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Creeper World 4

by Strategic Sage

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Original Thread: It's Creeper Than Ever ... in 3D!! Let's Play Creeper World 4



Creeper World is back!! It's only an alpha tech demo for now, available for the next week with the Steam Summer Games Festival. The next chapter in the Creeper World saga, such as it is, is now open to our first peek.

ETA, 11.19.20: The trailer is out for CW4 (thanks ousire for being quick on the draw in noticing): The expected release date is December 3 now, at which point I intend to hit the ground running.

ETA, 12.3.20: We're now up and running with the release of the full game!

What is this Creeper World you speak of?

My previous bloated adventures covered Creeper World, Creeper World 2, Creeper World 3, and Particle Fleet. This is to be the 5th iteration of the concept. It's somewhat hard to describe, but basically a stripped-down, casualish RTS/tower defense hybrid with a lot of support for scripting and user-created maps in the later versions, and an active community adding IMO the best content that way.

What happens between now and the full version of CW4?

I'll resume doing user maps of the other games via the 'Grab-Bag' series in the interim. We'll get a taste now, then hopefully dive into the rest at launch. That's technical issues permitting, as Steam and my PC have been having an ongoing conflict for several weeks now, and at first the demo wouldn't run at all for me so ... fingers crossed. But there'll be something to put up here regardless; the other games in the CW franchise are still fine. I'll return to weekly uploads during the interim.

The Misadventure So Far
Herein lie the tales of woe that constitute humanity's struggles against the Creeper

Demo Missions

09 Leo 266 (11:00)
Farsite (19:17)
Home (10:51)
Not My Mars (19:45)
Ruins Repurposed (18:11)
Mark V Sample (32:24)
Before Time (37:08)
Day of Infamy (26:07)
Easter Egg Hunt (43:33)
Shaka (44:33)

Back to weekly missions from the previous games until the full version of CW4 is unleashed

Even More Rooms (2:43:16)
It's Not Useless (38:58)
Field of Glory (2:22:02)
Where Am I? (31:04)
Castle Wars (31:35)
Planet X954S2 (PAC) (1:06:48)
Creeper World 2: Next Step (37:01)
Era of the Sleeper (27:25)
Exponential Growth (11:37)
Asteroid Rail Gun V2 (1:30:58)
Red Vs Blue 4 (1:25:22)
CSM-197 (1:28:22)
Mortar Land (23:21)
Creeper Comeback (1:00:20)
The Labyrinth (1:07:52)
Matasia (22:55)
Death From Above (14:03)
CW 2.5 Predicament (14:33)
Building Blocks (21:02)
CSM-07 SG-3(Hard) (51:11)
The Most Annoying Map in CW2 (1:09:41)

Release Version

Intro & 09 Leo, 266 (15:45)
Farsite (17:46)
Home (11:04)
Not My Mars (19:44)
Ruins Repurposed (19:03)
We Know Nothing (16:36)
We Were Never Alone (21:28)
Hints (25:39)
Serious (19:17)
More and More (29:18)
War and Peace (28:14)
Shattered (23:51)
Archon (8:47)
Archon Revisited: Reclaim Adventures (4:02)
The Experiment (18:19)
Somewhere in Spacetime (17:02)
Tower of Darkness (40:19)
The Compound (31:04)
Sequence (41:52)
Wallis (34:13)
Founders (55:52)
Ever After (36:14)

Bonus Content

Colonies Maps, Span Experiments, Randomly generated, perhaps other things - everything CW4 that I'm doing but isn't in the Farsite Expedition campaign goes here.

The Wave (55:02)
Far York Farm (20:35)
Orbital Insertion (29:38)
First Person Creeper World (17:52)
Let Blue Rain (1:02:28)
Beat the Lanes (59:09)
Cascades (14:22)
Parasite (29:04)
Schism (56:36)
Troublesome Totems (25:35)
The Depths (1:00:36)
Wave Pool (14:00)
Holdem 2 (56:54)
Hold The Line (33:04)
TerraMoon (22:47)
Learning Process: The Price (Blind) (39:31)
Four Missions (55:53)
Cheap Construction (31:39)
Play As Creeper Is Back (53:49)
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