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Part 31: Suspicious' S.E.A.L Run

And then there was one.

So John, this is it. Please tell me you've learned something from this LP.

I have.

And that's exactly what I fi.......wait, you have?

Actually, yes.

Uh.........OK. So what have you learned?

Remember when you accused me of riding on the coattails of John Carmack?

Sure do.

Well, remember when you first started this LP thing, Proteus? Remember when you shit out a horrendous Super Mario Land 1 LP? And then made a Super Mario Land 2 LP which relied on guest commentators to be funny?


And then you lucked into guest commentary on Super Metroid Redesign, which was taking someone else's hard work and using it to make a superstar out of yourself by being a complete asshole? And then doing the same thing with Daikatana when Suspicious did all of the hard work playing through my expert game while you just sat back and acted like a spastic moron? So aren't you essentially riding on other people's coattails yourself?


And you remember how you told me that my decisions like telling people to suck it down was insulting and retarded?

Well, it was. I mean, you know, the ad-

But isn't your whole gimmick getting angry and using curse words without any sort of thought of creativity? How many times can you call someone a fag, Proteus? Don't you think that's pretty retarded?

It's different. I mean-

And you accused me of not being as good as the reputation I had. But isn't the exact same thing true of you? Aren't all the jokes you make the same thing over and over again? "Hurr, this sucks. Hurr, you suck. Hurr, John is a fag."

Hey, lots of people like my com-

Here you are. Your LP is over and it's probably the pinnacle of what your LPing career will be. And now people will either forget you and you'll wallow in your memories of the glory days of what once was with the fleeting success of this Daikatana thread. Either that, or you'll keep putting out LPs, cashing in on your "superstardom" but really just becoming a poor joke of yourself and everything you hate. Sound familiar?


So yes, yes I have learned something, Proteus. You want to know what I've learned?

Not really, no.

I've learned there's a little John Romero in all of us.

Suspicious' single-player runthrough of the S.E.A.L. Training Center (Google)

Epilogue (Google)
Credits (Google)

Oh, I take it back. There is one more thing I've learned.

I'm not really sure I want to as-

I have the best hair EVER!


Also, my Romanian wife is way hotter than anyone you'll ever sleep with.

Ladies and Gentlemen. John Romero.

Suck it down.

(This thread might be over, but it's not done. Look for a few special (non-video) updates in the next few days, as well as multiplayer information for next weekend.)

Edit: Also, for those of you who are considering skipping Suspicious' video, first of all, fuck you. And second of all, don't. Even beyond the new stuff, it's worth watching. There's even a brand new bug that we haven't seen yet. And I won't even get into the part where  Suspicious dies. Multiple times.  Watch it, you assholes.