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Part 152: Trial 6, Part 7

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: Voice Actresses: Amanda Celine Miller & Erin Fitzgerald
: We have been waiting! Waiting so very long for peasants like you to appear! If you swear your fealty to us, we will reward you with half of the entire world! We've even drawn up the deed already! We will grant you honor, status, and some of our home cooking! Have you made your choice? Will you serve under us?

> No thanks

: Oh, did you think I was being serious? Sorry, I was just messing with you. It's been so long since I've had an audience, even I'm not sure what kind of role I'm supposed to play. the mastermind! She's... The real Junko Enoshima...

: Anyway, looks like I've finally been set free. Having to play Monokuma all the time, day after day... It was like I was stuck in purgatory, or like a slow suicide. I get bored so easy, ya know?

: Y-Your face...
: Huh? What about my face? What's wrong with my beautiful face? People have told me I'm cuter than a hundred chihuahuas combined.
: I feel like...this isn't the first time I've seen you.

No, I do remember seeing it... I'm sure I've seen her too somewhere. Was it...?

> Before arriving at school

: That's right! It was before I ever came to this school. I remember seeing a magazine cover...

: were on it!

: Wow, you have a pretty good memory. I guess that's why you've made it this far, huh?
: So I was right... Then what you told me in the main hall when this all began...

I've seen her on tons of magazine covers, but...[/i]

: I feel like that doesn't quite match up to reality.
: Huh...?

: Oh, are you talking about my cover photos and junk?
: Ahaha, well of course! Those are totally photoshopped.
: Photoshopped...?

: Yeah, you know--edited to hell and back. With like, computers and junk?
: Oh, so they aren't real...

: Sometimes a little lie is necessary to keep things moving along, wouldn't you agree?
: That explains why she didn't quite seem the same. Because she was a different person all along...
: I'm me, and Mukuro is Mukuro. She tried her best, but there's just no way she could have passed as the Ultimate Fashionista. Two people can never become one as long as the walls of mind and body exist... Not even if they're twins.
: T-Twins!?
: I know, it's such a cliche, right? I'm almost embarrassed to admit it. So basically, Mukuro and I had your stereotypical "twin" relationship... The older sister, tough and proud--that was Mukuro. The younger sister, smart and cute--that was...

: Hyaaaahaha! Me! Junko fucking Enoshima! And together, we were the Despair Sisters! AKA the Ultimate Despair!
: Whoa, she's a totally different person now!
: Like I said, I get bored easy as hell! I even get fuckin' bored with myself!

: B-But if you're twins, why do you have d-different last names?
: Ugh, that again? You have any idea how many times people ask me that shit? Maybe it's new to your dumb ass, but it bores me to tears! Answering the same questions, over and over! Just make up whatever answer you want, I don't give a shit! The truth's fuckin' lame, anyway.
: But...if she was your twin, that killed your own sister?
: And for reasons deeper and darker than the ocean! ...Hah! As if!

: Well, I suppose I'd better explain... For my plan to work, someone had to be able to control the killing game from behind the scenes.

: The so-called mastermind had to operate Monokuma, keep an eye on everyone, things like that. But after looking at the situation, I determined it would be impossible for Mukuro to perform such duties. Because naturally, she turned out to be the letdown of the family. Leaving me behind to run off and join some band of mercenaries... Such a disappointment.
: So, I decided to play the role of director and have her join the rest of you in your school life. I could have let her work alongside me, but she would have been useless to me that way. Besides, 15 students seemed like a solid number to start with. Of course, the fact that she was the Ultimate Soldier posed something of a problem.
: She had what I call the "three atrocities"--atrociously rank, atrociously filthy, atrociously repulsive. It was atrociously clear just how out of touch she was with the rest of society. Meanwhile, my "Ultimate Fashionista" status has an undeniable appeal that I didn't want to go to waste.

: And that's...why you switched identities?
: Sadly, her inability to match my personality was even greater than I'd calculated. It was a lost cause... She was nothing more than a bit player, an extra unworthy of lines. Being the utter disappointment that she was, anyone would have expected her to get killed off right away. Which is precisely why I killed her--to meet everyone's expectations.

: That... can't be your only reason, can it?
: Well no, of course not. I also did it to avoid becoming bored.

: I've never been a stickler for following a plan to the letter, ya know? If I planned everything out and knew just what was gonna happen, that'd be sooo boooring! So, I changed things just a bit, and decided to use Mukuro to make a little point!
: In other words, Mukuro's death was a one-sided, premeditated act of betrayal.
: Just as I suspected... When Mukuro was killed, she must have been as surprised as anybody else.

: ...Wh...? H-Huh? This wasn't...supposed to...

: Eh-heh! So you figured it out? Well you're right! There's no way Mukuro could have pulled off such a convincing performance! But she did teach you all a very valuable lesson, don't you think?
: ...How can you talk like that...?
: You sacrificed your own sister... How does that not even bother you!?
: What? I sacrificed her? That's what's got you so hot under the collar? Jeez, misunderstandings sure are scary!

: We were the Ultimate Despair, ya know? So we never had any kind of hope, or expectations. No, I've felt despair as long as I can remember, like I never should have been born at all. When I was born, I cried tears of total despair. So that's why for us, it's not a big deal whether we die or kill! We're just those kinds of people. We can do anything! We've always been filled with despair, so when we do something, we go all the way and live without regret!
: So you just murdered your own sister, and didn't think anything of it...?

: That's not true at all... That's why it gets me so...excited.
: ...Huh?
: Killing my precious sister with my own two hands... That act is filled with so much despair, you can't help but put a "super" in front of it. It's like super super super super super despair. No, more than that... Super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super despair... It just
: What the hell is wrong with you...?
: And my sister, too... In that moment of death, I think she must have felt that despair. After all, to be murdered by your own sister, and only as an example to someone else...? She must have died feeling such excruciating hopelessness... I'm so...jealous of her. Super jealous...

: I knew you couldn't be just some ordinary person. You're some kind of...abnormality.
: Turning your own despair into some kind of fetish... Abnormality doesn't even begin to describe it.
: Like, Genocide Jill is crazy for sure, but...this is a whole nother level of nuts!
: You're saying I don't compare to some lowly beast that can only kill the weak, right? So I'm hopelessly attractive? Hopelessly brilliant? Hopelessly athletic...? I'm the hopelessly perfect ultimate human?

: No...I don't think there's anything "perfect" about anything you just said.
: Yeah! Master's way more p-perfect! Cuz on top of everything else, he's got that n-noble blood!
: Huh? Don't you mean...*had* that noble blood?
: What did you just say? What do you mean by that?

: Puhuhu. You still haven't figured that part out yet? Man you guys are so sloooow! You haven't even solved all the mysteries, and yet here you are, yap-yap-yapping away!
: Are you talking about our memories...?
: You've already solved this mystery, right? I'm the killer. So how about the next one? Maybe you should solve the riddle of your missing memories, *then* you can start gloating.

: Damn straight! That's exactly what we're going to do. We're going to solve all these mysteries...
: And then...we'll have our victory!

: Puhuhu. I can't wait...


: If you didn't watch the video, I'd like to point out that for every personality Junko takes, her voice changes drastically. If you don't watch the whole thing, I'd at least recommend skimming the video to get an idea for how they each sound. Her personalities here are a big part of what make Junko, well, Junko.