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Part 108: Trial 4, Part 7

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: The one who killed Sakura...was Sakura herself.
: Gah...!
: Wh-What...? The killer was...Sakura?
: Wait, so you're was suicide!?
: I-I don't believe it! I don't believe it any more than I believe I can fly!

: I can't believe it, either. Or rather, I don't *want* to believe it. But when you really think about it, everything matches up. Sakura went and got the poison. She barricaded herself in a room, and she drank it...all so she could end her own life. And that explains why we couldn't solve the mystery of the locked room.

Because, of course...

> Sakura wanted to create the locked room

: ...The locked room mystery was created by Sakura.

: I'm sure she locked herself in so nobody could stop her from doing what she did. She sat there, drank the poison, and breathed her last breath... And the empty bottle of poison rolled around the locked room, until we came and opened it. At that point, someone grabbed the bottle and snuck it out of the room.

: And that was you, wasn't it Hina?
: Ng...gaah...
: You did it to throw off the investigation, didn't you?

: When we found her body, you stayed right there near the door. Because you already knew Sakura was dead, and because the bottle of poison had rolled near the doorway.
: That's when you picked up the bottle, right? I was too shocked to notice anything, and Kyoko was busy checking the body...
: And the more I think about it, the more I realize how unusual your actions were.

: ... I have to go get them... I have to go get...the others... *leaves*

On shaky legs, Hina left the rec room.

: You said you were going to go get everyone else...but your real intention was to go to the chem lab and switch out the containers, wasn't it?

: Once you were at the chem lab, you headed straight to the section where the protein powder was kept. There, you took the powder and poured it into the bottle of poison you'd grabbed from the rec room. When you left the lab, all you had was the empty protein can. Thinking about it like that, the footprints make perfect sense.
: When you were done, you gathered everyone together, and once you were back in the rec room...

: I got everyone...
: Uwah! O-Ogre!?
: Oh. So she's dead, huh?
: Sakura's been killed? I see...

: While everyone else was focused on Sakura, you quietly placed the can on the ground.
: ...
: Honestly, I should have noticed... You should have been the first one to run up to Sakura's lifeless body. The Hina I know never would have left her side in a situation like that...
: ...

: So, Sakura committed suicide. In order to hide this fact, Hina undertook a series of actions to undermine the investigation. As long as you could disguise the truth, you didn't care if we blamed you for her death. That's why you didn't bother to get rid of such obvious evidence, right?
: The footprints in the powder, and the bottle of poison. Vital pieces of evidence, and yet...
: So you're saying Hina consciously deceived us to make it look like she killed Sakura?
: ...

: N-No...
: No! No, no, no, no, no! I killed her! I did it!
: That's enough, Hina. It's over.
: It's not! Nothing's over!

Music cuts out.

: It is!
: Actually,'re right.
: We have to end this properly...!

: (Don't forget to read right to left!)

: This case began when Sakura asked a number of people to meet her in the rec room.

: Specifically, those people were Hiro, Toko, and Byakuya.

: But one of them headed out a bit earlier than the others--Toko. She got there one step ahead of everyone else and looked around for a good hiding spot.

: And she found it. She crawled into the locker to get out of sight.

: Then, from inside the locker, she saw Sakura enter the room.

: Next to arrive was Hiro.

: When he got there, he mistakenly thought Sakura was going to try to kill him, so he panicked.

: Without thinking, he grabbed a nearby Monokuma Bottle and attacked Sakura with it. Thinking he'd killed her, he hastily began covering up his crime.

: He took a magazine from the table, and forged a dying message from Sakura. To that end, he wrote down a name...

: Toko... By writing her name, he was hoping to pin the murder on her.

: But of course Toko had witnessed the whole thing. So as soon as the coast was clear...

: ...she jumped out of the locker and hid the magazine on the shelf with all the others.

: But in her rush she made one little mistake... She put the magazine back upside down.

: Soon after, she watched as Sakura slowly opened her eyes...

: She also saw the blood dripping off Sakura's head, and fainted.

: This caused her personality to switch back over to Genocide Jack. When she woke back up, her second personality also saw the blood-soaked Sakura and she freaked out.

: And just like Hiro, she grabbed another Monokuma Bottle and attacked her. This explains why there were two wounds on Sakura's head. Assuming Sakura really was dead this time, she set about disposing of the evidence.

: She gathered up the broken Monokuma Bottle shards, and the queen chess piece. And that explains how Sakura was attacked twice with the same type of weapon.

: But even after those two blows, she was still alive... So then, what was Sakura's actual cause of death?

: It was the poison that Sakura herself got from the chem lab.

: She turned the rec room into a true "locked room" scenario and then drank the deadly mixture.

: And there, she took her final breath...

: Later on, the rest of us discovered that her body was in there...

: We had to smash the door's window to get inside.

: But someone already knew what had happened, knew that she had committed suicide...

: And that same someone quietly snatched the bottle of poison from off the ground...

: ...and while nobody was looking, replaced it with an empty protein can. They did all this specifically to place all the suspicion on themselves in an attempt to guide the trial to a false conclusion. And the one who went to all that effort...

: ...was you, Hina.

: That's the full truth of the case...
: Kh...waaaah...!
: Sakura...took her own life. And you claimed to be the killer to hide that fact, isn't that right?
: ...

: That's...what happened?
: But...Makoto, how did you--? How did you manage to--? How were you able to uncover the truth...that even I couldn't discern!?
: Huh? Oh, well, I mean...

: You still haven't realized? We don't all act according to calculations and cost-benefit diagrams. That's what makes us so complicated. That's what you don't understand, and that's why you couldn't solve this case.
: Gh--!
: See? Didn't I tell you? When you dismiss other people's feelings, it'll always come back to bite you in the end.
: ...

: Okay, okay. I think we can all agree you made your point.
: Did you guys forget already!? You still haven't voted yet!
: Oh yeah...that's right...
: You seriously forgot!?
: Urrg...I can feel my energy draining outta me... Well, whatever. You don't really have a choice, anyway. You just gotta do it! Maybe you don't want to, but please grab your lever and cast your vote!

: So, who will be chosen as the blackened...? Will you make the right choice, or the dreadfully wrong one...? What's it gonna be? What's it gonna beeee...?