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Part 132: Trial 5, Part 5

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: The titanium arrow... It was in the dojo locker, right?
: I have no doubt, that was the murder weapon.
: Are you sure...?
: You don't sound convinced. What's the problem?
: Well, cuz in the Monokuma said the weapon must've been about as think as a metal pipe, right? It seems like an arrow would just be too thin.
: Talking back to Master...
: You have no r-right!

There's no doubt that the arrow is the murder weapon. But there's more to it than that...

: There was something else inside that locker...

> Shoot "too thin" with "Bloody Duct Tape"

: You're right. Just the one arrow would've been too weak. That's why the killer used another weapon.
: Another weapon...?

: Inside the dojo locker, we also found a balled-up wad of duct tape.

: The killer probably used this duct tape to bind multiple arrows together. Bundling them together using the duct tape would easily create a single weapon as think as a pipe.
: And that's exactly what the killed did!
: It's similar to Aesop's fable about the bundle of sticks... One stick is weak, but put them together, and they become strong. It's meant to teach cooperation.
: Damn, that's harsh...

: How is it harsh? Were you even listening?
: Anyway, that explains the murder weapon. As for who the culprit is that stashed the weapon in the dojo locker...
: It was you, Kyoko!

: ...I've never been to the dojo.
: Oh no, you absolutely have.
: How can you say that with such confidence?
: Because we have proof, of course. Don't we, Makoto?

Music fades out.

: O-Oh, um... ...
: Hm? What's the matter?
: Surely you don't intend to protect a murderer... You know what will happen if you do, don't you? If you cover for the culprit, there's only one thing that can lead to...

: The death of us all. Remember?
: O-Of course I remember...!
: Then show us! Show everyone the evidence that proves Kyoko went to the dojo!
: ...

I have evidence...? Evidence that Kyoko went to the dojo...

> Present "Woodblock Key"

: The one thing that proves Kyoko was in the dojo is right here. The key to the dojo locker.
: And how does that prove anything?
: Because...I found it in your room.
: It my room?

: Don't bother trying to play dumb. That key is just the final piece of the puzzle. Your non-existent alibi, your clear motive, your attempts to frame Makoto for the crime...
: This all proves that you are the true culprit. You can't explain this away, so just give up.
: ...Hold on a second.
: Not this again. You really are dead-set on defending her, aren't you?

:'s not that I want to defend her. It's just... There's one more thing I need to ask her.
: ...
: Kyoko, I want you to tell me something.

: Last were in my room, weren't you? Why? What were you doing there? That's what I need to know.

Music cuts out.

: ...I was just...protecting you.
: What...?

She was protecting me...? Then does that mean she...?

She knew I was being attacked...

...and she came to my rescue. Could that be when...!?

Which would mean that Kyoko... She killed someone...for me...?

: That's enough. The time for idle chatter is over. A verdict is close at hand...

: Wait. I'm warning you, don't make this mistake. I'm not the killer.
: I knew you were stubborn, but this is just getting ridiculous.
: Really? But you should know better than anyone I didn't do it.

: Can you tell me I'm wrong?
: I...should know?

What...? Byakuya should know better than anyone...? What does that mean?

: Those words you just spoke... What do you mean?
: Exactly what I said. I'm not the killer.
: You should understand that more than anyone here.
: Byakuya, what are you hiding!?
: Master would n-never hide something from me!
: There's proof that you aren't the culprit... Is that what you're saying?
: You stated a theory earlier. You said I hid the evidence of my crime in the dojo locker...and then left the locker key in my own room. Correct?
: But...could I really have done that?

Byakuya should know that Kyoko didn't do it? But why him...?

: Byakuya had the key to Kyoko's room, so she couldn't have entered it to leave the woodblock key there!

> Absorb "the locker key in my own room"

> Shoot "There's proof"

: If I'm right, Kyoko wouldn't have been able to get into her room.
: Huh? Why not?
: Because she had given her room key to Byakuya.

: I see. So that's what you meant... And if I had the key to your room...
: ...then obviously I had no way of getting in. Without my room key, I couldn't possibly put the locker key in there myself.
: Am I wrong?
: It...would appear not.
: Then you're finally starting to understand.

Music fades out.

: ...

No...that's not actually true. There was a clear contradiction in what Kyoko just told us. An obvious lie... But this...

This just isn't like her! To try and save herself with such a desperate lie...

: ...

Does she really feel that threatened? Because...she's the killer? Or is it something else...? Was there some deeper meaning hidden in what Kyoko said earlier?

: If you vote for me, and I die here, the mystery of this school will stay hidden forever.
: Which is why...I can't let that happen!

: This is a trap the mastermind has laid for us.

The mastermind's trap... The mastermind is trying to...trap Kyoko? But... What if that's not really true?

Music fades out.

What can I do? What...should I do?

What should I...?

The mastermind's...trap? The victim was Mukuro...? And Kyoko killed her...?

What does Kyoko really know...? What am I...supposed to do?

Kyoko's lie... I'm the only one...who knows it's a lie...

I'm the only one...who can expose it...

But who...can I trust...?

What am I...supposed to do?

The mastermind's...trap...

: If you spend all your time trying to avoid danger, you'll never move forward. We know the danger. But if that risk means solving the mystery, we have no choice.

: Am I wrong?

What do I do...!? I have to decide right here and now whether or not to expose Kyoko's lie...!