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Croc: The Legend of the Gobbos

by Common Coder & cranberm

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Original Thread: One, Two, Three Oclock, Four Oclock Croc



Croc: Legend of the Gobbos is a 1997 3-D platformer released for the Playstation, Sega Saturn, PC, and even the Game Boy Color. The game started off as a Mario spin-off starring Yoshi. However, Nintendo didn’t like that so they made Super Mario 64 instead and we got this poor Yoshi rip-off. You’re welcome, Mario fans.

The game stars Croc, an absolutely adorable anthropomorphic crocodile who is on an adventure to rescue his adoptive gobbo parent King Rufus from 90’s badass Baron Dante. Croc can also rescue the other kidnapped Gobbos, and since we’re such a nice Let’s Play duo, we’ll be collecting every single Gobbo and finishing the game with 100% completion.

I’m Common Coder, and I’ll be joined by cranberm in this Let’s Play. We’ve never finished this game when we were younger, so we thought it would be a good idea to do it now for the whole internet to see (spoilers: it’s not). We’re going to try to update this Let’s Play once a week, so stick around for our constant incompetence tomfoolery. (Thanks to 3n! for the header!)


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It turns out that the Game Boy Color version manages to be worse than the console version could ever be, but it does make for good filler content with special guests!

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Dalkalopagus did an awesome thing and made a parody of Smash Mouth's All Star with Croc lyrics here.
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