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Part 9: Chapter 1 Daily Life, Part 3

: Let's see what everyone has to say. We can only speak to Sayaka here.

: Okay, so since you're in the dark about all this, let me lay out what's been going on. Everyone split up to investigate different parts of the building, but...

: [Byakuya] and [Taka] each went off on their own, and so did Kyoko. It looks like [Leon, Hiro, Junko and Chihiro] all grouped up together. The same goes for [Hina, Sakura, and Mondo]. [Celeste, Toko, and Hifumi] were left over, so they joined up.

> Byakuya

: I wanted to try and find some clue as to who's responsible for imprisoning us here... But unfortunately, I made no such discoveries. That's all from me...
: Really? That's it?
: If I'd uncovered anything, naturally I would have more to say. But I didn't. So I don't.
: R-Right, understood...

> Taka

: I spent some time looking around the dormitory, and...
: There I made the discovery of the century! I found that there was exactly one room for each person!

: Well yeah, I figured that our before anything else...
: Each door already has a nameplate on it, so I guess all the rooms have been assigned already.
: And each room key was attached to a keychain with the owner's name precision-etched onto it.

Which confirms that the room I was in earlier is, in fact, my room.

: And Chihiro and I found out that all the rooms are totally soundproof.

: Your next-door neighbor could scream their lungs out, and you wouldn't hear a thing...
: Well, each room also had a private bathroom, which could also lock.
: But it looked like there were only locks on the bathrooms in the girls' dorms.

Huh? But when I checked my bathroom door before, it definitely seemed like it was locked... That's weird... I should double-check that later.

: Okay, so they got a bunch of rooms ready for us. They're assuming we're gonna be here a while...
: Well, better to have than have not! At least we don't have to worry about surviving like wild animals.
: Th-That can't be all you have to r-report, can it Mr. Honor S-Student?
: ...

: That's all for my report! Let's move on to whoever's next!

> Leon, Hiro, Junko and Chihiro

: We went all up and down the school, double-checking the windows in all the hallways and classes. We wanted to see if we could get any of those metal plates to come off. And what happened was...

: Nothing. Not a damn thing. We couldn't get a single one to budge even a little bit.
: There wasn't any hope of escape anywhere... The school really has been totally cut off.
: This sucks...

: It *really* sucks! It sucks sucks sucks sucks SUCKS! What the hell are we gonna do!?
: Goddamn, calm down! You're starting to make me nervous!

> Hina, Sakura, and Mondo

: We thought maybe we could find a way to communicate with the outside, so we went looking all over!
: But...we didn't find a thing. Sorry...

: I went back to the main hall, thinking maybe we could do something about that giant hunk of metal.
: But even with Sakura and me both, it wouldn't budge. We hit it with desks and chairs, and nothin'...
: It was hard as, like...metal.

: Well yes, it *is* metal...
: Anyway, if we're gonna get outta here, it's not gonna be through there.
: I feel like I could just cry... But no, I have to hold it in! I have to manage my hydration...!

: I shall tell you what happened next... It has nothing to do with communicating with the outside world, but it's still worth worrying about. In both the school and dorm areas, there was a set of stairs leading up to another floor.
: But there were gates there, and we couldn't find any way to open them, so we couldn't check it out.
: In other words, at this point we are only able to search the 1st floor.

: We can further assume that there is potentially something above the 2nd floor, as well. And if that's the case, there is at least a chance it may lead to a way out.

> Celeste, Toko, and Hifumi

: If I am being honest, I can't quite say we acted as one. Rather, we did *nothing* as one. We spent the entire time in the gym.

: Honestly, we are not exactly the types to go running around a school like a gaggle of junior detectives.
: What the hell were you thinking, just sitting around the gym the whole time?

: W-Well it's not like any of you i-invited me along! Nobody said hey, c-come with us! I blame y-you for leaving me out! I-It's your fault!
: If you wanted to go with someone, you should've just said something!
: Hmph. F-Forget it. Like I'd w-want to go anywhere with a dirty s-slut like you...
: Slut...?
: Your mind is as th-thin as your body. You m-make me sick to my s-stomach...

: I...I don't even know how to react. How can you say something so awful to someone you just met?

: Alright guys, everybody just calm down, okay? All this stress is bad for your skin, y'know?
: Yeah! It sounds like you two are so close now you're fighting like sisters!

I...don't think that's what going on, Sayaka...

: So that's what they have to say, huh? Then I guess I'm the only one left...

: I went and had a look around the dining hall... I found a fridge in the back of the kitchen, and it was overflowing with all kinds of stuff.
: I guess we don't have to worry about food at least.
: Sure, for now. But even with all that, there are fifteen of us. How long can the food last...?
: Y-You can just eat sesame s-seeds or something...

: Huh? What am I, a parakeet?
: I don't think we have to worry about it. All the food gets restocked automatically each day.
: At least, that's what Monokuma said...
: You saw him!?
: Yeah, he came out of nowhere while I was checking the fridge, told me that, then disappeared again. He was so fast, I can't believe someone could have been moving him around with a remote control...

: A weaponized toy that can just appear from nowhere... I can't tell if we're supposed to be afraid or not.
: But was everything okay? He didn't try to like, eat you or anything?
: E-Eat her...?

: Um, what do you mean by that? I mean, when you say "eat," what kind of eating are we talking about?
: C-Come on, man!

: What the hell, fatty!? You're acting like some kind of sleazy drunk dude.
: Not like there's a good kind of drunk dude...

: Hey! Stop screwing around, all of you! Are you still asleep or something? We're prisoners here! We could all just die any second!
: She's right. We can't be makin' stupid jokes right now. We gotta do something, or--!

A voice cut through the noise, interrupting Mondo.

Music fades out.

???: You're all spending an awful lot of time yelling and carrying on.

: Do you really think you can afford to do so? Have none of you accepted the reality of the situation?

: Kyoko! Where the heck have you been!? We already started the meeting without you!

She didn't say a word. Instead, she just dropped a piece of paper on the table.

: Huh? What's this...?
: It appears to be a map of Hope's Peak Academy.
: A map...?
: Wh-What the...? Where did you find this?

: It doesn't matter where I found it.
: It DOES matter! You're really freaking us out right now!
: Never mind that. What's it mean?

: Just look at it. The building we're in right now is laid out in precisely the same way as Hope's Peak Academy.
: So what you're saying is...this really is Hope's Peak Academy?
: Well, in terms of its construction, yes. But it looks like it's had a number of strange...renovations done to it.
: Renovations...?
: I don't know all the details yet. All I found was details about the 1st floor.

: But then...this really is Hope's Peak. We didn't get kidnapped and taken to some other place...
: So stupid it's not even possible. *This* is where the country's future elite are supposed to come and learn?

: But if this really is Hope's Peak, where are all the other students?
: Hey, come on, guys. Let's just stop talking about all know, negative stuff...
: But aren't you worried? Things don't look good...
: Worried? What's there to be worried about? I mean, this was all planned out, right? The people in charge of Hope's Peak put this all together, right?

: Man, if I got stressed every time something like this happened, I'd have ectoplasm shooting out my mouth!
: Good things come to those who wait, right? So we just gotta chill and everything'll work itself out!

: Hahaha!
: Wh-Why are you laughing? What's so funny!?
: I am just happy, that is all. It seems splitting up to investigate was a good idea, after all.

: Haven't you b-been listening!? Looking around was a t-total waste of t-time! We d-didn't find a way out, didn't f-find who's behind this. We still have no idea what's g-going on!

: Huh? Is it not crystal clear to you what is going on?

: It is perfectly obvious that we have been imprisoned in some secret location, with no way out.

None of us had any response to that. We didn't want to accept that reality--but it was staring us right in the face.

: You didn't h-have to go and s-say that. I w-was trying not to th-think about it... N-No way out... We're t-trapped in here. What are w-we supposed to d-do...?

: It's very simple. If you want to leave, you just have to kill--
: Don't even joke about that!
: Everyone just calm down, please! We need to stop and think about what to do from here.
: There's gotta be *something* we can do...

: All we can do is adapt. Adapt to living out lives here from now on.

: Live here...? Are you saying we should just accept it?
: A lack of a lack of survivability. Survival is not based on who is the strongest or the smartest. It comes down to who can adapt.
: As someone who has come out on top more than once, I have a suggestion.
: Huh? What do you mean?

: We all understand that we are trapped here. Which means we will be spending the night. However... You all remember the rule regarding nighttime, right?

: So regarding this "nighttime," I think we need to add a rule of out own.
: What do you mean?

: Going out at nighttime should be prohibited altogether. The school regulations do not actually tell us not to go out at night. I would like to make it official.
: B-But why...?
: The way things are now, every time night comes we will all start to get worried and anxious.
: We will be afraid someone might try and come kill us.

: What!?
: If we have to worry about that night after night for who knows how long, it will wear us down in no time.

: So you're suggesting we limit our activity at night as a kind of preventative measure.
: However, unlike the other rules, nobody can be forced to comply. We all have to agree to follow it.
: I see what you mean. But...I think I can agree to that. It's just like the little goth lolita said. Without something like that, we're just gonna self-destruct.
: On behalf of all the men here, I agree to comply!

: Hey, you can't just decide to speak for us!

: So everyone is in agreement?
: Good. Then, if you will excuse me...
: Huh? Wait, where are you going?

: It is almost nighttime. I want to take a shower before it arrives.
: So...goodbye. *leaves*

Moving with pure elegance, Celeste left the dining hall. Hey behavior seemed so natural, I couldn't imagine anyone even trying to stop her.

: S-So I guess it's pretty obvious where we go from here. We'll be spending the night, it looks like.
: Adaptability...
: So, Mr. Chairman...what next? One person already left.
: U-Umm... Well then, what say we call an end to today's meeting!?

: Like she said, it's almost nighttime anyway. We can reconvene first thing tomorrow morning!
: Do we really have to stay the night here...?
: We don't have a choice. We can't go for long without getting some sleep.

: So we have to just give up...
: That's all f-fine and good for t-today, but what to we d-do tomorrow?

: Our only option is to split up and look around again, and let everyone know if we find anything.
: Yeah, okay. Let's do that...!
: Then we're done for today? Good, I'm exhausted... *leaves*

With heavy movements, everyone headed off to their private rooms.

: Makoto... Are you ready to call it a day?
: Yeah, let's go.
: The dining hall fades out and we return to our room by ourselves.

... Is this really where I'll be staying for the foreseeable future? Oh, that's right. I should check the bathroom one more time before I go to bed. Only the girls' bathrooms should have locks on them, right?

Alright, let's open it up...

*Rattle rattle*

: It's no use. It really is locked.

: Bzzt! Wrong! Not locked!
: Holy crap!
: Jeez, talk about an overreaction. It's like you just saw a ghost or somethin'!
: Like...some kind of...robot bear...ghost.
: Wh-What are you doing here!?

: Makoto Naegi, this is super duper majorly bad! So bad it's almost magical! Ultra magical awful awful attack!
: In point of fact, I acknowledge that the bathroom in your room as a problem with the doorframe!
: Wait, so the reason it won't open isn't because it's locked? The door just...doesn't fit?
: Didn't you see the notice? What, can't you read? The bathrooms in the boys' rooms don't have locks!
: I mean, a lock on a boy's bathroom is kinda pointless, don't you think?

: Well, it's not that it's pointless I guess. But I'm no expert on the birds and the bees and all that.

: Anyway, there's a little trick to opening this particular ill-fitting door. And that's what I'm here to teach you! Okay, ready? So you just gotta turn the doorknob, then lift up while you pull!
: Go ahead, give it a try!
: Turn the knob, and lift the door up while I pull...

When I did that, the door opened without a problem.

: Puhuhu... See? It opened right up! Isn't that crazy, though? Your door's the only one that doesn't fit quite right!
: You're supposed to be the Ultimate Lucky Student, right? But look like you're not lucky at all!
: Anyways, I suddenly don't feel like being here anymore. Bye! *leaves*

: H-Hey! Wait!

... Dammit...

Music cuts out.

*Ding dong, bing bong*

: Mm, ahem, this is a school announcement. It is now 10 p.m. As such, it is officially nighttime. Soon the doors to the dining hall will be locked, and entry at that point is strictly prohibited. Okay then...sweet dreams, everyone! Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite...

Looks like it's nighttime. We all promised we wouldn't leave our rooms now.

: All I can do now is try and get some sleep...

While still mumbling to myself, I collapsed into bed. My eyes closed almost immediately. It's not that I was ready for bed, exactly. I was just utterly exhausted. It was as if I'd spent an entire day staring at a TV watching movies. Or like some kind of illusion where I'd been tossed into a made-up fantastical world.

: Yeah, that feels about right... There's no easy way to just accept the situation we've suddenly been dropped into.

So this is how the curtain closed on my first day at Hope's Peak Academy. Soon enough, I was asleep. Would it be too much to hope that when I woke up, I'd realize it was all a dream? It's kind of lame as far as endings go, but I'd be fine with that. Actually, that'd be the best...

: In any normal school, Mr. Monokuma would be a kind teacher. But when I think about what's coming up... I'm just so full of pride and joy. Our ceremony earlier today was absolutely splendid. Thank you all very much. Remember that you're all students of Hope's Peak Academy, and strive to refine your ideals. I swear to you, I will send you all off into a new tomorrow!