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by DarkHamsterlord

Part 1

CORPSE-PARTY Original Work

Planning & Production

Makoto Kedouin

Mao Hamamoto

Background Design
Toyotaka Kateda

There's a flash of lightning

Background Sound: Rain

Character Design
Makoto Kedouin

Scenario & Main Graphics
Makoto Kedouin

All people, organizations, and places appearing in this work are fiction. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Another flash of lightning

That's right, back when this school was being built...a girl, no older than us, was hanging around the third floor, when suddenly...CRACK!...she fell, split her head open...and died!

And, after that, do you know what happened to that girl?
Uhm...they held a funeral and cremated her?
No, no, no... When she cracked open her head and everyone thought she was dead...

Th...then what?
She was gone, only leaving behind the top of her head and her blood... So I guess you could call her "missing"...
M-missing? You're jok--

Wait... who was that?
...Who are you kidding? That was you, wasn't it?
What!? That wasn't me!

Sound Effect: Thud

Sorry, that was me.
Oooh? That ear-piercing scream was produced by Mochida? Can't say I'm surprised~
N-No, I meant to say it was me befo--
Bit of a coward, huh? Guess they haven't dropped yet.

Naomi stands up and leaves the circle

And she turns on the lights and returns to the group

Jeez, I can't believe how much we have left to do. And it's already past time for us to head home!
Y-Yeah... Come on, guys. We don't wanna be here til dawn.
Heeheehee, figures the two scaredy-cats would team up against me.
Shut up and work. Move it, move it. We gotta wrap this up!

They put away the candle and spread across the room.

Yeah, yeah.
Man, why did everyone else get to ditch out of this? Why is it just us?
Just a fact of life. People suck.
Nothing we can do about it. We have to follow the class rep's orders.
If it wasn't for her, I'd be at home sleeping in a warm bed.
Yeah, yeah. "It sucks, no one wants to be here." Let's just do it.
Now, now. No use complaining about it. Let's just finish up and go home!

Lightning strikes, and...

What bad timing, huh? Guess we can't do anything now.
What about that candle from earlier?
I have it around here somewhere... Maybe inside one of these desks?

Background Sound: None

Sound Effect: Knocking

So-someone's at the door...
Sa-Satoshi... Y-Ya wanna get that?
C'mon, be a man!
You sly bastard...

We're put into control of Satoshi here. We walk to open the door.

As we approach the door, the lights come back on.

Background Sound: Rain

Huh, Yuka!? What are you doing here!?
You were gone for so long, so I thought I'd come pick you up.
And you forgot your umbrella. Here!
Ah, you're right. I'm sorry, Yuka.
You're such a sharp girl. As a reward, I'll treat you to some crepes later!
Yaay! I KNEW IT~
Is she a middle schooler?

Good evening. Thank you for taking care of my big brother.
She's adorable!
Wow. I can't believe I didn't know you had such an adorable little sister, Satoshi.
Ahaha, well, she's still in junior high, you know?
Hmmm... I got it! Why don't I help out?
S-Seriously? If you don't mind, then...
Alright! The more manpower we got, the faster it'll go! Let's move!

The screen fades to black...

..and fades back in to show the class with all the desks moved to the rear.

Of course, I wouldn't miss out on an opportunity to spook everyone!
...And that's why we get to hear them over and over, huh?

I believe this ellipsis is meant to denote the passage of yet more time

Crap! Look at the time, it's past 8!
Hey! We're all done here!
Fantastic. That means you can get over here and help us.

Satoshi, Yuka and Yoshiki start to move towards Ayumi and Naomi

Why exactly was the 14 year old girl who's the size of a 10 year old girl helping move desks?

Background Sound: None

Sound Effect: Mystery

Another power outage?
W-Wait... Did anyone else hear a strange voice?
N-N-No. I didn't hear a thing. Are you trying to scare us again, Shinozaki!?
No! I swear I heard something!

Background Sound: Organ

What's that sound?
It sounds like an organ... Maybe it's from the music room?
Hold up, who would be playin' music in this school this late at night?
Should we go check?
Oooh no, I'm not being the guinea pig again!
What if it's some bloody, headless girl, like from Shinozaki's story?
But... aren't you curious? Let's check!
Suit yourself.
I don't wanna go alo--

Naomi storms out of the classroom.

And Yoshiki follows.

And Ayumi follows as well. We're put into control of Satoshi and speak to Yuka.

Man... Come on, Yuka.

It definitely sounds like it's coming from the music room.
Gives me the creeps...
L-Let's get moving.

Background Sound: None

Sound Effect: Crashing

Music: Crisis

Suddenly, the screen starts to flash and shake!

Kyaaaah! Satoshi! Everyone!

The school shakes and the screen flashes, and then we fade to black...

Music: None

Ow, ow, ow.
What the? What happened...? ...Yuka!? Naomi? Yoshiki!? Shinozaki!? ...Someone! Answer me!
Damn. Gotta be a light or something somewhere...
Oh yeah! That candle earlier!

Hm? What's with this desk?

Music: Terror

!!! Just what's going on here!?