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Croc: Legend of the Gobbos

by frozentreasure

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Original Thread: What a Croc (Legend of the Gobbos) of shit.



Remember how everyone and their dog tried to make a mascot platformer for the Playstation in the hopes that they'd be the new rival of Mario and make even half as much money? Well…

Let's Play Croc: Legend of the Gobbos!

Argonaut Software, of Star Fox fame and nothing else, pitched a Yoshi spinoff to Nintendo for the N64 and were rejected. From the looks of the final product, I can't imagine why. Eventually they found another publisher and kept working on the game for the Sega Saturn I mean the much more successful Sony Playstation. In 1997, Croc released on the PS1, as well as the Saturn, PC, and Gameboy (but we don't talk about any of those). The game focuses on obnoxiously hard platforming and collecting little fuzzballs that are definitely 3D and not sprites rotating to face the camera like it's still 1993. Croc himself is kind of adorable and the story is pretty funny, in that very manufactured way, and the music is totally jammin', but don't let it fool you: Croc is definitely a bad game.

Which is obviously why I'm doing a 100% LP of it.

Joining me on the horror funtimes will be Scruffy, and possibly some other people if I can trick them the same way I tricked him (but don't tell them that). Hopefully we'll have a video a week, if not more frequently.

And just in case anyone is, for some reason, concerned about spoilers: There are four main worlds (grass, ice, desert, castle), there are secret levels in every world, you get jigsaw pieces from them and those let you get to the secret island. The manual literally tells you all of this, none of it is spoiling anything. You're free to talk about whatever you want as it relates to Croc 1.

With that out of the way, let's get started!


Part 01: Duck Soup (feat. dscruffy1)YouTube
Part 02: Mashed Beetles (feat. dscruffy1)YouTube
Part 03: Bucket O' Chum (feat. lateinshowing)YouTube
Part 04: Goat Stew (feat. ElTipejoLoco)YouTube
Part 05: Fish Tacos (feat. RJWaters2)YouTube
Part 06: Cactus Salsa (feat. Zain)YouTube
Part 07: Donuts (feat. Apt Funk)YouTube
Part 08: Dantini Cocktails (feat. heytallman)YouTube
Part 09: Crystal Head Vodka (feat. dscruffy1 & Jenner)YouTube
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