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Part 20: Update Twenty: Cthulhu Becomes A True Hero

Welcome back! Last time, we worked our way through most of Dagon's foundry, because that dick is stealing our cultists, and I won't stand for that. Today, we are going to completely beat the shit out of him, so let's get crazy.

The next room is just the fight with Dagon, some dialog and then Cthulhu becomes a true hero. It's kind of exciting to be at this point.

Jesus, I can't believe I kept fucking up if we were going up or down last update.

Ooh, some torches for mood lighting. Nice.

There are even spooky statues!

We'll get to that commentary after the fight. You'll see why.

You'd think we'd have seen that sitting in the pool as we approached.

I'd definitely be protective of my cultists. I've never had cultists before, but that seems like the sort of thing you'd want to keep around. You can get your lawn mowed, carpets shampooed, maybe of them is a good tailor, that sort of thing.

Dagon, I'm telling you, you really do not want to do this.

You have no idea what you're getting your weird ass into.

Which would be more valuable? Groupies or cultists?

...Lord, you are an idiot.

Of course they do!

Hey, that's enough out of you. I haven't done that sort of thing in a long time, and I'm not good enough at it to start it now.

Well, if you're that dedicated to seeing what your insides look like when they're spilled all over the wall, I won't stop you.

Deep Ones? Bwahahaha.

This isn't going to take long.

Dem also smacked Dagon with a Holy Strike, so he's at about 25,000 HP right now.

However, killing the Deep Ones will just lengthen the battle, since Dagon can automatically revive them.

And we'll set up Dagon for some major pain.

This was the only offensive move they got to make. And the only one; they tried it against Cthulhu. I think they knew my plan.

Once, a mosquito was sucking my blood and I hit it so hard, I didn't see anything left of the little bastard.

I only mention that since there are a few similarities here. Namely, Dagon went from Great Old One to a Great Fucked Up One.

And levels abound!

I take the Dark Boost, since Dark Strike is really powerful now, and boosting it up that much is just fantastic.

Umi gets the ability to boost herself by 50%, since that would otherwise kill my combo; some of my strongest attacks depend on a boosted combo.

Sharpe grows stronger and faster, which I like.

Six hits on Snowstorm? Sure, they're random, but if I get them against a single target, that guy is going to regret getting his ass out of bed in the morning.

Jesus, that's a lot of generic levels, but I'll take it. We're at the point where levels have turned into that.

I don't know the technical term for all of your alien bits and all, but in essence, I knocked your teeth out of your asshole.

Well, that was a touch anticlimactic.

We've just gotta be true heroes now!

Don't go into the light, Cthulhu!

Hey, becoming a true hero has its perks. Awesome.

Oh, c'mon, this is what we've been working for the entire game.

Nobody should be surprised!


Eh, it's alright.

Jesus, our entire party is dumb. Or else they just had no faith in Cthulhu's ability to become a true hero.

It has finally happened.

Cthulhu has become a Super Saiyan.

I wouldn't stand too close, Umi. That's not going to end--

--well, I tried to tell her.

Well, a bit of a downer, but that's what we were trying to do the entire game. Nobody is surprised, right? I mean, a bit of a bummer about the world, though.

I'm okay with it; I knew what was coming and was, y'know, actively driving Cthulhu.

Which I also knew.

Jesus, Narrator, you're kind of a dickhead.

You're the kind of person who talks in the theater, aren't you?

Oh, well, we're back here. Things are going to be okay! We suddenly haven't helped kill the entire world!


I still don't like you.

Oh, please, don't--

I know things have changed because I'm agreeing with the Narrator.

Exactly! That's how I feel!

...Hey, now, I'm not against that.

Oh, yeah, we should visit R'lyeh while we're doing this game. I'm sure some of you were wondering where it was hiding.

That's our final dungeon, ladies and gentlemen.

Unless we do something about it.

But who is going to join Cthulhu on this quest? On this final journey?

It's up to you to BOLD a vote for who comes to the final dungeon!


Maybe you'll get the chance!

...You might not.

Good to see you're not all crazy.

For now.

I have no doubts about it.

It's always been Cthulhu time!

"Be there or be square!"

And it's just over there. But before we visit, we need our party. Don't forget to BOLD your vote for who wrecks the final boss!