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Part 6

Music: Horror

Last time, Yuka needed to use the bathroom, and was sealed into a stall that quickly filled with blood. While she was in there, we heard Naomi scream from outside, but chose to focus on the matter at hand and worry about her later.

Yuka's been saved, so now it's time to check on Naomi.

We last saw her over by that poster, when these spirits appeared around her. She's now nowhere to be seen.

This is all the spirit has to say, and the poster says the same thing it always has. We can't go north, and we can't actually go back into the lavatories, so we head east down the hall.

And we found her!

If I remembered to come down here sooner and get a screenshot, it would look just like this, except Naomi wouldn't be lying there. There's no flavor text or anything in this room, it's just a spot for this scene to take place.

Ah... Satoshi...?
What happened to you?
...Nothing. I was suddenly surrounded by spirits and...
Spirits!? Did...did they do something to you?!
No. They told me that they were just like us... Forced down here against their will.

...Something? Like what?
I don't know, but I suddenly heard a strange girl's voice.

Music: None

A girl's voice...?
Was she wearing red?
Sorry, I can't remember. But what makes you say that?
...Because she attacked Yuka in the lavatory earlier.

Uwaaah! I...I don't...
Don't worry. The blood's not hers.

This dialog branch doesn't matter, it just changes ensuing dialog.

Are you hurt anywhere, Naomi?
Not at all. I'm more worried about Yuka.
R-Really? How about you, Yuka?
...I'm fine! Let's just go!
H-Hm...? You seem angry.

What's with her?
Jeez, her face's all red.

Right. Let's get moving.

Music: Main Theme

We're automatically brought back out of that dead end, and we're given a little hint that maybe now is a good time to change parties (ie, Satoshi's group has nothing left to do right now.)

We're gonna do a tiny little bit more as Satoshi, and then find a pentagram and swap.

First, we immediately 180 and head into the dead-end we just came from.

I suppose you're most likely to find this later on, when you're completely lost and trying to find where to go.

The remake heavily features a hallway that regularly changes size. It's a central part of nearly every chapter, and this hallway was the inspiration for it.

Amidst the fresh blood, I can see a crack in the wall...

This hallway is a dead end at the moment. I just wanted to show it. We turn around and head back down the hallway.

And we head back north at the bathrooms.

Something new is here!

Constantly changing environments and objects in them is a big thing with the Corpse Party series. A lot of the time in this game it just comes across as arbitrary and random (this item in particular, just appearing after a plot event), but as the series progresses I think they really improved on that aspect of the series to great effect, where changes are often more subtle and eerie, rather than just "well you did a thing so now in this unrelated room we've added the solution to another puzzle."

-- Take it? --



What's that?
A lever? It may come in handy. Let's keep it.

The Iron Lever is a good and important item.

Now that we've got it, we're going to switch back to Yoshiki and Ayumi for a bit. Satoshi's group can't do much else at the moment. We didn't have to get the lever right then, but it's so close by I figured I might as well.

And then...

Yoshiki and Ayumi are still on the second floor where we left them. It's been a little while since we've played as them. We head down the hall and head downstairs.

We walk by the science lab and head south.

We ducked into this hallway for a bit earlier when evading the anatomical model, but now we're going to actually explore it properly.

I'm not sure why this spirit is here. This could be the first pentagram you encounter as Yoshiki and Ayumi, but it's impossible for this to be the first pentagram you encounter, since you start as Satoshi's group and have to touch one to switch parties.

Anyway, we check out those two doors next.

The other door is Security Guard Room 2, which is also locked.

-- Use the [Long Board]? --



And this is why we ignored this hallway earlier. It's just two locked doors and this pit we couldn't cross until we went upstairs and grabbed the long board.

And with the board in place, we can walk straight across and continue south.

The south wing may be pretty familiar to people who played chapter 5 of the remake. It's more or less identical.

Aside from this poster and the pentagram we don't need to use, there's nothing else here. We continue east.

A couple of classrooms, and a pit between them. We head into the one door we can access.

Class 1-1 is probably the most severely damaged part of the school we've seen so far.

The tile-based RPG Maker layout makes it look a little goofy, but I kind of dig it. It makes it feel even more broken and damaged than it would if the graphics were seamless, even if it looks...bad...

-- Letter #03 --

"...on earth is this secret?"
"Uhm, yeah... There is a lot of them, but I think..."

The other half-bookcase just has a poster in it that says "Find the ten letters!!"

After reading the third letter, we head down to the board here in the corner.

-- Take it? --



Acquired [Long Board]

After grabbing the board, we head up through this hole in the wall.

Now we're in class 1-2! It's significantly less damaged than 1-1, but still pretty bad off.

We snake our way around the room, and place the long board here to reach this bookcase.

-- Letter #04 --

" have to press them in a certain order."
"You know which ones to press? Tell me!"
"Alright, uhm... First you press the right-most one..."

This is an important letter, since it explains the first portion of a puzzle. Also worth noting is that if we try to leave these classrooms with the long board in our inventory, it inexplicably shatters. My first thought was "Oh I guess they don't want you to carry this to some other place and use it to solve a puzzle" but there are no other places in the game where you can use a long board other than the spot we had to use one already to even reach this long board in the first place.

Anyway, we're finished with the fourth letter, so we head towards the room's exit, and check the nearby poster for flavor text. The blackboard is dated September 24th, 1947.

Someone left a note here...

My beloved sister, I'm in rough shape. The green floor cuts into your leg muscles. Don't walk on it... Please...keep on living. Look for what I left behind.

...There are many spirits within this school. Just like humans, there are good spirits and bad spirits. You can tell by their color. The calm, gentle spirits have a pale blue or green color. However, those that are evil and hateful carry a fiery, red light to them.

It hurts... Sister dearest...I'm so lonely... I don't want to die alone... I'm so scared... I...

A nice, helpful note that ends on a real downer.

The bookcase is full of broken glass and nothing of interest, so we leave.

As we leave, the numbers "2-9" appear on the board in blood. Yoshiki and Ayumi don't notice though.

And we can't actually go back in through here.

This spirit will warp us someplace else, but we turn it down for now and continue east down the hallway.

And at last, we encounter green goo as Yoshiki and Ayumi. If we hadn't met up with Satoshi's group by now, we would have to backtrack and do so to cross.

This room is sort of a weird puzzle. The first bookcase is full of broken glass and nothing else, so we ignore it.

Examining this poster immediately moves us four steps to the right. If we try to walk to the right manually, an unknown force makes us take several steps back, to the bookcase on the left.

-- Letter #06 --

"What now?"
"After that, you need to hold onto the ribbon and--"

You may notice that we're missing a letter, and a large portion of a crucial hint. I didn't overlook it, the letters are simply out of order.

If we take another step left, an unknown force immediately pushes us to the right, across the goo. If we tried to walk that way ourselves, it would have pushed us back to the left.

Crossing this room is honestly very confusing the first time.

We promptly ignore this notice and continue down the hall.

Music: None

And we've arrived at the incinerator. There's a whole bunch of switches, but we have to press them in a specific order and we don't know it.

There seems to be a nail jutting out to hang a key on, but the key is missing.

Well dang, someone didn't follow the notice, and now we have to go track this key down.

This entire section, with the exception of the weird confusing goo hallway, is more or less transplanted directly into chapter 5 of the remake. It's really familiar and kind of nice to see how faithful they were, while still adding some new bits to it.

Music: Main Theme

We can't do anything with the incinerator right now, so we turn around. Crossing the goo in this direction is similarly confusing, where we have to double back on ourselves a few times to get pushed forward, or else we're automatically moved in the wrong direction.

Before we talk to that spirit and accept its offer, we step back into this classroom. The door on the right doesn't open from the outside, but the door on the left does!

Music: Eeriness

...Th-that definitely wasn't there before!
2-9? No way! Isn't this...
...Classroom 1-2?

This skeleton has also appeared since the last time we were in here. Now that we've seen that little scene, we head out.

Music: Main Theme

This time we accept the spirit's offer, and...

It takes us back to the classroom we started in. It's just a handy shortcut, but it's annoying if you talk to this spirit and do this when you don't want to be back here.

We head back around to the science lab and head upstairs.

And we try to enter class 2-9, but we're once again pushed away.

What was that bloody 2-9 about earlier!?
Maybe it meant this class? ...I dunno.

Music: None

Suddenly, there's a flash of light and Yoshiki and Ayumi are bathed in blue. And then blinding white

Background Sound: Rain

It's br...bright...