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by Ambisagrus, A Wooden Palisade

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Original Thread: The Palisagrus Co-Op Situation - Crackdown 2, SNES, Versus & More



A Wooden Palisade here, and I want you to come on down to the Palisagrus Co-Op Situation Warehouse Emporium, where Ambisagrus and I have got all sorts of great new co-op content for you to enjoy. After closing our warehouse doors three years ago we've accumulated a huge stockpile of new co-op games - and now we're opening the vault and passing those savings on to you!

Ya like SNES games? We got SNES games! We got Angry Horses, Jigsaw Master, Sexy Body Nice Ghost Baby. We got beans, crystal beans, magic beans. Grow a beanstalk and meet a giant!! Steal a prized golden goose! We got baseball. It is real, authentic baseball, with players who exist and are human. We've got a two-for-one special on genuine, shitty Hobbits and the wicked rings they wear. Puzzle games that will puzzle their ways into your heart and out the other side, leaving a jigsaw-shaped hole with no known cure. It's all here, folks.

Grab bag not your style? Well grab onto this, bub: entire playthroughs of better-known co-op games, including Monaco and the sequel to beloved 2010 LP "Crackdown". We've got a lotta sequels here, folks. Trine 2? Orcs Must Die 2? Maybe even... Torchlight 2? "But that game's huge!" Is it? Wouldn't know, haven't played it! Remember Snoopy Flying Ace? I don't. Forget that dog, he's awful, he's the worst dog and a terrible pilot. I don't know any other co-op games with dogs but if you find one, let us know! We're all about dogs.

Do you like fighting games, versus games, head-to-head matches of raw skill and fury? Friends being pitted against one another in competitive, zero-sum games? Then have we got you covered! Check out these professional, realistic MMA boxing games by famed combateers George Foreman and some fella named Chavez the Second. If you like Guilty Gear, we've got some of that, and if you like Guilty Gear more than anyone should, we've got Guilty Gear 2: Overture. What if football was an impenetrable game played with dice? If complication is the name of your game, watch Ambisagrus get stressed out by popular multiplayer online battle arena League of Legends. He doesn't know any better, he just likes goatee cowboy.

The deals are literally flying off the shelves here at the Palisagrus Co-Op Situation Warehouse Emporium, folks, and boy are their arms tired. We're bringing you new videos several times each week, sometimes even once a day. There's something for everyone, and with the incredible price-point of "they're just free videos on youtube, idiot", how could you afford not to watch? What can we do to get you into this brand new thread right now?

Got some ideas for games you think we should play? Join the conversation today! Email us at pali (at), let us know on Twitter at @AWoodenPalisade or @Ambisagrus, or just post here in the thread to engage the Palisagrus brand.


Everything above is more or less true: this is a thread for Nate and I to revisit the idea of our old co-op thread. We'll be using it to play through several games in their entirety, beginning with Crackdown 2, but since we've got a big collection of weird SNES and Steam games, we're gonna do a lot of grab bag-style one-shots too, which we're calling Palisagrus Powerbombs. You can expect co-op and versus games, some good, some bad. Some of them will even involve more than two players, so you can expect to see Gigi, Plaz, Badly Cooked, Octopimp, and plenty of other friends along the way. It's all recorded live, and some of these games are definitely being played blind. Don't let that deter you, though, because there will be editing when necessary, except in games like Crackdown where wasting time is an intended part of having fun with the game.

Crackdown is a third-person open-world shooter where you play as a super-powered police officer who, in a series of bossfights, tries to clean up crime in Pacific City. It is unique in that you were allowed to complete your objectives if any order, if you could manage, and your superpowers made for a lot of interesting ways to get around and accomplish your goals. It's a lot of fun!

Unfortunately, Crackdown 2 is not that game. It wishes it was that game - so desperately, in fact, that it copy-pastes entire portions of the first game without ever figuring out what made it so fun to play. It takes place in the exact same city, except now some buildings have been beaten up or toppled over. Many of the collectables are in the exact same locations. Rocket Tag no longer exists, and they gutted the boss-driven gameplay and replaced it with a very clumsily executed attempt at meaningful mission objectives. They're all almost exactly the same, and you have to do them over and over and over. Many of the new additions, like the wingsuit and four player co-op, aren't as fun as they should be.

That said, it's not all bad. Although the game itself is a lot weaker than its predecessor, there are still a whole lot of opportunities for goofing off and having a good time. Uninspired sandbox games are still sandbox games, after all, and there's no better genre for doing stupid stuff with friends. You can expect a lot of dicking around in-between objectives.

If you haven't already seen it, I highly recommend checking out our LP of the first game. It provides a lot of context for how this game turned out, and we reminisce about the good ol' days in a lot of these videos.
Or even better, watch this highlights reel.

Table of Contents

Previously, on Crackdown... (Watch this first!)
0. Introduction
1. That's an Achievement
2. Power Up, Dude
3. Bossless Blues
4. Horrifying Meatpaste
5. Thanks
6. Cars Are Bad News
7. Escape from Monster's Closet
8. Freakout Beach
9. Hematite and Hellatite
10. Nothing is Better than Orb
11. Second Verse, Same as the First
12. Tri-State Tryst
13. Bluster Cove, PI
14. The Man Who Couldn't Glide
15. Eat Shit, If You Dare...!
16. Pointless Chores and Worthless Cars
17. Everything Backfires
18. The Final Grind
19. Sound and Fury

Palisagrus Powerbombs are brief videos about individual games - mostly things pulled from an list of SNES games, at the moment, but really, it could be anything that we want to take a look at without dedicating a full LP to it. A lot of them are co-op games, some of them are versus, and every once in awhile we find a game that we thought was supposed to be one of those but isn't. They're pretty much all blind, but in this case, that's what makes them so fun to play (and hopefully, fun to watch). Here's our first one now!!

Gan Gan Ganchan
Star Trek: Starfleet Academy
Cannondale Cup
Battle Mobile
Chavez II
Motoko-chan no Wonder Kitchen
The Great Waldo Search
Rise of the Robots
Tuff E Nuff
Super Gussun Oyoyo (Risky Challenge)
Sugoi Hebereke
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