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Part 65: Images, Videos, and Guest Contributors

LP Guest Contributors

I had some unexpected help from a few users in the thread over the course of the LP, so I want to give a shout out to them and the stuff they've contributed.

~Astrology Corner, with contributions from user AnAnonymousIdiot~

User AnAnonymousIdiot gave their input on the Star Maidens and how closely they relate to their respective Astrology Signs. These were usually posted after Bonding Updates or major story developments.

~Japanese Version Comparisons, with contributions from user Polsy~

User Polsy was kind enough to help out with comparisons of the English version of Conception PLUS to the original Japanese release of the game. I wanted to stay blind for this LP, so I avoided looking for videos of the Japanese version to compare with. User Polsy decided to take on that task, particularly with regards to changes in the character Mahiru's personality (which was altered for this HD upgrade). Polsy's ability to translate Japanese is also greater than mine.

Bonus Images

1. Spike Chunsoft Needs a Spell Checker:

Spike Chunsoft's fledgling North American office is having a touch of difficulty with reviewing their localisation work. Those of you that read the CII LP will remember the discovery that someone apparently went back and redid the Atlus translation from 2014. CII's Steam release in 2016 had a bunch of spelling and grammar errors that didn't exist in the PSV/3DS version that Atlus did.

The trend seems to continue with Conception Plus, as myself and the rest of the thread have been finding spelling and grammar errors all over the place. One of my favourites is the moment Itsuki is told that the Star Maidens are selected "by the population", which would imply that the citizens of Granvania vote for who should become the next Star Maiden. The thread pointed out that what was probably meant in the Japanese version was that Star Maidens are chosen "from the population", which makes complete sense given that Star God is bestowing His power on people and probably would handle the selection process himself. Other highlights currently include starting a sentence with a lower case "L" in "Let's", as well as Narcisstes saying that he's relying on Mahiru to lead the "other 12 Star Maidens" even though there were only 12 Maidens in total (Mahiru included).

Is it kind of petty? Yeah, I will fully admit that it is. If it was only an occasional thing, I'd brush it off. It's not an occasional thing, though. It's happened quite a few times and (as of my writing this) the LP hasn't even cleared the second dungeon yet. The point is, Spike Chunsoft are in desperate need of some form of proofreader. Or maybe just a basic word processor. This image was made by me after reaching a point where I felt that using [sic] to highlight errors that SC was responsible for (as opposed to errors on my part) wasn't doing enough to really hammer home how bad this problem is.

2. Character Chibi Sprites

User Polsy found the official anime website at one point during a discussion on the anime. However, while looking through it, I noticed that there were some chibi versions of the Star Maidens/Itsuki/Mana that seem to have been created just for the anime website (they don't appear on the game's site, original or Plus).

I think that only five of these sprites show up in the website itself. Itsuki/Mahiru/Mana/Lillith and Lillie/Arie. They were included in the pages that give background information. Although only a handful of them are actually used, a full set was apparently drawn (likely for use on merchandise).

Polsy fiddled with the URLs and discovered that most of these chibi sprites were actually uploaded, even if they weren't used on the site itself. The only two that were missing were Femiruna and Alfie. Both Polsy and myself tried everything we could think of to track down Femiruna's sprite. I eventually discovered that Femiruna's chibi art had spelled her name as "ferumina" in the image URL. No idea why, but whatever.

Alfie's remained a complete mystery. I tried every possible alternate spelling I could think of to no avail. In the end, I did manage to find Alfie's chibi art on a listing for small acrylic standees that were part of the merchandising for the anime/game. "SAMPLE" was originally plastered over it, so I did what I could to fix that. It's not perfect, but it's all I could do to ensure that Alfie's chibi art wasn't excluded.

3. A cheap shot that you may have missed

During our introduction to Femiruna, I had made a small edit to one of the shop signs that nobody in the original thread seemed to notice. Either that or it was simply incredibly lame and everyone silently agreed not to acknowledge it in the hopes of pretending it didn't happen.

It's probably the second reason.


This game isn't as video or cutscene heavy as CII was. I only really needed 2 videos for this LP and both of them are battle related.

Aries Seal Boss (+ Battle Example)
Leo Boss Fight + Seal