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Part 51: Trial 2, Part 8

: Laugh at death, and your soul will forever be at peace.

: It...can't be...

Another murder...and another execution... I want to feel again... Everyone's lives are taken so lightly here... I feel like I might be going mad... Maybe I'll just...let it happen...

: Urraaaaaaahhh...!


As Taka's screams invaded our skulls, we were each forced to realize once again... But he...of course he had to...

: What a disappointment. This is the end of the game?
: B...Byakuya...?

: You're completely insane, you know that? A game? One of our friends is dead! Do you realize that!?
: Of course I do. Because this game is life or death.

: I don't have anything to say to you. I don't have a response, except that...I just don't understand why. Why did you go out of your way to disguise Mondo's crime?
: Why...?

: Isn't it obvious? Because it made things more interesting.

His voice was calm, emotionless. Like the voice of death. It chilled me to the bone.

: Last night, when the murder took place, I was in the library as usual.

: So you ignored the nightttime rule, too...
: That rule never mattered to me. I don't recall agreeing to it.
: Well, I don't particularly care. Please, continue.
: The night grew late, and I decided to return to my room. Which is when I stumbled upon him...

: I spotted Mondo coming out of the girls locker room. After he'd gone, I looked inside and saw the corpse.
: Wh--!? You mean you actually witnessed the murder!?
: He was such a fool. He didn't have the slightest idea that I'd seen him.

:'re saying you knew who the culprit was from the very beginning?
: Indeed. But if that had been the end of it, how boring would that have been? I mean, what a waste of time to have the answer revealed right at the beginning.

: Which is why I decided to...lend a little helping hand. I thought it would liven things up.
: You did all "liven things up"!?
: So after hearing about Genocide Jack from Toko, you decided to use that to create the fake murder scene?

: But damn, man... If we hadn't figured out who'd really done it, you woulda been dead too, right?
: Well obviously I would have revealed the truth before it reached that point. Of course...

Byakuya turned and looked me in the eye. I could feel his sharp eyes piercing into me...

: Thanks to a certain remarkable someone, it never did. And I was able to perform an interesting experiment. Once I do decide to become blackened, I now know who I'll have to watch out for.
: Wh--!?
: So that was your reason...
: Are you satisfied?
: Yes. We're done listening to your story. Moving on...

Music fades out.

: There's something I'd like to ask Monokuma.
: Ohh? I'm up next?
: You like to perform these elaborate executions each time, correct? My question is...why?
: Puhuhu... Do you like them? But you know, this punishment, this despair--it's not just for you.

: All this punishment, all this despair is my gift to mankind itself!
: You're overexaggerating.
: I am not overexaggerating! These punishments are meant to transform all hope to despair!

: ...What do you mean?
: Mean...? Meeaaan...?
: Mean?
: Mean mean mean mean mean mean mean mean mean mean!

: Good GRIEF! I don't understand why you have to pick apart every little stupid thing!
: Hmph. Whatever, it doesn't matter. In the end, I'm going to stand alone as the victor. And then everything will be revealed to me.

: Ahh, the noble son of a noble family... Truly you understand me! Puhuhu... I think this is the start of a terrifying friendship!
: Shut up. I would never stoop to the level of a childish criminal like you. Let me just say this... After I have achieved complete're up next.
: I'm going to find you and kill you. Understand?

: In the name of the Togami family, for which victory is a foregone conclusion...
: Oooh, so cool! It's like you're the main character of a video game or something! No trash mob for you!

: I swear, whatever it takes...I will kill you!
: Puhuhu... Temper, temper! Sounds like someone needs a nap! Puhuhu... Puuhuhuhuhu!

: Ahh-hahahaha!

Monokuma's laughter pealed across the courtroom, and the curtain closed on the case of Chihiro and Mondo. But I knew that wasn't the end. The killing game would still continue... Because the mastermind wouldn't let it end. For those of us who were still alive, our worst fear and despair kept on multiplying... It was the kind of despair that felt like a blind puppy in hell had more of a future than us... All of our courage, our effort, our friendship... It felt like it amounted to nothing at all.

...It was the worst kind of despair.

: Well, anyway, like I was saying... This is a pretty good spot... Yeah, a *really* good spot! Anyway, isn't it amazing how that girl went and killed someone before things even had a chance to get boring? Once things really get moving, it'll be like a rollercoaster. There won't be any stopping it! Fear and despair charge forward at a speed nothing can hope to match. But I must admit, I'm disappointed... I went to all the pain and effort of making you part of the group, and you couldn't play your part... You do remember you were supposed to make the first move, right? Well, no biggie. Nothing we can do about it now. So just do your best to make things more exciting from now on, okay? After all, that's what everyone wants to see...
: ...There's one thing I'd like to ask you...
: As long as you don't wanna know my measurements, fire away!
: Who is it? The sixteenth high school student, I mean...
: Guhaah! My my, you really took me by surprise there. I know I said you could ask anything, but... Super denied! Ultra denied! Demonic denied! Because you see, that's my ace in the hole. And nobody'd be dumb enough to reveal that, right? No matter how close they were to their "friends"... Puhuhu... Puuhuhuhu!
: ...