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Part 36: Free Time Roundup #2

School Mode Free Time Roundup #2: Leon Kuwata

: Today on Free Time Roundup, we'll be visiting with Leon. His Free Time chain consists of three events. We saw the first one back in Chapter 1 Daily Life, Part 6 and we'll be finishing up the other two today.

> Spend time together

: His event just so happens to take us to the pool again. It does appear to be completely random what backdrop is used for these conversations.

: Alright! We gotta sit down and plan out our strategy!

: So, Makoto...which girl do you have your eye on?

Leon and I had a strategy meeting... Leon and I grew a little closer today.

> Yes, definitely

Small Light: Common wisdom might make you think that shining this light on you will turn you small... but nope. It's just that the light itself is about the size of a matchbox.

: Oh, you're just giving this to me?

: You're totally awesome, man! You want my autograph in exchange?

I get the impression he liked it. That's good...

: Makoto, my friend! Listen, I wanted to ask you something...

: Huh? What's up?

: Well, I wanna start up a band, right? I was wondering if you know anyone who's good at writing music.
: Oh, but nobody too popular! I don't want anyone to overshadow my own popularity as the lead singer!

: You're serious about becoming a musician, huh?

: Absolutely! And I don't wanna be a George, ya know? Gotta get that Paul action!

: Speaking of which, what kind of music do you want to make?

: Well, what if I said I wanted to be like The Damned, The Clash, The Sex Pistols?

So he mentioned The Damned, The Class, and The Sex Pistols... Those are all...

> Punk

: Those are all punk bands, right?

: Damn straight! My plan is to conquer the world with punk!

: Cuz I mean...when it comes to punk, it doesn't really matter if you can actually play or not.

I'm...not sure how many punk bands would agree with that.

: Anyway, by the time I got to this school, I'd already decided I was gonna quit baseball. I was just gonna use it as a stepping stone once I got into Hope's Peak to propel me into stardom...
: I was gonna use my time here to become the Ultimate Musician!

: ...That dream's dead now, though. I came here chasing a dream, but I never imagined it'd turn into such a nightmare...

: Dammit...! I have to do it! I have to become a famous musician!

: Stop screwing with me, world! Give me back my youth! Give me back my dreams!

So Leon did have a dream. But it had nothing to do with baseball... He was never really serious about baseball, but I can't say I blame him for what he did.

: I...I swear to god, I have to do it! Then that girl at the hair salon will go out with me!

: ...Huh?

: Oh yeah, she told me she only dates musicians.

: Her face is only okay, but she's got a smokin' hot body. I gotta get me some of that!

: That's...not the real reason you want to do all that, is it?

: What better reason is there!? The whole point of becoming a musician is to be popular, right?

: Speaking of which, do you know what kinda guy Sayaka's into? Is she into musicians? Or maybe actors? Maybe I should become an actor!

...I feel like I'm starting to understand Leon a little better...

: We are rewarded with SP+1.

> Spend time together

: This next event actually took place partially in a room we have yet to discover so I'm going to use the portraits from the pool while we're in that room.

> Yes, definitely

Zoles Diamond: A brand-name diamond popularly used in engagement rings. Although...this one's just an imitation...

: The same gift acceptance text and response that we saw above plays here.

: Hey, Makoto. I have something to tell you,'s kind of a secret. Could you, uh, come to my room?

: Your room...?

: Anyway, I'll be waiting! *leaves*

I wonder why Leon suddenly invited me to his room like that...

I did what Leon asked and headed to his room right away.

: At the end of most character's Free Time event chain, you get to visit their bedroom. They usually have various things in them that are associated with their Ultimate talent. Surprisingly, Leon really doesn't have anything baseball related in here, just a bunch of musical items.

: Welcome to the room of a future superstar!

: So, what's up? You said you have a secret or something?

: ...

: Well, okay it's like...

: Let's play baseball!

: Kidding, kidding! That was a joke. Super joke! I hate baseball, remember? ...

: Ahh... sounds like it *wasn't* a joke.

: Leon, do you...want to start playing baseball again?

: Wh-What are you talking about!? Don't be stupid...! How many times have I told you how much I totally hate baseball!? I, like, don't like it at all!

: what I thought. But actually... This is the longest I've ever gone without playing, ya know? I mean, I was so good, they forced me to play like, all the time.

: And being away from the game for so long has made you realize how you really feel?

: Dammit! It's like mind control! Baseball brainwashed me! But fine, whatever! I just wanna throw the ball around a little! But I can't play baseball by myself!

: Ghh... I never shoulda come to this school!

: L-Leon...

: If what's happening to us really is some kinda school event thing, then when it's over...
: ...I think I'm gonna drop out and go back to my old school. Maybe my team won't want me back, but all I can do is beg for forgiveness and hope for the best.

: I-I don't think you have to worry about that. I'm sure they'll be happy to have you back. If you just show them how you really feel about baseball, how you're willing to go to practice and--

: Practice?

: Hell no! No way! I really, seriously hate practice! I don't need practice! I just wanna play the game! Even an exhibition game or whatever!

: O-Oh... Well...I'm sure it'll all work out somehow.

: Yeah, they can't just drop someone as good as me! I'm sure they'll forgive me no problem! I mean, it's me, right!? I'm the up-and-coming Koshien Stadium Superstar! Hehehe! You're gonna be there rooting for me, right?

I don't think he's learned his lesson. But still...I think it's impossible for me to hate him. He and I talked about so much together. Have I finally met the real Leon...? I think Leon and I have come to understand each other a lot better.

We made a little more small talk, then I went back to my room.

: This final conversation unlocks the skill Kinetic Depth Perception. Its skill text reads "During concentration, automatically targets the weak spot. Effective during the Nonstop Debate. Costs 2 SP." I've never used this skill before so I can't say anything about its effectiveness. Sounds like it might just help you target the weak points easier if you have trouble lining up your shots.

: This also gives you a bronze Playstation Trophy called "Almost Almost Famous" and a Star on Leon's Report Card.

Leon Kuwata's Character Art