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Part 107: Trial 4, Part 6

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: First I went to section C... That's when I grabbed the poison.
: And you spilled some of the powder on the ground in front of the shelf.
: Yeah. When I grabbed the bottle, I dropped it...
: Okay, and then...?
: I moved from section C to section A... And that's where I switched the powders. Once I was done switching them I put the bottle filled with the protein powder back in section A. Then I took the bottle with the poison in it and left the chem lab. That's all there is to it.
: Honestly, that's enough. How much longer must we tolerate this?

I'm sure there's something strange here... What Hina just told us... It definitely contradicts something I already know!

: The way that Hina says she moved doesn't match up with the footprints left at the scene.

> Shoot "from section C to section A" with "Footprints in the Powder"

: You said you went to get the poison from section C, and that's where you spilled the powder, right?
: Yeah...what about it?
: And after that, you said you moved from section C to section A to get the protein...

: But the footprints left at the scene were *not* moving from section C to section A. That contradicts what you just said.

: Wh--!?
: Then...maybe she moved in some weird direction on purpose to disguise her movements...?
: No, that can't be it. Remember what Hina just said?

: I was just...nervous! So I didn't notice I'd left a footprint!

: Ah--!
: What the--? Hina, what's the meaning of this!?
: U-Um, well...

: You lied to us, plain and simple. If you look at the footprints, your movements in the chem lab are obvious. The powder had already been spilled when you came in, and you went straight to section A. So you never went to section C. Whatever you did there, it only involved section A.
: W-Well, you see... ...
: Wh-What the...?

: What the hell? What's going on here!?
: And the footprints aren't the only problem with her account.
: What...?

: Before I explain that part, I'd like to submit some new evidence.
: New evidence!? Impossible! There can't be!
: ...Are you sure? After all, you're the one that gave it to me.
: I...did?

: It was hidden inside the bottle of poison you gave me.
: I'm amazed you of all people would miss such a vital clue. A truly grave oversight...
: ... Just say it, already! What is it you think you found!?

: I found this.

Huh? A piece of glass...?

: It had sunk to the bottom of the bottle. And the hidden clue was exposed thanks to you ingesting the powder.
: I couldn't have solved the mystery without you. So, thank you for that.
: B-But...what is it?

: Oh, you still don't realize? Well then...
: Makoto, why don't you explain it?
: Huh? Me!?
: ...
: F-Fine! If you really do know, explain the meaning of that shard of glass!

The shard of light blue glass Kyoko found in the bottle of poison...

> The rec room window

: It's...part of the window from the rec room door, right?
: The window...?

: The window we broke to get in was light blue, just like that. So I think that must be it.

: You're right, it must be. Of course, that leads to another question... How did a shard of glass from the window get inside this bottle of poison?
: What's so strange about that!?
: What's strange is that...according to what Hina told us...

Where was it the bottle of poison should have been when I broke the rec room window? According to what Hina told us...

> Section A of the shelf

: The bottle of poison was left on the shelf in the chem lab. That is what you said, right Hina?
: Uh...umm...
: And yet, somehow a piece of glass from the rec room window made its way into the bottle...

: Then everything Hina told us was a lie!?
: In reality, that bottle of poison most definitely found its way to the rec room. It was there at least until the window got broken. In other words, when the locked room was unlocked. There's no other way to explain the presence of that glass in that bottle.
: And then, once the room was opened, the bottle somehow got moved back to the shelf in the chem lab. Meanwhile, the protein can we found at the crime scene was planted there.
: That had to be after the locked room was opened. In other words, after Sakura died.

: Wait, hold on... You're moving too fast!
: I'll grant you, the bottle of poison may well have been in the rec room when it was locked, but how can you say the protein can was put there after the room was unlocked!? We already know she was given the protein can with the poison inside, right? If that can wasn't there when she died, how did she get poisoned!?
: You're right. We do need to explain that. But before we do, there's something I'd like to confirm with everyone here.
: Huh...?

: It has to do with the protein can. After Sakura's body was discovered, did anyone move it or trip over it or anything like that?
: What are you talking about? Is this some kind of loaded question?
: Not at all. Just answer to the best of your ability.

: ...Well, no. Not that I remember.
: Yeah, me either.
: Not me.
: Same here!
: Y-Yeah, me either...

: Okay then, that settles it. That proves that the protein can found its way to the murder scene *after* the room was opened.
: Oh, come on! How can you say that!?
: How can you know what I don't know!?

The reason she can say that is because there's evidence... There's proof that someone brought the protein can to the rec room *after* it was opened!

: When it comes to that protein can, there's not a doubt in my mind. Until the locked room was unlocked, it absolutely was not in there!
: So you're saying...someone planted it there after we got the door open?
:, that's impossible... I-It had to have been in there the whole time! It had to be! It was in there before the rec room was unlocked!

Something that can prove that someone brought the protein can into the rec room *after* it was opened...

: The details of the protein can showed that it was sitting on top of the broken glass!

> Shoot "the rec room was unlocked" with "Empty Protein Drink"

: You remember how there was broken glass scattered all around the room, right?
: Of course! It came from the window you broke to get in. What about it?
: Well, those pieces weren't just scattered *around* the protein can...

: We also found pieces *underneath* the can.

: Wh-What!?
: And this proves it... It shows that the can must have been put down on the floor *after* the window was broken.
: So it had to be after we got into the room!
: Kh--!
: I-I see... So that's your explanation... Kyoko...earlier, when you asked if anyone had moved the can, or tripped over it...

: If that were the case, that would explain the can being on top of the glass.
: So you asked everyone about it to eliminate that possibility right out of the gate...
: And that's made everything clear, hasn't it? As long as it was a "locked room," it only contained the bottle of poison, and *not* the protein can. But once the room was opened up, they were switched. And as a result the protein can wound up in the rec room, and the bottle of poison returned to the chem lab.
: ...

: If that's all true, then...why did Sakura drink the poison? I thought we all agreed she was tricked into drinking it because of the protein can...
: No...that's not why... The only explanation is...she drank it from its original bottle, knowing exactly what it was.
: Precisely. She was alone in a locked room. All she had was the poison. What other possibility is there?

: You're saying she drank it...knowing what it was? Such a ridiculous fiction is...
: ...exactly what happened.
: ...
: Then tell us already...! Er, sorry. Please, tell us.

: Before we get to that, we need to clarify one other thing... We need to establish who exactly got the poison from the chem lab and took it to the rec room.
: ...It was Hina, right? She took it and gave it to Ogre.
: What do you think, Makoto?

The one who got the poison from the chem lab and brought it to the rec room... It had to have been...

> Sakura

: I was Sakura herself.
: Huh? So Sakura, who was apparently murdered, just...poisoned herself?
: Wh-What are you talking about!? There's no way!
: On the contrary. We know for a fact she went to the chem lab, right to the section full of poisons.

: You're lying... Stop lying!
: Why!? Why would you lie like that!?

No, it's not a lie. Sakura definitely went to section C. I have to get Hina to admit that!

: Do you have any kind of proof Sakura took the poison!?

: There was powder on Sakura's shoes that looked a lot like the yellow powder spilled in the chem lab!

> Fire "Yellow Powder"

: Hina...did you know that Sakura's foot had a certain yellow powder stuck to it?
: ... ...It did?
: It did. The same yellow powder that had been spilled by the shelf in the chem lab.

: That powder was yellow, wasn't it? So the powder we found on Sakura...what else could it be but the powder from the chem lab?

: Ah--!
: Wait wait wait... So what was that powder doing on Ogre's foot?
: And it was only on her instep, right!?
: Sakura must have been standing right there where the powder was spilled.

: So the person who spilled the powder by the shelf wasn't Hina, but Sakura!
: Ah...!

: And when Sakura dropped the bottle, she dropped it away from where she was actually standing. Which is how she was able to avoid getting it all over herself. But the powder still got scattered around, and some of it must have wound up on her instep.
: Is there any problem with my thinking?

: But why did Sakura pay a visit to section C in the first place? The only explanation is that she was looking for poison. After all, that's all that section contained.
: N-No! It was me! I--! The poison--! Because... Because...!
: Because I killed her!
: didn't kill her.

The one that killed Sakura... The connection between Sakura and the poison, the unsolved mystery of the locked room... There's only one way to explain it!