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Original Thread: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love The Bad Games Megathread



Let's Play Cry of Fear!

In the summer of 2013, when Steam Greenlight was still a thing, I had recently gotten very interested in horror games. I looked around and found this game with a very high user rating that had been voted to be greenlit by the community. Even now it's got 88% positive reviews on Steam.
Those ratings are a lie. Cry of Fear is a bad game.

It was a GoldSrc mod released in 2012 as the second project from Team Psykskallar, which found its way to a standalone release in early 2013. It's buggy, it can be prone crashing if you play it for too long, it's too reliant on (bad) jumpscares and the level design and enemy spawns are terrible. Also, one of the devs is kind of an asshole.
It does do some interesting things, like having mostly good looking textures and occasionally pretty decent music and sound design. But even that stuff's pretty hit or miss. The story is also moderately interesting but kind of falls flat, especially with the tedious gameplay it's wrapped in dragging it down so much. Even still, please use spoiler tags if you want to talk about this game, because there are some actually creepy (and funny) moments that are fun to be surprised with.

Subtitles for this one because I want to "preserve the atmosphere". And I'll try to update every Wednesday (and maybe 2-3 times a week once I'm done recording, just to get it over with) and since I'm done recording, every Saturday, too.

Also, just a (sort of late, sorry) warning for people that might be sensitive to certain things, there's some heavy stuff handled without much tact in this game, so I'll put a warning next to the episode link in some cases (and the video description just in case). But expect themes of depression and some images of self harm (on the player character) throughout the whole game.


Part 1 - Into the Night(mare) [Contains references of pedophilia toward the end]
Part 2 - Into the Past [Contains references of pedophilia and a visual representation of a suicide]
Part 3 - Into the Game Files (and the Sewers)
Part 4 - Into the out of the Sewers [Contains a visual representation of a suicide]
Part 5 - Into the Garden of Madness
Part 6 - Into the (Emotional) Darkness [Contains a depiction of a suicide]
Part 7 - Into the Defusing of a Situation
Part 8 - Into the (Literal) Darkness
Part 9 - Into the Past Again [Contains references of pedophilia (again, because I'm dumb)]
Part 10 - Into the Carnival [Contains depictions of self harm and the game dropping hints about ableism]
Part 11 - Into the Frustration
Part 12 - Into the Mind
Part 13 - Into the Day, Light, etc. [Contains depictions of self harm and more ableism]
Bonus 1 - Into the Bonus
Bonus 2 - Into the Pain [Contains depictions of self harm and visual representations of suicide]
Bonus 3 - Into the Allusion

If you want to see the other endings, check out these videos from Mr. Sunabouzu's LP, because I'm not playing through this awful game another 3-4 times. The endings get progressively worse in multiple ways except endings 3 and 5 actually have kind of interesting extra levels.
Ending 3 [Contains a depiction of a suicide and more ableism]
Ending 2/1 [Contains a visual representation of a suicide and more ableism]
Ending 5
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