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Part 40: Chapter 2 Deadly Life, Part 1

I tried to suppress my screaming, but it was useless. It surged out of me, like water from a spring gushing out of the ground. Byakuya, on the other hand...

: Most unusual, don't you think...?

He was totally calm. Almost like he was watching this all unfold in front of a TV screen.

: Look. Chihiro's corpse has been suspended somehow. And something's been written on the wall, in blood... "Bloodlust"?

: Such a brutal way to kill someone... No, this is beyond brutal. Wouldn't you agree?
: They killed her. How could it *not* be brutal?
: No, that's not my point. This murder is far too bizarre for any everyday amateur to have committed it. Unlike with Sayaka, this murder was not a crime of passion or necessity. It's almost as if whoever did this...did it for fun. You see what I mean, don't you?
: ...What?

My head was swimming. I was still reeling, too confused to understand what he was trying to say. And before I could even begin to clear my head...

: Hey, I heard screaming! Did something--?

: ...AAAAAAAAHH! Chihiro!?

*Ding dong, bing bong*

: A body has been discovered! After a certain amount of time, which you may use however you like, the class trial will begin!

: ...What the hell was that?
: Ah, that's right. You were unconscious during Sayaka's, so you don't know about it. What you just heard was the body discovery announcement. Apparently, when three or more people discover a body, an announcement plays to let everyone know. I imagine it's so that the search for the culprit can proceed fairly for everyone involved.


: The body discovery announcement!? Then Chihiro really is...?
: Dead, yes.
: D-D-D-D--!
: Before you start screaming your head off, go round everyone up. It seems another game has begun. Another life-or-death game to uncover a killer...

Taka bolted out of the locker room. As everyone made their way to the scene, it felt as if no time at all passed. It was like my sense of time had just...taken wing and flown away. When I finally came back to myself, I say everyone had the same look of confusion, fear, and anger. We all just stood there, gathered around Chihiro's body.

: Damn... I couldn't keep her safe!
: So there's another victim...
: Which means we are now in the same position once again.
: Fuck, man... What the fuck IS this!?
: It's a dream... This is a dream! It's all just a dream! In fact, I haven't even been born yet! I don't have any memory of ever being alive! Ugyaaaah!
: Shut up.

: Let's examine Chihiro's body.

: For now, pay attention to the wall.
: Huh?
: I said it once already. There's a word written there.

On the wall...?

The word "bloodlust" is written on the wall in blood...

: I don't think it's any kind of dying message. It's just too...strange...
: But, you know...that thing about writing "bloodlust" in blood... Doesn't it sound kinda familiar?

: A murderous fiend, who kills again and again using a bizarre and brutal method... And at the scene of each crime, the word "bloodlust" is written in the victim's own blood. They're like a ghost, attacking suddenly then slipping away before the police can catch up to them. And what nickname did the Internet give to this mysterious serial killer?

: Genocide Jack!

Genocide Jack... The "murderous fiend" whose grisly attacks were famous all across the country. The Ultimate Murderous Fiend, creating a reputation of abnormal, downright cruel killings.

: Then this is...some copycat killer trying to imitate Genocide Jack's "style"? But...why would anyone do that?
:'s the work of the real Genocide Jack.
: The real...? Wait, are you saying Genocide Jack is here in the school!?
: Th-There's no way...!

: But going so far as to write bloodlust at the scene... I am surprised at their stupidity...
: I can't imagine a worse situation than dealing with a stupid murderer...
: Ah--!

: What is it now!?
: Toko!

Hina was pointing toward the entrance to the girls locker room.

: Ah...ahh...

Toko was the last to arrive, and now she was just standing there.

: ...? Nnnnnno... Wh-Why...? Why...? W...h...y...?



: She fainted! That did NOT sound good!
: T-Toko!

Hina rushed over to the collapsed Toko and started trying to shake her awake.

: Toko, are you okay!? Come on, wake up!

: Oh, that's right. I just remembered what she said, about how she faints anytime she sees blood.
: So she is hemophobic? I imagine she does not watch too many horror films, then.

: This isn't a violation of the rules, right? I mean, technically she passed out somewhere besides her room.
: No, I think it should be okay. The regulations prohibit "sleeping." Like, on purpose.
: Ahh, so since she didn't faint on purpose, it doesn't count? Gotcha.

: Toko, can you hear me!? Hey, you gotta wake up!

As if she'd heard her...Toko suddenly shot awake. As in, she literally jumped up from where she was laying. It was such a strange reaction, I was at a total loss for words. She leapt straight up into the air, changing her stance as she did.

In no time flat, she was just...standing up. Ignoring the physical contortions she had to go through, her motions were totally haphazard.

: Huh? What?
: Sorry about that. I was just so shocked, ya know? It happens, right? Was I the only one?
: T-Toko? Are you...okay?
: I'm fine, I'm fine! Kyehaha...! Whoa, is that a dead body!? Hey! Are you dead!? Kyeehahaha!
: She musta hit her head *real* hard when she fainted...
: The world has a front and a back, a top inning and a bottom, a sea of truth and a web of lies!

: This is...quite concerning. I mean, she sounds completely different...
: No no no, everything's fine! At least the stutter's all gone. That's a good thing, right!? Kyeehahaha!

: It's clear to me that everything is *not* fine! Your eyes seem strangely vacant!
: It might be best if we take her back to her room for the time being...

: I don't mind taking her, but...could someone help me?
: If you need help, I don't mind--
: Taka, could you help me?
: Huh? She totally ignored me!

: Very well. You take care of the girl, and the rest of us can begin the investigation right away. Can I assume nobody has a problem leaving Sakura and Mondo on guard duty again?
: H-Hold on a second. Rushing to an investigation--
: The mastermind isn't behind that. After what happened last time, surely you realize that.
: Nng...!

: There is no question that Chihiro was murdered by someone among us. Isn't that right, Monokuma?

: Right as rain! But don't take it as a bad thing. It's just a fact of life!
: Because that's how graduation works!'s happened again? Is that what you're saying? That another one of us...? Another one of us...killed...a fellow classmate?

: What, does that freak you out? You guys got no balls, you know that!? Is there just nothin' down there at all? Well, I'll let you pray to mine if you want.
: Actually, I don't have any, either! Sorry!
: Stop monologuing and give us what you came here to give us. You *did* bring it, right?

: Hehehe... I sure did, chum! Allow me to present the next Monokuma File. I know how much you must be looking forward to it! So, please do you very tippytop best on this investigation! *leaves*

: Do we really gotta do another investigation...? Examining the corpse of one of our friends... Having to suspect all our *other* friends... I hate this... I can't take it anymore!
: I hate it, too! I-I-I've had enough! I'm gettin' outta here!

: Where do you plan on going? There's nowhere to run.
: Just accept it already. After all, blood is just a liquid. A dead body is a simple object.

: You are very...enthusiastic about all of this, are you not?
: How can I not be? If we don't unmask the culprit we all die.
: Th-That's true, jump into it so soon...

: What? Do you *want* to die? Fine, then go off and die somewhere. Right now, go ahead. You're a waste of space.
: A dead body is an...object?

: Chihiro wasn't an "object"! Show a little respect, or I'll beat some into ya!

: Everyone stop bickering. Listen, there's some truth to what Byakuya said.
: K-Kyoko!
: If we don't solve the mystery and find the killer, our own lives are forfeit. And if Byakuya is right that Genocide Jack is somehow the one who killed Chihiro then unless we do something, more victims could start piling up.
: Forget more victims! If we mess this up, we're all dead meat!

: Hold on, hold on. If that's your worry, you don't gotta worry any longer! In any one killing game, the guilty party may only kill a maximum of two people.
: What...? I don't remember any rule like that.
: I just came up with it. I mean, if one person went around and killed everyone, your lovely student life would be all over, right?
: The new rule has been added to the Regulations menu.

: In that case, why not limit it to *one* person?
: Well in a good mystery, you don't want to miss out on at least the *potential* of a serial killer angle! Nyoohohoho! Just one would totally murder that possibility!
: Farewell for now! I'll catch you guys at the class trial! *leaves*

: I can't say I understand his thinking, but if we can kill up to two people then one more person's life could still be in danger.
: Which is definitely not good. We need to uncover the culprit before something else happens.
: YOU need to shut the fuck up!

: W-Well...for now, Taka and me are gonna drop Toko off at her room.
: Nice! I'm gonna get dropped off! *Taka, Hina and Toko leave*

: We have no time to stand around here. We must begin our investigation tout suite. If we do not solve the mystery of who killed Chihiro...
: ...then we will quickly follow her into the afterlife.

That's true... I hate this, but...if I want to survive... Me and everyone else... We have to do it. We don't have any other choice!