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Part 117: Free Time Roundup #7

School Mode Free Time Roundup #7: Kiyotaka Ishimaru

: Today, we're going to go through all of Taka's Free Time Events. He has 4 parts in total. It's going to be a bit long of an update just because I want to fit all four parts into a single update instead of splitting them up.

> Spend time together

: Sounds good! If it were anyone else, no way. But I don't mind sharing some of my valuable time with you!

Taka was nice enough to give me some of his valuable time... Taka and I grew a little closer today.

> Yes, definitely

Mac's Gloves: A pair of boxing gloves infused with a staggering amount of passion and effort. Wearing them makes you want to throw a thousand cross-counters.

: Wow, very impressive! I should thank you for this! So...thanks!

Seeing Taka so pleased with something I gave him makes me happy!

: Hey, Makoto! As long as we're talking, let's REALLY talk, whaddya say!?
: Huh? Oh, sure, that's fine...
: Excellent!
: Then let's get down to brass tacks and find out where we stand on all the big issues! So, what should we discuss? Politics? The economy? International affairs!?
: Wait, hold on. Instead of a big, serious discussion...can't we just have a normal conversation? That's the best way to learn about people, I think.
: What do you mean by a "normal conversation"?
: Umm... Well, for example... What do you like to do in your spare time?

: Study, of course! I'm a student, aren't I? A student must be a studying professional! And of course my duties as the chairperson of the morals committee keep me quite busy, as well!
: It's my duty to foster an environment in which we can all focus on our studies!
: Okay, but...what else? Like when you're at home, or you just have some time to kill?
: If I have time to kill, I study!
: I...see...

: Hahaha! This is fun! Okay, my turn. Makoto! What do you like to do in your spare time!
: Um, you know, just normal stuff. Watch TV, play video games...
: Huh? And this helps you
: N-No, it's not about studying. It's just for fun, ya know?
: But doing things "just for fun" serves no purpose! There must be more to it... You wouldn't spend your valuable time doing something useless, would you!?

He can insist all he wants, but in the end... But...maybe there *is* a good reason. Like getting into something, and talking to people about it... So maybe...

> Relating to your friends

: You know how it's useful? It helps give you something to talk about with other people!

: Something to talk about...?
: Like when you see something awesome on TV, or some awesome game, and you want to share it with someone. You find other people who feel the same way, and that's how you make friends. See?
: Wh...? Wh-Wh-Wh-Wh-Wh--!?
: I once was blind, but now I see!
: Wh-What the heck!?

: That kind of thing has plagued me for years... I've tried making friends, but whenever I would make conversation, it would die after a few minutes... And now...I've finally found the answer...
: I need to study more games! More TV shows!
: N-No, you don't need to "study" them...

: Ahh, I'm so ashamed of myself! If there was a hole somewhere around here, I'd totally go hide in it! I let it get to me, I wasted all that time... I never saw the blind spot in my studies! I'm a complete embarrassment! I'm not qualified to even be on the morals committee, let alone lead it!
: I-I don't think it's really that big of a deal...
: Thank you, Professor Makoto!
: Professor!?

: You've taught me a most valuable lesson! You've earned my respect, and the title of professor!
: Th-That's gonna make things super awkward...!
: Hahaha! There's no need to be modest, Professor! I can't wait for your next lesson! And until then, I will strive to learn as much as I can on my own!
: Well then, Professor--by your leave! *leaves*

Without waiting for a reply, Taka ran off.

: Professor...

Although, thinking about it...I didn't totally hate it. Professor Makoto...

: This event unlocks the skill Attentive Influence. It's like the Envious Influence skill we got from Byakuya, but it gives less extra HP at the cost of less SP and earlier access should you choose to do Taka's events at the start of the game.
: The second event starts in the dojo but immediately changes location to the dining hall.

: Well, I suppose we should take a break once in a while. Let's partake of some of my delicious tea!

We went to the dining hall, and Taka made us some of his delicious tea... Taka and I grew a little closer today.

> Yes, definitely

Red Scarf: A scarf belonging to a certain masked hero. It's tattered and worn due to the countless battles it's been through.

: Are you sure I can have such a splendid gift!?
: Thank you so very much, Makoto!

Seeing Taka so please with something I gave him makes me happy!

: I've been wanting to tell you something for a while now, Makoto...
: And now that it's just the two of us, this is the perfect time to confess...!
: H-Huh...?
: Listen, Makoto... Your hoodie is awesome!
: Th-Thanks...?
: You have really amazing fashion sense. Now, wearing a hoodie under your school uniform...

: Your public morals are ruined! Just absolutely ruined!
: S-Sorry! Did I do something wrong...? The dress code was pretty flexible at my old school...
: Well that's not the case here at Hope's Peak Academy! As long as I live, I will protect our morals! Take off that incredibly stylish hoodie this instant!
: R-Right now!?
: Of course!

Crap, Taka seems to be taking this really seriously... Well, I'd better come up with a good excuse or I might actually have to give him my hoodie...

> But it's a raincoat

: But this hoodie doubles as a raincoat! I don't wanna get caught by surprise in a thunderstorm!
: You can't fool me!
: Huh...?
: That hoodie would only protect your head! It's hardly a raincoat if it doesn't cover the rest of your body! My suggestion is to get an umbrella!
: G-Good advice...
: So much for the sensible answer.

> But it's a makeshift hardhat

: But this is the next best thing to a hardhat!

: A hardhat...?
: Yeah! I mean, this school's really dangerous, ya know? There's no telling what might happen! So, like...just in case...ya know?
: Hrmm... You may have a point there...
: I do! I totally do!
: Well, if it's for your own safety, I suppose I can give you special permission, just this once...

: But the instant this school goes back to normal, you WILL hand over that amazingly cool hoodie!
: Y-Yeah, you got it...
: Students these days are utterly ignorant of proper dress code. It's quite a pain! And frankly, I don't understand youth fashion these days anyway!

: So this is a perfect opportunity for me to teach you all about how you should be dressing!
: ...Huh?

Getting fashion advice from Taka is--well, let's just say unexpected...

: I wear this uniform 365 days a year, rain or shine, flood or drought, wind and hail and hurricane!
: Even on your days off? Even on holidays!?
: School itself may observe holidays, but there's no such thing as vacation for a student! So as long as I live the life of a student, I will always wear my uniform!
: I see...

: Also, I have ten sets of my uniform, so I always have a clean one. There's nothing strange about that.

Um, no...I'd say wearing your uniform when you're not at school is *totally* strange... I'd better keep that to myself, though...

: Hahaha! Trust me, wearing the uniform every day helps keep you motivated. You should give it a shot!

Taka is exactly the kind of guy I thought he was...

: This event gives us SP+1.
: The third event takes place at the pool.

: You know, sometimes what students need is a meeting of the soul. Would you like to study with me?

I took some time to study with Taka... Taka and I grew a little closer today.

> Yes, definitely

Adorable Reactions Collection: A DVD that contains footage of people reacting to various pieces of art.

: Are you sure I can have such a splendid gift!?
: Thank you so very much, Makoto!

Seeing Taka so please with something I gave him makes me happy!

: I'm weak, Makoto... So very weak...
: What happened...?
: Haven't you realized? This school is missing something of utmost importance! Textbooks! Classes!

Oh, um...I can't say I really miss that stuff.

: I'm just gonna come right out and say it... I'm freaking out! As we speak, we're being left in the dust by other students our age!
: I'm totally freaking out! Makoto! What should I do!? If I keep involuntarily skipping class like this, I'm gonna reach dunce status in no time!
: I-It's really not that big a deal. Just calm down... You were always at the top of your class at the private school you used to go to, right? I mean, you're basically genius level. So even if you miss a few classes, it's not the same as just some ordinary kid ditching...

: ...Genius...? Don't say that...
: Huh...?
: I'm no genius. I'm a normal person, just like anyone else. I'm from a middle-class family, you know? Actually, they're not even middle-class...
: That's why I have to push so hard! I have to knock down that wall! It's not geniuses that change the world. It's ordinary people who make every effort they can. And to prove that, I have to keep on making effort after effort after effort!

: So don't call me a genius! Don't lump me in with those lazy clods who don't put in any effort!
: S-Sorry... That's not what I was trying to do.
: ...No, *I'm* sorry. I got a little carried away...

: But I only said all that because you and me are the same. You and me, we're just normal people. We know what it means to have to make an effort.
: That's why I want you to know exactly how I feel...
: I understand...
: And that's why I'm so passionate about my work on the morals committee. I want to create an environment where everyone has the opportunity to give it everything they've got.
: That's why I put all my blood, sweat, and tears into creating that kind of environment. I want everyone else to understand that, too. In the end, you can't succeed if you don't try. Anyone who says differently is selling something.

: Effort is everything! That's the only way to fix anything in this world! And I have to prove that to all the ordinary people out there so they'll keep on trying! I have to become the ordinary man who can surpass any genius!
: Those are the feelings I carried with me when I entered Hope's Peak Academy...
: But now that I'm trapped in here, I've been robbed of the opportunity to make that effort... So now what am I supposed to do...?
: Taka...
: Sorry, Makoto. I didn't mean to make you listen to my pathetic complaining...
: No, it's not pathetic at all. I can totally understand why you'd be upset. You obviously feel really strongly about this. I really hope you don't give up hope and start to lose track of what you want to do. If you really believe that effort is what maters, then you *can't* give up, right? Because if you can't make that effort, then what do you have left?

: ...! I think until you said that just now, I'd totally forgotten what I was here for. The foundation of effort is the will to never give up.
: You're right. I have to try, no matter the situation. Even without classes, without assignments... I can just look back at what I've learned already and reinforce those basic principles!
: Yeah, good idea!

: I'm glad we had this talk, Makoto. Wow, I feel so much better getting all that off my chest! As my way to say thanks, next time I buckle down for a study session, I'll make sure to invite you!
: Let's work together as fellow ordinary people to show those geniuses who's boss!

His face filled with the unwavering confidence I was used to seeing from him.

I feel like maybe I'm starting to understand him a little better... But I still think he might be a genius. Specifically, he's a genius when it comes to effort. Still, I did notice one thing... He seems to have a lot of hostility toward the idea of someone being a genius. Is there some reason he feels that way...?

: This event unlocks the skill Steel Patience. This skill reduces the amount of damage you take if you make a mistake. I assume instead of taking a full Heart of damage you take a half-Heart instead. Seems like a useful skill for a first time playthrough but it wouldn't have served me very well in the LP proper.
: The final free time event for Taka starts off in the Physics Lab.

: Sounds good! If it were anyone else, no way. But I don't mind sharing some of my valuable time with you!

Taka was nice enough to give me some of his valuable time... Taka and I grew a little closer today.

> Yes, definitely

Chin Drill: A fashion accessory that allows you to equip a drill on your chin. It is said to represent the idea of "spiral energy."

: Wow, very impressive! I should thank you for this! So...thanks!

Seeing Taka so pleased with something I gave him makes me happy!

: Would you like to study with me, Makoto? Just the two of us? Come to my room! If there's anything you don't understand, I'm a very attentive teacher!
: Um...I don't think I need you to be all that attentive. But sure, you don't mind if I stop by?
: Of course not! Okay, let's do it!

With Taka leading the way, we headed to his room.

: Welcome, Makoto! You're the first guest I've invited to my room!
: Now that we're here, let me pose to you a question.
: A question...?
: Don't worry, no studying required! This is the most basic of basic questions. Very straightforward! Hahaha! This should be no challenge for you! Very easy, I assure you!

Stop saying how easy it's gonna be. That just puts even more pressure on me...

: Okay, here we go. What country first established "zero" as a numerical concept?

Hmm... Zero as a number, right? I'm pretty sure that came from an Asian country...

: So, I thought the concept of Zero was an Arabic discovery (though I may have been mixing it up with Algebra when I recorded this). Since I didn't see it in the list, I just decided to guess based on what Makoto was thinking, even though I was pretty sure my first guess would be wrong.

> Japan

: Is it...Japan?
: Wrong!
: S-Sorry!
: No, you don't have to apologize.

The way he reacted, I couldn't really help myself...

: But anyway, you're on the right track. It was an Asian nation, I can tell you that much.

: I had a lapse of judgment in my first guess and forgot that India is in fact part of Asia. It's just that when I typically think of Asia I end up thinking of China, Japan, Korea, and other countries like that. But no, India is totally an Asian nation, poor geography memory aside.

> India

: It was...India, wasn't it?
: Correct! Good job, Makoto! I had faith in you, and you came through for me!

: Seeing you get excited is getting *me* excited! Let's stack our effort one on top of the other and show those self-centered genius jerks what for!
: Hey, um...Taka?
: Yeah?
: Well, I've just seem to really hate the idea of geniuses.

: Hmm...I guess I feel like they're sworn enemy, you know?
: Huh...?
: But you hit the nail on the head. You're pretty sharp!
: But..why?

: There's someone... Someone I respect, someone I hate. Someone I have to surpass... Because he was a genius.
: What...?
: Toranosuke Ishimaru. Do you recognize that name? ...He was my grandfather. He was once...Prime Minister of Japan.
: He was your grandpa!?
: He went from Minister of Foreign Affairs to Chief Cabinet Secretary, and finally...Prime Minister. And all without any support network, and only a high school degree...! He was, simply, a genius. Everything he did, he did without any effort.
: He sounds like an amazing person. And he was your grandfather?

: He was a genius. He'd never known failure. His success was unimaginable to a normal person. But because of that...
: ...he allowed himself to be controlled by naive emotions, and got roped into a corruption scandal. He had no idea what the world of geniuses was really like. At least, that's how I see it.
: At that point, he fell just as fast as he had risen. And it wasn't just in politics. The business world had no use for him anymore, and he plummeted. The debt he left behind torments my family to this day. He dies a few years ago. By the end, he wasn't speaking to anyone. Despite his fame, his legacy...the only people who came to his funeral were family members.
: That's hard to imagine.
: Some consider genius fate's blessing. But I see it as a tragedy more than anything. The tragedy of finding success without understanding the important of effort. There's nothing worse than a genius who trips and falls. Just like my grandfather...
: And that's why you hate the word "genius"?

: My grandfather serves as an important lesson why you must never be deceived by words like "genius." Relying on my own effort, I will reach greater accomplishments than anything my grandfather ever did!
: So we have to work hard to build a society where those who put in the most effort are properly rewarded!
: I-I see...

I can agree with him, but Taka and I aren't the same. I can't reach for those kinds of big dreams...

: But you know, Makoto...I'm really happy!
: I figured this school would be full of geniuses. I mean, I thought everyone would be my enemy. I never imagined I'd meet someone here who I could share my story with...
: I'm so lucky to have met you here! This kind of thing only happens once in a lifetime! I hope we can stay close, and combine our efforts to shape things the way we want!
: Yeah, definitely...
: Okay, we have to keep on studying!

I feel like I've come to understand Taka a lot better... I think we've finally become friends in the truest sense of the word.

After lots of studying, I went back to my room.

: This final event gives us SP+1. Finishing Taka's FTE chain also unlocks a bronze Playstation Trophy titled The Devil Wears a High School Uniform.

Kiyotaka Ishimaru's Character Art

Kiyondo's Character Art