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Part 103: Trial 4, Part 2

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: So there are no new mechanics for this BTB. I don't really have anything to add other than I'm somehow getting better at doing these without proper audio sync.

: The key to finishing these fast is really just to lock on to multiple phrases before firing because you do extra damage by shooting more than one at a time.

: Hiro uses Negative Time here but like before you just need to counter with your own Focus Gauge. Not too bad overall.

> Fire "Kyoko's Examination Summary"

: I'm completely unconvinced that Sakura wrote that dying message. Because if you look at it, the message was almost certainly written using a finger, but...
: ...both of her hands were completely free of blood.
: Say wh--!?
: Then...who did write it...?
: Hiro could very well have written it himself.
: That would explain how he knew about the message in the first place.
: N-Ngh...grr...!

: Yeah... Yeah, that's exactly what happened.
: Ah! He admits it!
: I figured as much.
: But...why would you write something like that?
: B-Because...

: Because I killed her!

You're...admitting to killing her?

: Please, just let me explain what happened... I got Ogre's note, and so I headed to the rec room right before noon, just like it said...
: You just did exactly as the note asked? What a fool...
: And when I got there...

: Sorry, but do you mind waiting? I asked a couple of other people to meet, as well.
: O-Okay...
: Would you like a piece of candy? It might help give you some energy.

: O-Oh, sure... Thanks.
: And that's all she said. After that, we just stood around in awkward silence... Suddenly, I heard her mutter something...
: This is it... I'm going to end it today... I'm going to end...everything.
: As soon as I heard that, I just knew... I knew she was gonna try and kill me! She was gonna kill me and make her escape! So of course I freaked out, and then...


: I saw my only chance. I grabbed a Monokuma Bottle from the shelf, and smashed it across her head! I...I hit her from behind, before she had any idea what was happening!

: Then she just...went limp. I didn't see her move again after that. Once it was over, I pulled myself together. I realized if I didn't do something, I'd be caught and executed. So I wrote Toko's name in blood across a magazine on the table, and...I ran away.
: I-I can't believe you! You're the worst! I hope you d-die!
: Well, that's what happened. Go ahead, roast me, boil me, do whatever you want...

: You're not gonna get off that easy. It's death...death for the one that killed Sakura!
: We're ready to vote now, right!? We know who did it!

: No, I think there's more to Hiro's story...
: What are you talking about? What else could there be!?
: There's one thing that Hiro's story just now doesn't explain. And until we figure that part out, we can't consider the case closed.

So what is it that Hiro did that doesn't make sense...?

> Why the magazine was hidden

: That's true. Everything you just doesn't explain why the magazine was hidden, does it?
: Huh...?
: By the time the body was discovered, the magazine had been picked up and put on the shelf... Why would you take the time to write that message, then stick it somewhere we might not find it?

: Oh. Well, uh... I didn't hide it. I'm sure I just left it sitting there on the table.
: ...Really?
: H-He's lying! He's g-gotta be lying!

: I don't see any reason he would lie now, after already confessing to the crime...
: Then...he's *not* lying?
: Assuming he's telling the truth, someone else must have put the magazine back on the shelf.

: In other words, at least one other person was in the rec room both before and after the incident.
: I don't think there's any question about that.
: Th-Then...who was it?
: If they went to the trouble of hiding the magazine, they must not have liked what was written on it.

Someone who wouldn't like what had been written. There's only one choice...

> Toko

: It had to be Toko, right?

: Wh--?
: Who else would want to hide the magazine other than the person whose name was written on it?
: Is he right, Toko? Did you really go to the rec room...?
: Wh-Why would I have...? Wait, b-but more important...!

: That doesn't even m-matter! We already know who d-did it, right!? Hiro just a-admitted it!
: That's right. I killed her.
: No, you didn't.
: Wh-Who asked you!?

: I don't doubt Hiro attacked Sakura with the bottle. But that's not where this case ends.
: What do you mean...?
: What he means is that Hiro isn't the killer.

: You can't be s-serious! That's just... I don't b-believe it!
: Hiro, tell us what happened one more time. If we go through it once more, it should become clear he's not Sakura's killer.
: Um, so...what do you want me to do?
: Just tell us what happened one more time, when you attacked Sakura.
: I don't really see why, but...okay!

We haven't reached the end of the case just yet. Hiro isn't the real killer... And I have to prove that!

: I didn't want to, but...I did it. I grabbed a Monokuma Bottle from the shelf nearby and I hit Ogre from behind before she could do anything!
: You hit her from behind... And you only hit her once, is that right?
: Yeah, just once... After the first swing, the bottle shattered.
: And...she went limp.
: S-See? Isn't it obvious?
: Hiro really is the k-killer!

Hiro hit Sakura, that's for sure. But this doesn't end there...!

: According to Kyoko's summary, we know that Sakura was hit in the head not once, but twice!

> Shoot "just once" with "Kyoko's Examination Summary"

: If Sakura died from Hiro's single blow, that doesn't explain why she had two head wounds.
: Huh? Two...?
: That's right. She had two separate wounds on her head.
: And remember, this girl examines dead bodies as a hobby. Personally, I'm inclined to believe her.
: But...I only hit her once. How could she have two wounds?

: Two wounds means she was struck twice. What's more, both attacks must have come from a Monokuma Bottle.
: H-Hold on! How can you know that j-just from some cuts on her head?
: She was a-attacked twice? With two M-Monokuma Bottles?
: It's not just because of her head wounds. It's also because of the Monokuma Bottles themselves.

: There's something very suspicious about those bottles... Once you understand that point, you'll understand why two separate Monokuma Bottles must have been used. Think back...after the incident, there were 4 Monokuma Bottles left on the shelf, right?

: And we found pieces of a bottle on the ground, along with the chess piece it had inside.
: That was the bottle Hiro hit Sakura with, right?

: For now, just note that there were four intact bottles, and one broken bottle.
: But originally, there were six bottles in total. Meaning one has gone missing.
: But h-how can you know for sure there were s-six bottles...?
: That's easy.

: If you look at what the bottles all had in common, it should become clear.

The correlation between the Monokuma Bottles... I feel like it's starting to become clear... That connection must be...