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Part 8: Update Eight: Something Something Providence Something Something Aliens

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Cthulhu Saves The World, we crossed a shitty forest, fought a gigantic pain in the ass of a boss, and made our way into Providence. Today, we're going to explore the town and see the set up for our next dungeon, so let's get crazy.

This update will be much shorter than the last.

Which I'm happy about. I only recorded for about five minutes for this update; the last one, I had about thirty-six minutes of footage.

Maybe it leads to the Underworld.

Well, you're a kid, and kids are dumb. It's not your fault, though; you just haven't had a chance to learn anything yet.

Lots of houses in this town, and lots of people to talk to.

In all fairness, a sentient sword would probably frighten me a little bit, too. Maybe not as much as the tentacled monstrosity that is Cthulhu, but still, enough to get goosebumps.

Uh, thanks, Umi.

Aww, poor Cthulhu.

...Son of a bitch, I wrote that last caption, forgetting about this line of dialog.

Oh, I remembered this. Finally.

...Well, that's just fantastic. This is what you said after we left the forest! We're in Providence now!

Ugh, I can't even calm myself by reading this woman's diary. Hey, wait, she lives alone; who the hell is she trying to keep out of this?

Maybe the better question is, who the hell else is trying to read her diary?

Oooh, I caught a little bit of the transition in this shot. How fun!

How many damned sets of drawers do you need?

Maybe things will be better upstairs.

Personally, I'm rather fond of Speaker For The Dead.

As far as I can tell, this is just gibberish, like they let their cat walk across the keyboard.

You should reference a real goddamn book.

"Chapter One: Look Up"


Better yet, let's go talk to someone else.

Find a seashell, and they'll be portable!

Jesus, calm down you sourpuss.

North of that girl is the weapon shop.

This is a straight upgrade for Cthulhu, so I immediately buy one. The Harm Blade offers a huge Strength boost (of 130, to be precise), but I'd still rather have the two Hits of Sharpe's current weapon. And October already has a Bull Whip, but it's nice that they're selling it, in case you get tired of that fucking forest and don't want to explore for all the treasure.

As for armor, Umi gets a new dress.

Sharpe also picks up a new hilt, making him the blingiest motherfucker in the party.

And this is the Poison flavor of October's current Flame Tome.

East of there, we hear about something that will be relevant to us in the near future.

See? Told ya.

But first!

But you're not concerned enough to actually go check on him. You're kind of an asshole.

I wonder, could Sharpe be served? Technically, he's not wearing a shirt, either.

Eh, we'll get you one of those "Keep Calm and Carry On" shirts; nobody will bat an eye.

North of there is another house, but this one is a bit more interesting.

Well...Last I knew, she was crumpled in a heap somewhere after seeing her friends get the shit kicked out of them.

...Shut up, Umi.

I've collected a crystal or two in my day; I'm not ready to go back to that collecting.

What, is this lady's purse in the drawer?

I've got nothin' to say about this.

The Inn is still free in this game, not that money is an issue right now. We've got about 17,000 Gold.

I'd play Cthulhu Mythos Monopoly.

And Beyond!

Or not.

I'm, uh, I'm going to take your word on that.

Oh, since plenty of people in the thread have mentioned this connection, here's a little validation for you.

I'm not sure what this would actually consist of, so I'm not going to ask.

In fact, we're leaving town.

So, across the lake is where the weirdness with the rancher has been happening. Since we have no other leads, may as well check into that.

I don't know if I'd keep my ranch near a volcano, but that's just me.

...Yeah, this is certainly a ranch.

Alright, Rancher, you're going to tell us what the hell is going on, and you'll tell us right now!

So, aliens are stealing your cows, and that's a mild annoyance for you. I wish I could live as carefree as you; I'm pretty sure if aliens took anything of mine, I'd shit my pants so hard, I'd have shit my pants for the next two days.

...C'mon, October, Cthulhu is right there.

Get some sort of tracker on one, wait for it to be beamed up, and see where it goes.

It requires a cowboy hat, I'm sure.

I like this book so far.

What an exciting finish!

So...Should we interview a cow? How the hell else are we going to investigate these disappearances?

Okay, nothing to worry about in the barn.

And this looks like a normal cow. Are our hopes of being extraterrestrial investigators dashed already?

Oh, maybe not.

I'm pretty sure you're seeing it with your own eyes, October.

Oh, well, hell, I guess this makes it that much easier to investigate.


When I finish with you, cat, you'll be wearing a cone for months.

If this is someone else that Cthulhu had dinner with...

The Cats of Ulthar is a short story by Lovecraft, written in 1920. In the story, there's an older couple who just loves killing cats that wander onto their property, and to the point where the other townspeople are afraid to say anything to them. One night, a caravan of people stop in the town, and Menes, one of the travelers, has his cat go missing. Upon learning what the couple does to cats, he curses them, and the couple is horrifically murdered by the entire towns' cats.

I'm sure those cats weren't green, with soulless eyes, but maybe. I haven't read the short story, so I can't say for sure.

So we're going to be fighting cyborg cows.

I told you that this game was awesome.

And I'm pretty sure that Cthulhu wants to save the destruction all to himself.

It's okay; we all want to destroy sometimes.

: I've grown tired of the Ultharian's constant warmongering. Please, lend me your aid in foiling their plans.

What the hell college did Cthulhu go to? Did he receive financial aid?

Oh, that answers that.

Yahoo, we got a new party member!

Quiet, sword.

I guess maybe we should lay off; Cthulhu is telling us to.

Oh, Cthulhu, you big ol' kidder!

: You haven't changed a bit. In order to stop the Ultharians from conquering the planet, we'll need to make it to the bridge. There are a series of electrical force fields we'll need to deactivate. Follow my lead.

So, yeah, there's party switching going on. I guess this now means that I need to ask you to BOLD a vote for who comes along in this dungeon. Cthulhu isn't leaving the party, but the other three members are fair game.

And you don't have to worry about anyone falling behind, either. Everyone gains the same amount of EXP.

As for our new buddy, Paws, he has pretty solid stats all around, but look at that fucking Agility. Being a cat, he's fast as shit, and has a good chunk of raw power to back it up with.

Next time, we'll go tearing ass through this spaceship, so stay tuned!

And don't forget to BOLD your votes for who joins Cthulhu on that adventure!