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Part 161: Free Time Roundup #11

School Mode Free Time Roundup #11: Aoi Asahina (Part 1)

: Today we're going to start Hina's Free Time Events. It's six events long but unlike Celeste's six event chain, Hina's events are actually normal length. As such, I'm splitting her events into two updates.

> Spend time together

: You wanna go for a run to relieve some of this stress?

Hina and I went for a light run through the school. Hina and I grew a little closer today.

> Yes, definitely

Green Costume: As soon as you put this on, you'll feel like you can take on any challenge. It resembles a stereotypical dinosaur.

: Whoa, what is this!? It's super cute!
: For real? You're sure I can have this!?

I get the impression that she liked it. That's good...

: Oh man... Oh man...!
: What's up...?
: I'm gettin' totally fired up!
: What? How come!?

: How come doesn't matter! Now that I'm revved up, I need to get it out! Let's race!
: I-I don't think that's a good idea. I wouldn't stand a chance, anyway...
: Really? Well, I don't mind a solo run!
: W-Well, hold on... You always seem so excited, Hina...

: Huh? Hey, are you makin' fun of me!?
: N-No, I'm just impressed...
: Really...? I used to know this one guy, he was always like, "Hina, you're like, a super spaz!"
: Super spaz...?
: Yeah! Like, he'd see me weaing shorts in winter, and he'd say stuff like that.

: But if you lose to the cold like that, it just means you weren't dedicated enough!
: Wow, you did stuff like that and didn't get sick?
: Getting sick is for the weak! If you're really dedicated, winter means even lighter clothes! It's all part of your training!

Training, huh...?

: So, like, are you the type who gets sick easy?
: Actually...yeah.
: See? You're soft! You need more training!
: Okay! I've got the perfect remedy to keep someone like you fit as a fiddle!
: Huh? What kind of remedy...?

: Actually, I do this myself every morning! You just strip down to your waist, then take a dry towel and start rubbing down your bare skin! I call it...! I call it...uh...
: What do I call it again?

A way to keep healthy by stripping down and rubbing a towel across your skin... Let's take a shot at this...

> Towel Treatment

: Is it something like...towel treatment?

: Oh my god! Yeah, that's it! I love going out on my apartment balcony, stripping down, feeling the wind on my skin... God, it feels so amazing! I never let a morning pass without getting in a good rubdown!

Wait, so you went out on your balcony, and...stripped down? And you were okay with that?

: You should give it a try! If you haven't got your health, you haven't got anything! I'd hate to see you catch a cold or something...

After being introduced to a unique sickness prevention method, I went back to my room.

: This event gives us SP+1.
: The second event takes place in the Art Room.

> Yes, definitely

Red Costume: Jump into this, and you'll feel like you can support the world. It resembles some kind of yeti creature...

: Whoa, what is this!? It's super cute!
: For real? You're sure I can have this!?

I get the impression that she liked it. That's good...

: ...
: Is something wrong, Hina...?
: I've reached my limit...

: I'm stuck in here, can't do any sports, can't do anything! I'm sick of it! I wanna get out under the sun and do some laps! Run a marathon! I wanna do some real SPORTS!
: H-Hina! Calm down, okay!?
: I can't do ANYTHING in here! If I can't move around, I'm gonna DIE, like a BUNNY RABBIT!
: But...I always heard rabbits die from loneliness...
: Whatever! I'm gonna die if I can't get some proper physical activity!
: Don't you think that's a little extreme...?

: You think I'm kidding, don't you? But I seriously can't sit still, ya know? Why else would I have joined six sports teams in school?
: Six!?
: Yeah! Track, basketball, softball, volleyball, tennis, and the big one... The big one...?
: ...

She got to her main sport, but ran out of juice. I think it's gotta be...

> Swimming

: Your main sport is swimming, right?

: Yeah, you got it... Gaah... I don't even care what stroke it is. Just get me in a pool under the blue sky...!
: But isn't it hard to do that many sports, even for you?
: If I can't move, I'll just shrivel up and die... And I need a challenge! More and more new stuff to try...!
: A challenge...?

: What I really love about sports isn't winning, ya know? It's having to fight and struggle and give it all you got to reach the top. It's that excitement, that dear that you might suffer a heartbreaking loss.
: When you finally reach that goal, it's just...lonely. It's lonely at the top, ya know?

I never really got into sports, so I couldn't really relate to what she was talking about... But I could tell that the reason Hina was so amazing was how hard she could fight and struggle...

: So that's why I want to push myself as hard as possible when it comes to swimming. I want to aim for the very highest mountaintop!
: The highest mountaintop...?

: I'm talkin' about the gold medal, of course! Aim for the gold, even if it means I'm a super gold spaz!

Did she just call herself...?

: Okay, but if that's what you want, isn't that all the more reason? If you have a goal, why are you standing around making excuses?
: Excuses...?
: Hey! When did I ever make any excuses!?
: Sure, maybe we're stuck in here right now, with no way out. But if you really want to make an effort, shouldn't you try to see what you *can* do in here?

: Nng...! Th-That's a challenge! You just made an official challenge!
: But...I think you're right. If I want to get that gold medal, I have to make every effort I can. I want to become a "genius of effort"! I bet Ian Thorpe said something like that!
: Yeah! I can't go around making excuses, just cuz we're stuck in here! Alright! I think I'm gonna go do some push-ups in my room! Like maybe around a thousand or something! *leaves*

Almost before she was done talking, Hina took off like a bat out of hell...

: She recovered exactly as fast and strong as I would have expected...
: This event gives us SP+1.
: The third event takes place at the pool again.

> Yes, definitely

Astral Boy Doll: A figurine of the popular TV personality who hosted "Lost in Forbidden Love Fantasy Outer Space."

: What!? I can keep this, right? Right!?
: Yay! Ultra stoked!

Seeing Hina so pleased with something I gave her makes me happy!

: Ugh... Hey, Makoto... I'm so tired...
: Yeah, you *look* pretty tired. What happened?
: I woke up earlier than normal this morning, so I decided to do a push-up, sit-up, squat set. I ended up doing a thousand of each...
: Well, that would explain it.
: tired... I want...something sweet... I want those things you get when you mix flour, sugar, butter and eggs, then deep fry 'em...

So what Hina's looking for is...

> Donuts

: Oh, I know. You want some donuts, don't you?

: Don't tell anyone, but there's actually a bunch of frozen donuts in the warehouse...!
: Throw those in the microwave for a few seconds and just imagine... Imagine the warm chewiness of that donut! You know what I'm saying, right? You'd eat the crap outta that, right!?
: You really do love donuts, huh?

: Is there anyone who doesn't? Who on Earth--no, who in the whole universe can say they hate donuts!?
: Think about the sensation of biting into a donut... First the sweetness floods your mouth, then the soft dough cushions you...
: Next you get that hint of egg and butter, right? You feel like you're falling into the center of the donut itself! When people talk about the donut effective, that's what they're talking about...!
: That's absolutely not true.

: Ahh, I can't take it anymore! I'm drooling like Niagara Falls over here!
: Get outta my way, Makoto, or I got an uppercut with your name on it!
: I-I'm not in the way...
: Wait for me, god of donuts! *leaves*

Almost before she was done talking, Hina took off like a bat out of hell...

: Whenever I'm around her, I feel like I'm soaking in the essence of human vitality...
: This event gives us SP+1. Fun fact, in the original PSP release, either this event or the previous one gave the player an extra skill: Running. ...Yes, you had to unlock the ability to run in the halls. Glad they changed that for the PSP Greatest Hits version and other future releases.
: We'll continue next time with Hina's latter three events.