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Part 131: Trial 5, Part 4

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: The knife we found lodged in the dead body...
: I-It's the same one we g-gave to Makoto!
: It really is, isn't it? I was afraid of that...
: If he did have that knife before, then...
: ...that seals it! Makoto did it!
: Just because I had the knife once...
: ...that automatically makes me the killer?
: Well, getting stabbed is what killed her right? So there's no question!
: You took that knife of yours and killed her with it!
: What a horrible man you are, Makoto...

I used that knife to kill Mukuro...? No, there's no way...!

: Wait, didn't we just decide that the body was disguised by adding blood later? Doesn't that means she probably wasn't stabbed to death?

> Shoot "getting stabbed" with "Disguised Dead Body"

: Wait, hold on. The stab wound isn't what killed Mukuro. That should be clear from the description of the cover-up we just heard!
: Lies! We never talked about what killed her!
: No, don't you remember? The killer covered the dead body with the tarp, and then put the bloody coat on it, right?
: In other words, the victim never wore that bloodstained coat until after they were dead.
: Okay, fine! So what!?
: So, when we discovered the body...

: ...the knife had been thrust through the coat along with the body.

: Meaning, if she wasn't stabbed until the coat was put on, and she was already dead at that point...
: ...obviously the stab wound isn't what killed her!
: M-Maybe you stabbed her twice! Once to kill her, and once to cover it up!

The victim was stabbed twice in the same spot? No, there's no way that's possible...

> Present "Monokuma File #5"

: The Monokuma File clearly states that there was only one stab wound.

: Oh yeah, it sure did! I totally forgot about that!
: Then the knife...
: ...was just another piece of camouflage set up by the true killer.

: They probably stabbed her to draw attention away from what actually killed her.

: Exploding the body afterward was probably meant to do the same thing.

: The explosion severely damaged the body, making it impossible to know what really killed her.
: It was all the killer's attempt to destroy all evidence of their crime!

: So they wanted us to notice the stab wound, and then detonated the body afterward... They meant for us to latch onto the knife as the cause of death, then destroy any evidence proving otherwise.
: Oh, hey, I have a question! It kinda goes back to the beginning, but... What's the deal with that explosion, anyway? Why'd the body just blow up all of a sudden like that?
: If you bothered to put that lump of grey matter between your ears to use, you'd know the answer...
: Well if you're so smart, just tell me!

: I'll tell ya! I bet some unknown quantum particle caused an atomic-level spontaneous combustion!
: I might be dumb, but even I'm not dumb enough to believe that!
: Go ahead, Makoto. Tell her, or we won't make any headway on this.

There's only one explanation I can think of for the explosion...

> Present "Fragments Near the Dead Body"

: After the explosion, we found a tiny fragment of something on the ground near the body, right? That fragment reveals the cause of the explosion.
: Huh? You know, I feel like I've seen something like it before...
: That's only natural. Because, of course...

: We saw the same thing when we dismantled Monokuma. It's part of a bomb.

: Oh! Then the explosion was cuz of the Monokuma bomb!
: Anyway, the culprit's motive is becoming more and more obvious by the minute. They wanted the knife wound to look like the fatal injury so that we'd suspect Makoto.
: And the only one who would benefit from that...

: the only other possible suspect. You, Kyoko.
: ...
: Hold on a second, Byakuya...
: ...What's the problem?
: Well I just feel like...we need to think this through. We still don't know what actually killed the victim.

: That's true! It's definitely bugging me. What really killed her...?
: ...Fine, I have no problem with that. Let us continue the debate. It won't change the facts of the case, regardless.
: ...

We need to determine what ultimately killed the victim... I need to concentrate!

: Then shall we continue the debate? The victim's fatal injury has yet to be determined, correct?
: The explosion didn't kill her for sure, I guess...
: Well, yeah. She was already totally dead when that happened.
: And it wasn't b-because of the knife, right? Th-Then there's only one other thing...
: Oh yeah, um...according to the Monokuma File...
: That's gotta be it! There was evidence that showed she was hit on the back of her head!
: And more than that, the victim had suffered countless wounds across her entire body.

I can only think of one thing that could have killed her...

: The correct statement to shoot is Byakuya's first one, but the challenge this time comes from figuring out what method was the correct reason of death and absorbing it.

: In this case, the knife and explosion were ruled out, and the countless wounds were supposedly several days old. Therefore...

> Absorb "hit on the back of her head"

> Shoot "The victim's fatal injury"

: Mukuro died because of the blow to the back of the head she suffered!
: What about the wounds all over the rest of her body? They didn't have anything to do with it?
: The Monokuma File makes it clear that those weren't fresh wounds.
: Oh yeah, good point. If they were old, I guess they don't really matter.

: Okay, then we're safe in assuming the blow to the back of her head is what killed her.
: But then...what was the murder weapon?
: The M-Monokuma File says she was hit with a b-blunt object, about as think as a m-metal pipe...

: ...Oh! I bet it was the pickaxe!
: H-How is that even possible!? If you hit someone w-with that, it'd cave their s-skull in completely!
: Well...maybe they held it the other way, and hit her with the handle!
: No w-way. The balance would be all off. Y-You wouldn't be able to swing it with a-any kind of power...

: I w-wouldn't mind testing it on y-you if you want...!
: N-No thanks... I bet you'd just hit me with the metal end and call it an accident...
: I'd love to s-scoop out that nasty brain of yours, throw it on the g-ground, and spit on it!
: Hahahaha! I feel the same way! Looks like we're on the same page this time!
: Seriously...?

: We want to figure out what killed her, right? I just so happens we already know.
: W-We already know!? I knew we could count on you, M-Master!
: So what was it?
: Go ahead and tell them, Makoto. Surely you've deduced the real murder weapon?
: ...

The real murder weapon...

> Present "Titanium Arrows"

: Mukuro was hit in the back of the head with something, and that's what killed her.

: And that something was...the titanium arrow we found in the locker in the dojo.

: An arrow... That's what the culprit attacked Mukuro with?
: Indeed, there's no doubt about it.
: Are you sure? That sounds...kinda weird.
: H-Hey! How dare you back-talk Master!? You have n-no right...!
: I'm not back-talking anything! I'm just saying what I think!

I don't blame Hina for doubting it. Because there's one more thing about that weapon... One more secret...