since when? I think this is the first we’ve ever heard of Itsuki and sports. Unless I’ve forgotten something.

Well, I guess that makes sense. All right, then let’s try and go all the way. We’ll win the whole tournament.

That might be a bit much to accomplish, but I guess we should still try. If we can win, we may get a confidence boost during the Classmating ritual. Just because we’re playing around doesn’t mean you should not take it seriously.

P-Please… don’t say “playing with balls”…

That was legitimately funny. At least to me. I’m sure if Mana was around, she would have ruined that moment though.

Why not?

Because. Just stop it. I’m going to turn in the application. The game will start in 30 minutes, so go warm up.

*A fade to black as Itsuki does some warm-ups*

*I mean… a fade to black as they play a full game. Apparently*

Next are the semi-finals. Looks like our chemistry isn’t all that bad.

Semis? Never mind, I guess that fade to black covered half the tournament.

Yeah. We’re doing pretty well for beginners. Come on, we need to switch courts for the next match.

Our opponents are here. They’ve been playing games too, so we’re equally tired. Anyway, let’s do this!

It’s coming! Hah! … Guh… They reversed it. Itsuki, I need you to receive.

How slow is that ball traveling that Ruka can direct on the fly like this?

Okay! I’ll set it up for you!

*Ruka runs off screen to the left*

You got it! Hah!

Ruka! Wait! You’re heading for the pole! Dammit!

*Itsuki tries to stop her, but…*


You can find the unedited here. It’s not that bad, but I’ve TCG’d for less, so I’ll continue to play it safe.

Huh? N-No way… Ahhhhhh!


I hate this… No way…

Sorry, Ruka… I should have stopped you sooner. This is my fault.

Y-Yeah… It is your fault…

I really don’t see how this is his fault. You’re the one that ran chest first into a post. Although, I guess the smart move here is to just accept blame in the hopes that it’ll make her feel better. Such is the way of the tsundere.

What do I do now… I exposed myself in public… It’s all your fault.

I’ll do anything to make it up to you.

Actually, now that I think about it, is the implication supposed to be that Itsuki pushed her away from the post before she ran into it, which resulted in her top coming off? He says that he won’t make it in time, but it’s not made clear what happened.

…Why am I spending so much time analyzing this lazy writing?

R-Really…? Anything?


O-Okay then… Luckily, there were only girls around, so I’ll be okay…

That’s convenient.

In exchange, you better do anything I say… Forever… For life, okay?

Wait, for life? I thought you just meant this one time… *sigh* Okay, okay. I promise.

That’s a big commitment you just made, Itsuki. Then again, you also Granvania married Arie and told Sue you’d never leave her, so I guess in for a penny, in for a pound.

Then I forgive you. *sigh*… Whatever… Let’s just go swimming.

I’ll go with you.

Of course. Just make sure I don’t use up all my strength and drown.

You kid, but that did almost happen to Femiruna.

*After some swimming*

It’s too bad about the volleyball match. We came really close.

Th-Then we can just try it again next year. If that doesn’t happen, then there’s the year after too… …

B-Because I’m tired from swimming! Just let me rest my head here for a little… Hey… If you want to try again next year, you have to invite me. I’ll keep going with you for as long as you’re in this world.

Yeah. We’ll definitely do this again.

H-Hmph. You shouldn’t make such promises so easily. There could be some dumb girl that may take you seriously.

He’s bad for that and also that other thing has already happened.

Anyway… Your shoulder makes a surprisingly good pillow. Stay still for a while…

Don’t worry, I will. Just go ahead and get some rest.

Hmph… You don’t need to tell me twice…

That’s all for Ruka. Next up is Mirei, who I thought for sure had already gotten 3 CGs. Guess I was thinking of someone else.

~Star God Academy Classroom~

I was pulling all-nighters on my research… *yawn*…

That sounds like something you’d do. I was going to ask if you wanted to go look at the flowers, but I guess you need some sleep instead, huh?

No, no, let’s go… It’s your invitation after all.

*yawn*… I’m going to drink some coffee before we go… Maybe about three cups…

I’m pretty sure I’ve still got that energy drink you mixed up that Femiruna gave to Itsuki in place of awesome jewel encrusted armour. You can have that.

Are you sure you’re going to be okay?

~Flower-Viewing Spot~

I guess so, because the scene just switches right over to this without Mirei responding.

It’s a nice day out. Perfect for flower viewing.

Yes. I feel very at ease right now… Very… ease…


O-Oh. I’m not asleep. You invited me, so sleeping would be rude to you.

I wouldn’t blame you for falling asleep, you know. The sun is warm and the breeze is nice. Why not enjoy a nap?

Really…? Then, if you don’t mind…

Wh-Why are you getting in so close?

I’m particular about the way I sleep to maintain my brain’s health. I must have something soft and consoling, otherwise, I won’t fall asleep. So… lend me your chest, Ituski.


Excuse me…

Aww… Also, that’s not his chest. That’s his shoulder.

Hm… This is quite comfortable… This may even be better than the special bed I developed…

What kind of bed is it? Water bed? God, remember water beds? I’m sure they still exist, but when was the last time you saw one? It’s been decades since I have.

I may need your chest to sleep soundly every night…

Didn’t think I would hear you say something like that.

Heheheh… It was a joke. But this really… is… calming… It’s so… warm… and reassuring… Zzz… Zzz…

There she goes. She must have been exhausted.

Zzz… Zzz…

You know what the correct choice is. Head patting is always the correct answer (in anime).

*Itsuki proceeds to deliver the almighty “patting of head”*


Oh, sorry. I wasn’t trying to wake you.

I haven’t been patted on the head in 20 years…

It’s pretty demeaning, isn’t it?

Sorry. I’ll knock it off. I just thought—

N-No… Continue…

O-Oh. Okay.

Zzz… Zzz…

Back to sleep again. I’m glad she’s feeling so comfortable.

*After a nice nap in the sun*

Mirei? …Hey, Mirei?

H-Hm…? It seems… I slept for quite a while…

That’s okay. I liked seeing your cute sleeping face.

I got to see a new side of you. It was cute.

...It’s the first time in my life someone has called me cute…

What about that previous God’s Gift that totally had a crush on you? Did he really never say anything like that? Wimp.

…It doesn’t feel half bad… I was able to sleep well because of you. You have my thanks.

Heheheh. I will need your help once more, when the time comes. See you later.

That was sweet. Now, who else was there with a CG?