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Part 7

Background Sound: Rain

Last time, following a hint in classroom 1-2, we entered classroom 2-9 on the second floor. And it

Yoshiki walks around the classroom, looking in all directions.

Thi-this is!?

...For real? How?

Ayumi runs across the classroom.

Oh! You're right--is what I wanna say, but...
YAY! We finally made it back!

And we're put into control of Yoshiki. We can talk to Ayumi here for some dialog.

I wonder how Satoshi and co. are doin'?

I wonder... Well, there are no pentagrams around, so we can't really check on him. We exit the classroom.

Oh! Convenient!

We can try to enter the other classrooms, but they're empty so Yoshiki doesn't go inside. We can go back into 2-9 and talk to Ayumi, who wonders if their entire ordeal was just a dream.

Background Sound: None

And then...


You just have to switch back and forth between parties to advance the story for some reason. This probably leads to most people switching to Satoshi's party and fruitlessly wandering around for ages and then switching back when they're at a complete loss.

!? ...Was that Shinozaki just now?

Yoshiki charges back into the classroom!

Sound Effect: Surprise!
(this sound effect is really silly and you should listen to it)

What's goin' on here!?

Background Sound: Rain

We're put back into control, and head over to Ayumi's side.

...Ya okay?

There's a bright flash, and...

Music: Terror


There's another flash, and the lights come back on...

...and one by one, four spirits appear in a circle.

And the girl in red appears between them.

Music: None
Background Sound: None

W-What the heck are ya!?

...I... ...I loved looking out from the corridor...and watching the rain fall...

Music: Eeriness

Y-ya think I know!?

...I...was really no good with people. I had few friends. Most days, I passed the time alone...But I didn't mind. I loved being alone. I preferred it that way...

...That vile stain upon the fabric of humanity... He was a disgusting opportunist...As always, I was alone, watching the rain fall from that corridor, when...I suddenly heard my teacher from a distance...

...It was such a peaceful day. The sound of rain splashing against the building was heavenly. This day would be perfect, except for...That man...he kept talking to me...until his lips drew close to mine......

...He then began to rub his hands all over my body... In horror, I looked up at his face...It was fat...ugly...distorted...Of course I tried to shake him off and run. But he grabbed ahold of my arm and wouldn't let go...

Background Sound: Rain

"Come on, ya came here because ya wanna do it, right? Don't kid yourself."
"I-I'll tell everyone! You'll never be able to teach again! ...Is that what you want?"

Music: None
Background Sound: None

"Ya got no friends! ...Ya think some moody, introverted bitch can oust me? HUH!? Ya think anyone would listen to a pathetic wretch like you!? BYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, this is rich! Ya poor, poor thing! Bwahaha!"

Background Sound: Rain

"'re terrible... Terrible... Terrible... The absolute worst... Why? Why would you say that? Am I a bad person? Did I do something wrong? Even if I'm a bad person! Even after you forced yourself on me! WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO SAY THAT!? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"
"M-my bad. I went a little too far. Let me apologize, 'kay? No biggie, right? Let me wipe those tears for ya."
"Get away from me! STAY BACK!! If you take one more step, I'll--

"You stupid slut!"
"...No! STAY BACK!!"
"Enough of the theatrics. GET DOWN HERE!"

...I lost my footing on the edge of the third floor corridor...and fell...

...However, while trying to hide my body, he ran into the principal...He didn't even try to save face. He confessed to everything...The principal...Decided it would be best for the school's name to be left untarnished...And agreed to help hide what happened...

...Not a soul was around to see them...Awfully convenient for those degenerates, wasn't it?...

...I was listed as "missing." And, eventually, everyone forgot about me...Terrible, isn't it terrible? *sniffles*...

Wh...what does this have to do with us?
Are ya sayin' you're the one who dragged us down there!?
...That is correct...
Are ya kiddin' me!?

...What are ya talkin' 'bout?
...Naturally, I couldn't go to heaven. I couldn't cross over... I cursed that teacher. I cursed him and cursed him and cursed him...Over time, I had come to hate the whole world...All those people cheerfully going about their lives... Faces that never knew true suffering...Trapped within this school, unable to cross over, I began to view their carefree lives with great envy...My hatred kept growing and growing, until I felt something suddenly lift from me...

...I had come to resent humanity, until that resentment was all I had...My other half is the embodiment of all that hatred...She is the one who created these closed spaces...And started summoning people at random into there...

...But for some reason, her power has been weakening lately... I managed to send the two of you back home...
I understand. But I have one request... Please, save the others too!
I beg of you! Can you do that!?

Why not!?
...They are too close to "her;" I cannot affect her sphere of influence...
Even though you're both connected?
...I'm sorry...
Then what the hell are we supposed to do!? What do we gotta do to save them!?
Please! Tell us how we can save them! one way...
Tell us!

...Then...we can both rest in peace...
We...have to go back there!?
...I don't recommend this. If you decide to head back, I cannot return both of you to your world a second time...
But, if we do nothing, Mochida will die!

I guess we gotta, huh?
Yeah! Take us back! We'll surely rescue your soul!
...Are you sure? If you really want to, then I'll send both of you back...
Leave it to us! Come on, let's go!
...Thank you. Thank you so much...

Background Sound: None

And with that, Yoshiki and Ayumi return to the haunted school.

Music: Main Theme 3
(you should listen to this track, it's good)

Hey, Kishinuma?
What's up?
Thanks...for coming with me...
I know you didn't want to. Because you're a coward.
Like hell I am! You're just an ice queen!
I wish I could say that was true...
But I'm actually really scared.

This entire backstory is dramatically different from the backstory in the remake. I'm not going to go into full detail to avoid spoiling it in case anyone's reading this who's unfamiliar with the remake's story, but I will note that in this game, the girl in red is 16, not 7. We are in a haunted high school, not an elementary school. And unlike the remake, the girl in red is the only victim from prior to when people started to get pulled into the closed space.

We head east, and are immediately stopped.

Acquired [Marble Statue]

And with a flash, the girl disappears.

Looks like it.

Now that we have this important key item, we need to get it to Satoshi's group. We park Yoshiki and Ayumi here and switch parties.

And then...

And of course I left them way the hell on the opposite side of the school. We backtrack back up to the meeting room.

Mochida, are you unharmed?! Thank God you're all okay!
We're fit as can be!
I'm a bit scared, but...

No way!
Yes way... but you're not going to like it.
But didn't you just say you found the exit?
Hold on, Mochida. We have something we're supposed to give you.
For me? What is it?

No way... are you serious?
Yeah. Anyways, we should split up again to find her remains.
Got it.

And now we've entered the "endgame" of Corpse-Party. We've had our major plot dump and our characters know how to escape. Now it's just a matter of putting things into action.