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Part 13: Update Thirteen: I'll Need Another Lovecraft Nerd

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Cthulhu Saves The World, we saved the town of Kingsport by traversing the treacherous Water Shrine, recovering the magic water needed to cure the disease of the townspeople. We then hopped on a boat and headed north, where we'll be figuring out the next part of our journey, so let's get crazy.

We're actually pretty close to where we started the game. Like, ridiculously close.

Umi, being all about dat ocean and shit, loved our little trip.

Sharpe, however, did not.

Never mind about how he's alive, can think, and alla that jazz.

He's so sick he can't grammar properly!

And thus, we see one of the finer moments of Sharpe's characterization.

Hey, a city!

Right after this fight.

Not for long!

Ouch, the little bastard is tough.

But not for long!

Now, for that city.

Abdul Alhazred was a character in Lovecraft's works, and was also known as the Mad Arab. He's the guy who wrote that famous book that pops up everywhere; you know the one. It's all about knowledge from beyond our world, filled with maddening passages, bad stuff, possibly bound in human flesh and written in blood.

The Necronomicon, if you didn't know. As far as I know, the Evil Dead movies added the parts about skin bindings and organic ink.

Uh, yeah, I don't think we can stop a volcano. I'm not sure how to kill a volcano.

I mean, there's a port to the south. Just hop on a boat and get the hell outta here.

Now, that is something I can figure out how to kill.

I would read this book.

I will settle for a rough draft.

Are these different than regular eyeglasses? Are these those fancy opera glasses you see fancy people use on TV?

I could probably use an MP refill. I haven't used much since the Shoggoth, but there's no reason to not be at 100%.

I like the cut of your jib.

Oh, cats can fit tons of places you wouldn't expect. They're crafty little bastards.

That would most decidedly be a bad thing.

Upstairs, we find the remains of someone who tried a vegan pizza.

Quickly, gather a group of goons! We'll do the tests ourselves!

Oh, most definitely not, sweetie! The dragon will burn most of the village to the ground and eat who isn't completely fried!


Oh, c'mon, don't be such a buzzkill.

Oh, great, now I really gotta figure out how to kill a volcano.

I can see how those two are related, yes.


Okay, I'm trying to not make an ejaculation joke.

And you've lost it.

There's a fireplace right there. Can't we, y'know, really make this book like fiery passion?

Perhaps not. They seem to have anticipated this event.

Alright, if we get a running start...

Yeah, right through the wall!

Sometimes, it's even useful!


I like your style, Cthulhu.


My dog.

I know your faith is a shield and alla that, but lava is like, melted rocks and shit.

What's over this way?

Oh, the exit. Fuck all that, I still haven't found the weapon shop.

South of there is this house, which could hold something interesting.

Sure, why not.

Maybe she'll have some reading material about this sort of thing.

Well, kind of related.

Can't we at least throw something in there? Spit a loogie?

Outside of that house, and to the east, is this treasure chest.

And right up there is the weapon shop!

I can't turn down those stat boosts. Especially that Vitality. The Blaze Trident adds a bunch of attack and magic, but without the Water/Ice boost. I pass on it.

This might be worth it. I buy one for testing purposes.

I snag one of these, too.

Dacre, I haven't seen you use your starting weapon yet, but fuck it, take an upgrade.

Cthulhu, you get a new shirt.

Umi, keep your other dress.

Sharpe, you're about to become pimptastic.

I add this to her little collection of elemental tomes.

Dacre, you could probably use a new robe. I'm pretty sure your old one is just what the home gave you, and is probably covered in the stains of the early bird special you grabbed before heading over to the Water Shrine.

And with all those purchases made, let's get on outta here.

While on my way over to the volcano, I encounter a new enemy.


I'm not sure what this is supposed to mean.

Or why they have snake heads, but there are some things I'm not going to ask too many questions about.

The Warlock didn't get a chance to attack, so see what the Mist Snake does while its batshit.

If that's not enough, here's Cthulhu decapitating a snake man.

See? Remember that volcano from way earlier in the game?

We'll get a better shot of it in a second.

And now I want to crush this thing on principle.

I think goblin years are kind of like dog years.

Sharpe is a wrecking machine.

As is this guy.

Cthulhu went down from a powered up Pierce, which did over 100 damage.

And so I activate my (already chosen) nuclear option.

I feel that my strategy won't be completely sustainable within the volcano.

Speaking of which, we can see the ranch where we met Paws over there.

Anything to be a true hero.

But that can wait until next time!

For now, I need a BOLDED vote from you! Who will join Cthulhu as he treks through the dangerous volcano to fight the demonic dragon living within? I'll give you a few days to vote on it and figure it out!