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Original Thread: If I were to play THIS, would it mean anything to you? - Contradiction



Contradiction is an FMV murder mystery adventure game by Tim Follin, featuring Paul Darrow of Blake's 7 fame. It was funded on Kickstarter on its second try, raising about four thousand pounds.

While the game features moving around locations and very limited item manipulation, the meat of the game is interviewing people and pointing out contradictory statements they make. Imagine a dash of LA Noire mixed with a bit of Phoenix Wright, then make everyone British. It's not perfect by any means, and it's fairly short, but being an FMV game actually helps it avoid some pitfalls (such as in LA Noire when you had to distinguish between an actor acting poorly and an actor intentionally acting poorly). The controls outside of interviews are also weird as hell, so enjoy watching me go the wrong way or open menus for no reason from time to time.


tl;dr - Kate Vine died under suspicious circumstances but the regular police (bobbies? are they still called that?) ruled it a suicide. Now it's up to our hero, Inspector Jenks, to prove Kate was murdered (and the other cops are all thick) before midnight tonight.

Let's get to it.


Episode 1 - 5 PM
Episode 2 - 6 PM
Episode 3 - 7 PM
Episode 4 - 8 PM
Episode 5 - 9 PM
Episode 6 - 10 PM
Episode 7 - 11 PM
Episode 8 - Midnight

Bonus Episode 1 - Chief Calls
Bonus Episode 2 - THIS video
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