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Part 14: Update Fourteen: Volcano!

Before we go any further, imagine that update title said in the style of Dart's second Addition. Anywho, welcome back! Last time, we explored yet another new town and received a new mission to go slay the demon dragon at the top of the nearby volcano before he could murderfy the town. Today, we're going to start the volcano, so let's get crazy.

Our voted party was Cthulhu, Umi, Paws and Dacre. Dacre isn't the most offensive of guys, but he has great healing abilities.

There's a lot of treasures inside this volcano, but the enemies are also pretty dedicated to stomping your shit out through your shoes, so I might miss one or two here and there.

Where's all the lava? It's a friggin' volcano! It should be full of it!

Oh, there it is. Hey, can volcanos actually be laid out like this? Would it be possible to wander into a volcano and do some monster fighting? I'm asking for a friend.

Speaking of monster fighting, let's get going with that.

These are not the monsters I was expecting!

Well, fuck wingsuits, I want a game where I soar around using a pterodactyl buddy.

Let's check out Dacre. His physical isn't too crazy.

The spells we're not seeing are Full Heal, which breaks the combo, but heals all ailments and revives, and Shield Hymn, which boosts everyone's Vitality and Will by 25%. His Regen All is pretty good, too, restoring 67 HP a turn.

Well, they're not very weak to Water or Ice.

They'll also smack you like you owe them money.

However, that's the only trick I saw out of them, so they're not too difficult to take down.

Not all enemies are quite that simple, though.

Not that these guys are too crazy, but they're a touch tougher.

Quick, someone explain the joke!

The third Mummy movie would have been much better if there had been a flaming mummy. Or anything interesting.

In turn, this Hellhound is picked on by his big brother, the Ninth-Circle Hound.


Flood is far more effective now!

Psh, I can wave that off.

That...Not so much.

If they gang up on someone, they're going to get wrecked. Otherwise, nothing too impressive.

Lava can get pretty hot, you know, reaching temps of around 2,100°.

Bones will melt at around 2,600°. For those of you wondering, a crematorium will heat up to about 1,800°. Oh, and all those temps are in Fahrenheit, as I'm American.

Why are there dinosaurs in this volcano!?

...Clever girl...

That can be pretty hard!

Eww. I'm going to have to deal with nasty poops soon.

And now I'm absolutely terrified.

Flood is pretty much Umi's go-to for when there's more than one enemy.

Raptors can be absolute assholes.

As evidenced here.

Maybe if I keep my baby in a volcano, she'll grow incredibly strong. I'll have to run that by the wife.

I think Dacre was just split in half.

As if this battle weren't shitty enough, Baby Demons can tank your defenses.

Correction: Paws was just split in half.

But, hey, we're well rewarded for our efforts.

I still don't like the Volcano, though.

However, a level helps to keep me calm.

The other option was +30 Strength for the guy, and the extra MP will help him out a ton. In a lot of fights, I'm having him cast Regen All just to make sure we're not beaten to death.

And with that, if Dacre casts Heal All, we're nearly topped off.

Aww, man, I just bought one of these!

I hate it when RPGs do that to you.

At least I can't buy these. It doesn't feel as cheap.

Fire Fairies!

And they are annoying little bitches, too.

See, their physical attack isn't very impressive. However, they do have a Fireball attack that will do around 100 damage to a single target.

More levels!

I'll take the extra power and speed.

I'm half thinking of doing a stream of an Insane run of this game, and if I do, I'm going to build a magic Cthulhu and a power Umi.

Would anyone tune in if I did that?

Just assume I hopped off the bridge.

Right into a Sharpe level!

Oh, yeah, we're taking the free +4 to the combo count.

I'm not sure if a physical October is a good route.

However, another all-enemy attack is worth taking.

I snag the chance to Paralyze an entire enemy group. It could come in handy, especially in here.

I'm not completely outlining my route here just because I trust you all can figure out how I got here.

Hey, a kickass piece of treasure!

Finally, I can upgrade from the Flame Tome!

Oddly enough, I've not picked up a tome to increase the effectiveness of Dark magic.

I don't even remember if one is coming up.

It's been a long time since I played this game.

One of these days, I'm going to do a full test run of a game before I start to LP it.

Instead of just counting on my memories to be accurate (they never are).

Since that save point was our break point, these next few shots are going to be the Chat, some more treasure, and another enemy.

Let's get to the Chat!

Well, that's a solid question. I've referred to Paws as "he", but I'm not sure.

I know that starfish can have multiple genders (one of my previous LPs taught me that!), but this seems a little out there.


South of there is another piece of equipment I bought back in town.

Let's take a peek at a new enemy.

They are massive assholes.

They don't seem to be too afraid of Water, either. You'd think so, though.

Oh, yeah, they can absolutely destroy you if they feel like it.

I saw this once or twice when dealing with this encounter.

But, hey, look at that!

And next, we have more dinosaurs.

These guys are kind of assholes, too. That's a good theme for the enemies here.

I'm not sure if I would recommend turning a T-Rex batshit.

As they can smash your skull in.

And we'll finish off this update with a round of levels.

I take Berserk, for the good power and the four hits.

While Umi picks up some extra MP and Magic.

Sharpe gains another 50 HP.

While October learns how to shock the tits off of entire enemy party.

While Paws learns to randomly drop snow on an enemy party.

While Dacre gains some extra Magic and Agility.

And with that, we're going to call this update.

Next time, we'll trek through some more of, if not the rest of, the volcano!

Stay tuned!