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Part 71: Chapter 3 Deadly Life, Part 4

: Now that we've gotten the case review out of the way, let's really start looking for clues to the murders.

There are hammers of all different sizes hanging on the wall. Although some are more like mallets... Mallets...? Could the Justice Hammers have been designed...using these as a model? Either way, all the hammers here have obviously seen a lot of use. They're all covered in debris and chalky stone powder...

: Wait...

For some reason...this one hammer isn't dirty at all. And it's...wet. Did someone wash it recently...?

Taka... He'll never move again... According to the Monokuma File, Taka died from a blow to the head. We found Justice Hammer 4 near his body in the equipment room. Is that what was used to kill him...? And there's a tarp laid out under his body... Did the killer use this to move Taka's body? That way, there wouldn't be any blood left behind while the body was moved...

Hifumi's big, cold body is laying on the floor... His... *really* big body. I mean, how on Earth was the killer able to move someone so big? From the nurse's office where he was discovered to here, the repository... All the way from the 1st floor to the 3rd... And all without anyone noticing it. How the hell...?

: ...

It's no good. I just don't get it. I can think about it later. For now, I have to finish investigating Hifumi himself.

If I remember correctly, Hifumi's fatal injury was also a blow to the head. Probably from Justice Hammer 3, which was laying on the floor in the nurse's office...

: Huh? Wait...

Something' about his body. Why am I getting this feeling...? Something's...different. Something about Hifumi's body in the nurse's office, versus his body right now...

...That's it! His glasses! When his body was in the nurse's office, his glasses were covered with blood. But now...they're completely clean. Does that mean...someone wiped his glasses off? But who would do that? And why?

It's a dolly. It doesn't have a handle... I saw this in the art room before. I guess it's used to move statues around. It's kinda awkward, but if you bend down, it's not too hard to use. Huh? But wait...

Wasn't this in the equipment room when we found Taka's body?

And look at the wheel... There's a bloodstain on it. So there's blood on the wheel of the dolly that was moved from the equipment room to the repository... What's the explanation for that...?

: Let's see what Byakuya has to say about the murders. He was sounding pretty disappointed earlier.

: Byakuya... Do you think Hiro really did it?
: I don't see how anyone could think otherwise. When the attacks and murders and disappearances all happened, every one of us had an alibi. And the last thing Hifumi said when he died...
: Yeah...he said Hiro's name.
: Then there is no room to suspect anyone else.
: Okay, but if he did do it... Why would he hide his identity with that weird costume?

: Maybe he thought that no matter what happened, he'd be safe as long as his face was covered. Because he's the fool of the century, you see.

I mean, he *is* kinda dumb... But do you really think that's enough to explain it? I feel like there's a clue hiding in there somewhere...

: And is that it? That's all that bothers you about the case?
: Well, no... There are a few other things. Like, why did the killer try to hide the bodies?

: They probably figured that if we couldn't find the bodies, we couldn't complete out investigation.
: But if that's the case, we found the bodies pretty easily, didn't we?
: Again, it comes back to the fact that the culprit was a moron.
: Is that really all there is to it...?
: ...
: The other thing that bothers me is...why'd they bother killing two people?

: ...What?
: Because all the rule says is, if you can kill someone and get away with it, you graduate. Right? So if you're the killer, your number one priority is not getting caught. But killing two people means more clues, more chances you'll get found out.
: Hold on. Perhaps... I see... So that's what that means.
: I-Is everything okay...?
: ...

: Don't talk to me as if we're friends.
: Huh? What's with the attitude?
: have my appreciation.
: Thanks to you, I might have some fun with this after all. *leaves*

His mysterious words hung in the air as he left the repository.

: He talked as if...he'd figured something out. But if he did, would it have killed him to tell me what it was?

: Let's check in with Hina. She was pretty shaken up by all of this.

: Hey, um...Makoto? I've been thinking about something. It's about the repository...
: Huh? What is it?
: After Hifumi and Taka's bodies disappeared, we split up to look around, right? I was really scared, so me and Sakura stuck together. And we came right to the repository to, y'know, look around.
: But when we got here, the repository was locked. We couldn't get inside...
: It was locked...?

: And we came here as soon as the search started, so there's no way someone coulda beat us here... So if that's true, then...who locked it? And why is it unlocked now?
: I wonder the same thing...

The door was locked when the search for the bodies began, but now it's wide open... There might be some secret lurking in there... But I'll probably have to leave this area to figure it out...

: We've examined everything and talked with everyone in here so we can now examine the repository door before leaving the area.

There's only one way in and out of this room... Through the door that Hina said was locked before. There's definitely a lock on the door, but it can only be locked from inside the repository.

I don't see any way to lock it from in the art room...

: Hmm...

The door can only be locked from inside the repository. Which makes me wonder... Hina and Sakura confirmed that the door was locked after we started looking for the missing bodies. And the door is designed so that it can only be locked from inside the repository. In other words... When Hina checked it, someone had already gone in the repository and locked the door. When they were done, they unlocked it and left. Which is why it's unlocked now... But Hina claims that there's no way someone could have beaten them to the repository... So that certain someone...

: Hmm... There's gotta be a clue around here somewhere.

Maybe I should check somewhere else. There are some places I already know about... First the nurse's office, where Hifumi was found. Then the equipment room, where Taka was found...

: First stop, the equipment room since it's on the same floor as us.

Justice Hammer 4... The weapon that was used to kill Taka... The body was moved, but the murder weapon was just left here...

There's some kind of tire mark going through the pool of blood in the middle of the room. That reminds me... About the dolly in the repository...

There was blood on its tire...! Could that blood have come

: Which could mean that Taka's body was moved from the equipment room to the repository using the dolly...

Both rooms are on the 3rd floor, so that should definitely have been possible.

But even if the dolly *was* used to move Taka's body...what about Hifumi? Hifumi's body was in the nurse's office on the 1st floor. Even with a dolly, there's no way to get it up to the 3rd floor...

: That's still a total mystery...

Huh? This tarp... I feel like I've seen it somewhere before. And just recently, too...

: No Truth Bullet here, but we did get a whopping one (1) Monocoin!

: I was sleeping right here when the killer carried the body away!
: I'm super pissed I missed such an ultimately rare event!

: Nothing more to see in the equipment room. Let's examine the nurse's office.

: What are you investigating, Celeste?
: I am not investigating anything, precisely speaking. I am simply going around, seeing if Hiro might be hiding somewhere. What about you?
: Oh, you know...I'm just checking this and that... The main thing on my mind is how someone could have moved Hifumi's body.

: How Hifumi was moved, eh?
: When it disappeared, you were supposed to be in the nurse's office, right?
: Correct. Hina was not feeling well, so I stayed behind to look after her. But she seemed to be getting worse, so I took her to the bathroom.
: And when you got back, the body was gone?

: We could not have been gone for more than a minute or two, though.

Yeah, Hina said the same thing.

: So then, the killer was able to get in and move Hifumi's body in that short amount of time?
: It would seem so...

To carry off someone as big as Hifumi in only a couple of minutes is... I can't think of it as anything less than impossible.

It's just a normal trash can. Huh? Wait...there's something inside.

It's too small to be a handkerchief. It's...a glasses cleaning cloth. And it's got some kind of cartoon character on it... Augh, but it's also covered in blood...!

: Ah, did you find something?
: Yeah. There was a cleaning cloth in the trash can.
: A cleaning cloth...?
: And it's all bloody... Whoever this belonged to must have used it to wipe up some blood. But who would need to do something like that...?
: I haven't the slightest idea.

Yeah, me either. But I think it might be important...

Justice Hammer 3... The one that was used to kill Hifumi... Someone moved the body, but left the weapon behind...

A refrigerator... I wonder if there's anything to drink inside. After everything I've been through, I'm totally parched. Maybe just a quick peek...

: ...

There's a bunch of blood packets in here. For blood transfusions, I guess... It doesn't help me, though. I'm not a vampire...

: That's everything we can check in here for now. Time to head elsewhere.

: So this is where you were. I've been looking for you.
: You have...?
: I wanted to thank you for what you did. Not that you meant to, but you ended up making this little game of ours very interesting indeed.
: U-Umm...
: You should go to Hiro's room. Oh, and let me give you this.

"Meet in the dining hall!"

: This is the note Hiro wrote to get us all to meet up, right?
: You remember well.
: Well, the penmanship was pretty remarkable, so it left an impression...

: Anyway, this makes it clear, right? This is a trap.
: What is...?
: Hmhm. Things grow ever more exciting.
: Um...what are you talking about?
: I've already repaid my debt. I don't owe you any more explanation. Goodbye... *leaves* he said to go to Hiro's room, but...what's waiting for me there?

The door is...unlocked!? I guess...I can go inside. Byakuya did say to go look. It might not be a great idea, but I'm gonna take the plunge...

This is Hiro's room. There's all kinds of weird stuff in here... Where'd he even get it all from? More importantly, he still hasn't turned up... Which means he can't really complain if I don't get his permission to search his room, right?

: The only thing to check in here is this stack of boxes.

I think there's something in the cardboard box...

It's...blueprints for something. And...

Some things made out of... It looks like cardboard, plastic, and...plaster?

: Is this...Robo Justice? And it's in Hiro's room...!

But wait... These blueprints...

Something about them bothers me... Hmm...

: Makoto! Big news! BIG NEWS!
: ...What's wrong?
: We found Kyoko!
: What!? I-Is she okay? Where is she!?

Music fades out.

: Wait, I wasn't done. There's more big news!

: Robo Justice showed up, too!
: Robo Justice!?
: It's Hiro wearing the costume!
: Anyway! As soon as you can, head to the pool, on the 2nd floor! *leaves*

To think Hiro and Kyoko would turn up at the same time...

: Anyway, I have to head to the pool!

I ran off to the 2nd floor as fast as I could.