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Part 11: Ending A

Her spirit calmed, the girl disappears.

Music: Emergency

Crap, the school!
W-We should run!
But where!? We're trapped down here!
Shut up! I hear something!

Sound Effect: Chime


...Everyone! Hurry! They're trying to use forbidden magic! They're going to use you all as a sacrifice!...
Forbidden? That doesn't sound good...
...This school relies on my spiritual powers. With that diminishing, the spirits are looking for a new source to sustain themselves...Forgive me... it was all... my fault...
Wh-what should we do? This place is going under, but where do we run!?
...Run to Classroom 2-9! That's the closest place to your own world!...When the bell rings ten times, their ceremony will be complete!...So, if you hear it nine times, you must hurry!...

And now it's time for the escape sequence!

Video: Escape

There's a wall in this room we can destroy, so we set about finding it.

Every so often, the bell rings. It doesn't do it at regular intervals; I'm not really sure how it decides when to ring next. There's no on-screen timer, and in the 9 times I ran this, it seemed like the timer wasn't exactly the same length every time.

As we stumble around groping at the wall (I honestly did not know the correct route when I recorded this. It adds to the tension!), we eventually find the correct spot.

-- Break it? --



THIS IS IT! Hey, guys, I found it!

Immediately after exiting the boss room, we come to a fork. I take the middle path. The path on the right is the shortest, and the path on the left seems too long to actually reach the end. When I tried it, I got nowhere close to the finish before I ran out of time.

Taking the north path, we run across an invisible walkway. The third chime rings as we cross.

It lets us out through a hole in the floor in this hallway. As we run down it, the chime rings for the fourth and fifth time.

We keep running, and head down the stairs. The chime rings a sixth time.

We round the corner, and head upstairs.

Oh, I'm lost and also bad at video games.

We run back downstairs and head west. The chime rings again.

Music: None

Sometimes the bell chimes two times right in a row. On one run it literally chimed, I took a step, and it chimed again. I really have no idea how it determines how long to wait between chimes, it seems almost random.

As we approach the stairway to class 2-9, the tenth chime rings.

The lights go out, but we do have a short grace period before we're given a game over. We dash up the stairs.

And run into the classroom, just barely in time.


...? It's...shining?
Do we have to...jump into it?
Will we be okay?

...You made it in time, thank God! Now enter the light! Don't turn away!...Take heed at my advice! Do NOT turn around! No matter what!...If you turn away, the light will disintegrate your bodies! So whatever you do...don't turn away!...

Music: Main Theme 3

We enter the light and start moving forward.

The girl reminds us once more not to turn away, and we continue going.

...Wait! That's not the right way! If you go that way, you'll fall into the afterlife!...Stop! Turn back!...

We press onward.

She said "Don't turn away, no matter what," so I continue to ignore this advice.

Music: Horror

The light grows even brighter, but we keep going.

Naomi, Ayumi and Yuka appear behind us. But we don't turn to look at them, and instead continue moving forward.

And then we hit a wall. Our forward progress has stopped, but we still do not turn away, instead pressing ourselves against the wall and waiting.

Music: None

Background Sound: Rain


Everyone glances around the room.

We're back...
Our class! It's our classroom!
No way... We made it... We made it back alive?!

Upon this declaration of victory, we're placed into control of Satoshi and are able to walk around and talk to everyone.

What time is it? Gah, it's past 3 A.M.!
It feels like it was even longer than that... Does time move differently in the other world?

Big brother...

Oh thank God... *sniffle*

After talking to everyone, I head for the classroom door.

I totally agree.
Man, I can't get over how late it is.

Background Sound: None

Music: Sadness

I glance over my shoulder, taking account of Yuka, Naomi, Shinozaki, and Yoshiki. Thank God, we're all alive! Safe and sound. Everyone was thinking the same thing... "Thank God we're free." But we dared not jinx ourselves.

Hey, stupid. Go after her.


C'mon, let's go home. Our parents must be worried sick.
That girl... She must have been suffering for decades...before we were even born.
All alone... in that awful place...
I feel so sorry for her...

We saw terrible things, too. But we still rose to the challenge.
So everything's okay now, isn't it?
Yeah... you're right.
Right? Let's go home.

What's wrong, Naomi? This isn't like you.
Satoshi, do you...see me as a woman?

What am I saying? This isn't like me at all! I must seem so weird...

Would you like to come over and listen to me play the piano?
Sure, I'd love to.

Music: The End

It was as if what we just went through never happened. I guess life will just continue as normal from here on out, right? After all, there's no evidence of our misery. No proof of what happened...

Perhaps the spirit herself spread it...?
Man, that's a scarier thought than any ghost story!

Planning & Production
Makoto Kedouin

Music & Sound Design
Mao Hamamoto

Background Design
Toyotaka Kaieda

Mao Hamamoto
Akira Inoue
Toyotaka Kaieda
Jun Sakai
Satoshi Sakai
Tokiko Nakajima
Yoshimi Natsume

Naomi Nagano
Kosaku Ogawa

Kira A.K.A. ZeikTheGeek



Special Thanks

And there you have it. That's the original story of Corpse-Party, with the good ending. There are plenty of similarities to the PC and PSP versions of the game, but it's really wildly different and something of its own entirely. Chapter 5 of the remake is very much a remake of this game, while all the other chapters are kind of extra story. But even still, the backstory is entirely different and a lot of the events of the chapter itself are different as well. The girl in red isn't even given a name in this, aside from the implication from the tenth letter that her last name is Shinozaki.

The game is over, but the LP is not! In addition to this good ending, there are six bad endings that I'll be showing off in subsequent updates. A lot of the bad endings were adapted into Wrong Endings in the remake, so there will be more similarities and recognizable scenarios there.