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Cryostasis: The Sleep of Reason

by Blister

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Original Thread: Cryostasis: The sleep of reason


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Welcome to Cryostasis: The sleep of reason, it's 1981, you are Alexander Nesterov, a junior research assistant in meteorology on his way to his next posting aboard the North Wind. His goal is to investigate what has happened onboard to make the icebreaker become shipwrecked. Alexander soon finds out that all is not right on the nuclear icebreaker and seemingly paranormal phenomenon are taking place. The journey to discover the fate of the icebreaker and its crew is one Alexander is about to take, if he can survive it, he might be able to make a difference.

Develped by Action Forms, who have had limited success with their other titles, Vivisector, Carnivores 1/2/Ice Age, and Chasm: The Rift. Released in December, it's been met with mixed reviews, mostly due to the engines shortcomings. It doesn't utilize multi-core cpus, making it run badly even on high end machines but does incorporate nVidia PhysX. But if you can get it up and running and at high settings it's one beautiful game, in addition to being awesome. I hope you enjoy it as well and try it out yourself when the translated version is released (or released already for Euroland).

I'll be doing this subtitled and will be updating every 1 to 2 days regularly.

Come on and join me in the harsh cold of Cryostasis.


1. Dream (Viddler)
2. Forest (Viddler)
3. Swamp (Viddler)
4. Storm (Viddler)
5. Glacier (Viddler)
6. Ties (Viddler)
7. Darkness (Viddler)
8. Heart (Viddler)
9. Stress (Viddler)
10. Cold (Viddler)
11. Fear Viddler
12. Escape (Viddler)
13. Beasts (Viddler)
14. Poison (Viddler)
15. Choice (Viddler)
16. Heat (Viddler)
17. Chronos (Viddler)
18. Light (Viddler)

Cryostasis Tech Demo (Viddler) (demo link)
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