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Part 155: Trial 6, Part 10

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: Two years' worth of memories...
: I could never lose something like that!
: We've been living here for two years...? Hell no! That's impossible! I mean, I haven't gone to any awesome school events or anything...
: Heck, I've never even gone to a single class!
: This is all just...surreal!
: Plus, if two years have passed...
: freakin' old am I!?
: Puhuhu... Everyone's so conflicted!

We completely lost two years' worth of memories...? I don't want to believe it, but...

: If Hiro has never been to class, how can he explain the notebook we found?

Shoot "a single class" with "Locker Notebook"

: Hiro, there's something I'd like you to take a look at. This notebook right here...
: Huh? Hey, why's my name written on it?
: I found it in the locker room on the 2nd floor. If you don't mind, could you take a look inside?
: Sure, whatever you want. But I've never seen this notebook before in my left.

Music fades out.

: ...
: ... ... ...
: Wuzza wuzza? Is something wrong?
: It's kinda similar... No, even more than that...

: What the--? This is absolutely my handwriting, without a doubt! But how is this...? I don't remember ever writing in this thing!
: N-No... No way!
: It looks like you actually did attend class here at Hope's Peak.
: But forgot all about it.
: Lies... It's all one big lie...!

: I don't want to believe it either... But there's also no explanation for this pocketbook.
: Hm... And whose pocketbook is that?
: It's mine. And the handwriting inside is also mine, there's no doubt about it.
: But just like Hiro, I have no memory of ever writing in it.
: And the reason for the two years of missing memories?

: Puhuhu. After seeing all the evidence, do you have any choice but to acknowledge the truth?
: Isn't it just so desperately dark? The mystery's solved, but it's like a goddamn funeral in here! Shit man, I've never been to a funeral. Hell yes!
: ...
: Two years of school life. How many moments of blossoming youth have you missed out on? How many fun classes? How many school events? This was your chance to build lasting friendships, right? And on top of that, something tragically sad happened one year ago... The biggest, most awful, most tragic event in human history.

: Right before everyone's eyes, the world came crashing down... You absorbed all that despair, but then you forgot it all. And once you'd forgotten, you made the choice to subject yourselves to this killing game. Oh, and there's one other thing. To be even more precise, the memories you all lost were... ...

: Actually, never mind. I'm bored. Explaining stuff is boring...
: What...?
: We are bored of this world! Everyone always talks big, declaring all the great things they'll do! But then they always fizzle out...
: This world is just so desperately fucking boring!

: What are you talking about?
: In a way, I'm jealous of all of you. To give yourself over so completely to such stimulating despair...
: Yeah, so figure out the rest for yourselves! I'm sick of expositioning all this shit!

: Figure out...what?
: Figure out where your memories come apart. That's at the heart of all of this.

Where our memories come apart... Is she talking about the moment where we must have lost our memories?

> When I fainted

: The moment I lost my memories... I can't think of any time other than...that day.

: When I first came to the gates of this school, and stepped foot in the main hall... When I passed out...I was overcome with a strange sensation...

: Wow! You still have enough spirit to keep on talking, huh? Umm, so I don't know much about the details, but it seems like everyone remembers passing out, right? And your sense of time got all messed up because of the memory loss after that...? I guess it musta been something like that!
: After I passed out, I woke up in a classroom, with my head on a desk...

: I assumed not much time had passed since I'd collapsed in the main hall.

: Ahaha... But instead, two whole years had gone by!
: The reason it felt so short was because...our memories of the time in between had been completely removed?
: You got it, honey! Two years of memories, poof, gone! Which means, of course...
: When everyone met for the first time, it wasn't actually for the first time.

: Unaware of this fact, you took the time to introduce yourselves to each other. But...

: But by that point, we'd already spent two years together at the school.

: That's what those photos reveal, isn't it?

: Puhuhu... Yup! That's what they reveal! You were all such close friends. You spent two years together. And then you started killing each other! And it was all so you could escape into a world that's already been annihiliated! Puhuhu. What a terribly tragic tale... Even if you left now, there's nothing you could do to fix it!
: You're the one who set things up to be like this!
: ...I love you all so much...
: ...What?

: Once your school life here began, I thought about you constantly. It's only natural that I would...fall in love.
: So since I love you guys so much, I'll tell you all about it! All about the idea we came up with as the Ultimate Despair--our plan to bring despair to all mankind!

The Ultimate Despair? All mankind...?

: Let's go back in time two years, okay? Back to when everyone first came to this school...

: School life during that first year overflowed with hope and happiness!

: Oh boy, it was just the worst!

: Everyone was enjoying themselves so much. You were all having the time of your lives!

: But that couldn't last forever, of course. The peacefulness only made it through that first year...

: Because of that, an event unfolded that hammered a soul-crushing despair into all of humanity.

: The biggest, most awful, most tragic even in human history... The Tragedy.

: All too soon, the world's days of peace came to a bloody end. And as you can imagine, the school was no exception. The Tragedy even made its way here, leading to the extermination of most of the students.

: What...are you?
: Hm? What do you mean?
: The most tragic event in human history, and the "Ultimate Despair" that caused it... I can't believe it's all because of just you and Mukuro. Was it some kind of organization? An angry mob? An incredibly motivated family?
: You have a point. If I had to describe it, I'd say... It was none of those. How can I put it? It was more of an ideological thing.

: Despair is contagious you know. It's almost like...a natural phenomenon.

: Everyone is capable of it. And now the entire world has fallen into despair.

: In other words, if you see despair as the enemy, then your the world itself!
: I just don't understand why...
: We didn't ask you to try to understand. This was a tangent anyway, unrelated to the matter at hand.

: Okay, so let's get back to the story... Hope's Peak had taken so much damage. You guys were the only survivors. The members of the 78th class of Hope's Peak Academy were the only ones left...
: And then, something super neat happened! Now pay attention, cuz this is important and I'm only gonna say it once! So guess what! To protect everyone who had survived, Hope's Peak was transformed into a shelter. That's right! It was transformed into a shelter! Ahh! I said it twice!
: Now, someone was responsible for that transformation, for creating what would eventually become your prison. Do any of you know who that might have been?

The one who turned Hope's Peak into a shelter and isolated us here...

> The headmaster

: It could only have been...the headmaster of Hope's Peak Academy.
: ...
: He wanted to turn the school into a shelter to try and protect us. To protect us...from the despair and tragedy taking place outside.

: That's why he asked us to make that promise... To say that we were willing to live in this school forever.

: We believe he had something like that in mind, yes. If you, the collective hope of a new generation, could survive, maybe the world could have a fresh start.
: Yeah...the headmaster put that much faith in you.
: And because we had that same hope... That's why we all live here forever.
: But creating the shelter was also his single biggest mistake.

: Puhuhu... It's laughable, really. He was the headmaster, but he had nooo idea. He had no idea that we, the Ultimate Despair had already made our way into the school. So what was supposed to be a shelter to keep you safe...became a cage that made it impossible for you to escape despair.

: Puhuhu. I have to say, it really helped me out a lot! It saved me a ton of time.
: By the way, it was you yourselves who blocked off the windows, the doors, all the exits. Under the headmaster's direction, you all went about your work like obedient little sheep.
: You mean...we trapped ourselves in here?

: And then you forgot all about it, and started bitching about how you were trapped in here!
: Once you'd finished building your little shelter, it was time for me and Mukuro to get to work. And thus began the killing game!
: Me and Mukuro had come here, spending the last two years waiting for that moment...
: That moment where you all began killing each other served as the climax of our global despair plan!
: And the only reason you survived The Tragedy was so that you could be a part of it...

: You only let us we could go around killing each other. Is that what you're saying?
: Why...? Why would you do that?
: Because this was so much more than a simple high school death match... Rather, it was a method to hunt down and destroy every last remaining speck of hope in the world.
: What are you saying?
: Well, it would seem that there's a little bit left out there, a few souls unwilling to give up hope... So I thought I should show them. Which is why I...
: Puhuhu... Well, why don't you tell me?

What the mastermind did to show everyone in the outside world... That was...!