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Part 22: Update Twenty Two: ...We Save The World

Welcome back, everyone! Last time, on Cthulhu Saves The World, we entered R'lyeh and started tearing through Cthulhu's old house. Today, we're going to finish off R'lyeh, save the world and end the game. Let's get crazy.

Alright, let's get across this big-ass bridge and--

--Who the hell is that?

You have to be shitting me.

...Nope, no shitting here.

Alright, dickweeds, prepare to regret gathering those crystals.

Oh, God, they're still talking.

She's not wrong. Totally right.

As is Cthulhu.

Alright, it's been a while. Let's see what your adventure has done



Hrm. There's one thing I can think to do.

It's the easiest way, guys. Just lay back and think of England.

Alright, good show, everyone!

Hey, I won't look a gift horse in the mouth.

Yeah, we have some commentary back there. Before we press forward, we can do that.

Part of me wishes they had scaled them up.

Though, he's right. It is a good measure of how far we've come; back at the beginning of the game, 100 HP was quite a lot to get rid of.

Now look at us; 100 HP ain't shit! We're dealing with thousands of damage.

I do like having a nice metric of how powerful we have become.

Speaking of which...

This is one of the tougher enemies around here, but we'll chump him.

As in, this is the only attack he got off.

Our power attacks are extremely efficient at annihilating a single target before they're truly aware of how hard they're getting murdered.

It helps when they're Insane and taking extra damage.

Alright, we've seen this layout before.

Nothing new or interesting really happens on these floors.

I mean, there are some more statues around, but I don't think that counts.

This is second most interesting thing on the floor.

Because this motherfucker is hanging out here, too. I immediately equip it, since October's strongest single target attack is Dark element, and our bosses from here on out are all alone.

Holy hell, a new enemy. I thought I was done talking about these guys.

I think I beat the hell out of his brother.

Why can't the Reaper have some hair? An afro or something, don't just leave him bald like that.

Oh, uh...Well, I guess death is no longer an obstacle for us. Always good to know.

As to be expected, beating death is pretty profitable.

How many goddamned bridges are in this place?


Ooh, more commentary.

This is my biggest gripe with the game, truth be told. It's weird to think that I was complaining about an issue that they're directly addressing here.

I didn't know that one was coming, I swear.

Anyways, let's do a treasure round-up.

It's true; disappointment does strengthen the character.

We now have 24 1-Ups. That seems excessive.

Hey, neato.

And up we go!

Well, this is a final boss area if I've ever seen one.

...Fucking really, guys?

Oh, giant golem twist. I didn't expect that.

Yeah, but golems aren't self-sufficient like that. They've always got someone controlling them.

But, hey, it's another ass to kick.

Is that the best they can offer?

Maybe this isn't as high as the others' single-target crushing attacks, but it still inflicts Insanity and is decently powerful in its own right.

I'm uncomfortable, because this is my 69th image and it involves tentacles.

What? Hell yes, I stunned it.

And then promptly beat the living hell out of it.

Oh, that's a guaranteed level!

Alright, let's reveal the shadowy master.

Well, ain't this something.

Azathoth is an Outer Gods, also known as Nuclear Chaos, the Daemon Sultan, and...The Blind Idiot God. Other Outer Gods include Gnarlyhotep, Shub-Niggurath, Yog-Sothoth, and the Nameless Mist. This page has a ton more information on the entity, but he's one of those who exist beyond angled space and has a throne at the center of ultimate Chaos.

Calm down, Sharpe, we haven't even gotten there yet.

Okay, now this is a final boss area.

Just ahead is the last bit of commentary we'll be seeing.

eighty-five times.

Perhaps it's even a title that I've LP'd before...

At least, I think that's the reference here.

But, let's get it on. Azathoth, what do you have to say for yourself?

Alright, that's impressive.

That is also suitably impressive.

And I thought it was great, up until that last line.

But, hey, it's the final boss. Let's get crazy.

That's all you got? Shit, son, I thought you were bringing your A game.

So, my general strategy here is to beat the living shit out of him.

As well as ensure that we're going before him.

There is a point to this.

Azathoth, as to be expected, has some pretty powerful attacks, but what final boss doesn't?

What? I was trying to make him the Blind Idiot God.

Focus will double the power of skills that inflict damage over time, too. Thinking about it now, I should have Focused again and hit him with some poison.

I'm not sure how big of a drop this is, but it doesn't seem very significant. I didn't much notice if Cthulhu's damage dropped or not.

Just wanted to mention how metal it is to be raining fire on one of the Outer Gods.

And, of course, we drive him batshit.

Which could easily end badly. I mean, that's a shitload of damage.

He also has an instant death attack, because why not?

I like to think that October threw this final Dark Blast like a Hadoken, just for the dramatic effect.

I know Cthulhu would have.

Being the final boss, he drops a ton of EXP and Gold. I mean, that's a guaranteed level for everyone. Forever.

Have we finally saved the fucking world?

Well, holy shit, we definitely did some world saving. I mean, we saved an entire universe! That's, like, a billion worlds! Or two billion!

Well, that's certainly a Metroid reference. Not what I was expecting to end the game on. Maybe if we'd had some sort of a parody of Samus' opening monologue of Super Metroid, this would be a nice bookend, but it's just another reference tossed in, slightly haphazardly.

...Majora's Mask?

I can't really picture Ember giving enough of a shit to see Cthulhu and Paws off.

Oh, for Christ's sake, game, just get her on the ship.


This is like some sort of odd, half-assed T2 reference. But I'm also sure that's not what they were trying here. It's just a coincidence. I think.

Well, that's certainly an ending. Uh, I thought there would be more.

Alright, folks, that's another LP down. We're finished up here. Cthulhu Saves The World is still a really solid game, if a touch rough and unpolished in parts, but like someone in the thread said, it was a small indie studio. It's not like they had a gigantic team to focus on those parts, and I can't truly fault them for it. Sure, I'm not crazy about how the dungeons tended to devolve into similarity with nothing much to set them apart, but it's not really a terrible thing. It doesn't lend itself to pretty screenshots and being able to effectively lay out what I'm doing, but that's not a personal gripe, but one as an LP'er, and I can't imagine they were considering LP material when making the game.

Cthulhu Saves The World is a really good game from a really small studio, and one that I would highly recommend. It's simple and easy to get into, both story and gameplay wise, without any major hurdles to overcome. It's simple enough for even the newest of gamers to enjoy, while having a combat system robust enough to have veterans trying to figure out the best way to snap it over their knee. The different difficulty modes can offer some crazy challenges (as I learned in the stream I did of the Insane difficulty), but it should have enough to entice gamers of any status and skill level, which is one of its greatest strengths. Having a game be simple to start and get through is not a weakness of any kind.

Is there anything I'd change about it? Sure. I'd like to see the dungeons become a little more dynamic, have a little more of a sense of life to them. Have a few gimmicks here and there; the Water Shrine needing the water raised and lower to get around was a good start, but if they had done a little more with that, even if it devolved into draining some parts just to grab treasure, would have been satisfying, just for a bit of difference. Hell, if we'd needed to cross some lava in the Volcano, or even had non-euclidean geometry to cross in R'lyeh, that would have been just about perfect. Just a few little touches here and there would have made this experience even better.

All in all, though, CSTW is a very good game, and something that, if you enjoy RPGs, should definitely be checked into. This LP was a lot of fun to do, even if it was frustrating to be trying to find good shots of a dungeon that looked the same from top to bottom, and even if I consistently forgot the Chat option and to show it off, but for $3, there is no reason not to check it out. Hell, you even get Breath of Death VII in that $3, so you'll have twelve to fifteen hours of enjoyment, just for $3. And with Cthulhu's Angels, that's several more hours of entertainment. Seriously, check them out; I can practically guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Oh, and before I forget, remember the Quartet of Assholes that completely stomped my shit in a few updates ago?

I went and got my revenge, and I always like to end on a high note.

Anyways, folks, see you next time! Thanks for reading!