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Part 75: Trial 3, Part 2

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: As we know, Taka was killed in the equipment room. And from there, the body was moved to the repository, correct?
: Yeah, the culprit wrapped the body in the tarp...then loaded it onto the dolly and wheeled it off, right?
: Now, keep in mind that the dolly doesn't have a handle.
: Well, yeah, but even without a handle all you'd have to do is bend over.
: Then you could push the dolly no problem!
: So the killer just crouched down and carted the body off to the repository!
: If you accept everything we just said then you must realize that whoever was in the suit couldn't possibly be the culprit.
: Uh...sorry, I don't think I realize anything...

The dolly was used to move Taka's body, that much I'm sure of. But...would the person inside the suit have been able to push the dolly?

: Lots of weak points here but no need to panic. We learned during the investigation that you can't bend at the waist while in the suit.

> Shoot "bend over" with "Robo Justice Costume"

: You're absolutely right that you could push a dolly without a handle if you stoop down low.
: But if you were wearing that suit, do you think you could actually get into a position like that?
: Wh-What do you mean...?
: Think back to what you said when we were all checking out the suit together. Remember?

: Ahh! See, look! See how loose it is? I mean, come on... I'm blind as a bat in here! Can't see my feet at all. I'm surprised you got anywhere in this thing!
: I'm telling you, it wasn't me!
: And not to mention--! You totally can't bend at the waist! Seems like a pretty obvious oversight...

: When you're in that suit, not only can you not see your feet, but you can't even bend at the waist.
: Am I right about that?
: Now that you mention it...yeah...
: It seems like it'd be awfully hard to push that dolly if you couldn't bend over...
: Well, what's to stop you from simply pushing the dolly with your feet?
: When you can't even see your feet? You really think someone could kick the dolly all that way?
: Yeah, it'd be totally impossible! Not that I can say for sure myself!

: On top of that, if you were wearing such a rigid, cumbersome suit it's very unlikely you would have the dexterity to go about wrapping the body in a tarp.
: Well I mean, isn't that just a matter of taking off the suit when you're ready to move the body?

There's absolutely no chance that the costume was taken off just to move the body. Because...

> You can't take it off by yourself

: I don't think taking off the suit was an option. If you remember...

: I dunno what's up with this thing, but I can't actually get it off...! A little help?
: Why would you make something that you can't take off by yourself?
: I didn't make the stupid friggin' thing!
: There's a clasp on the back that's keeping you from getting it off. It looks pretty sturdy. I don't think you can get it off on your own. We don't really have a choice. Let's help him.

: That's true. It seems impossible to put the suit on or take it off without help.
: really can't take it off by yourself? Hiro wasn't just making it up?
: O-Of course I wasn't making it up!
: If he could have gotten it off by himself, I don't think he would have let us see him wearing it. Showing up in the suit was basically an invitation for everyone to suspect him.
: Y-Yeah, that's right!
:'s really *really* true that Robo Justice couldn't have moved the dolly...?
: To be clear, whoever did move the body, it couldn't have been Hiro in the robot suit, correct?

: No, wait, just a second if you please. Have you forgotten about the picture that I took?

: You all got a good look at it, did you not? The image of Hifumi being dragged away by Robo Justice? If whoever was in that suit is not the culprit, how do you explain that? Besides, so you remember what the now deceased Hifumi said...?

: How did you get hurt?
: That guy hit me...
: What guy?
: Robo Justice. Er, that's what I decided to call him, just now...

: So long as those faces exist, the proper conclusion is beyond question.
: The individual inside the suit and the culprit are one and the same. It was Hiro, without a doubt.
: Yeah...! Yeah, that's gotta be right!
: H-Hold on a second!

: It's still far too early to reach that conclusion. Besides, there's no hurry to decide who did it. Before we rush to a verdict, shouldn't we explore every single possibility? Instead of seizing on one viewpoint, the truth is uncovered by analyzing things from every angle.
: Perhaps, but where do we go from here?

: Let's review this series of unfortunate events from the beginning. Maybe we'll uncover something new...
: Pfhah! What a pain in the ass!
: I don't disagree, but our lives are on the lines. If this is what it takes, we have to do it.
: Plus, maybe we'll get to find out where the heck Kyoko was when everything went down...
: Alright then, let's take another look back at what happened. I suppose we could start with this morning...

: Four of us gathered together in the dining hall--Makoto, Hina, Kyoko, and myself. We waited there for quite a while, but nobody else showed up. So we went to look for everyone. That was around 8 a.m.
: And as soon as we split up, Kyoko went missing.
: Soon after that, Hina found Celeste in the rec room, and quickly came to get Makoto and me.
: It seems I was unconscious for about an hour after I was attacked by my mystery assailant. I know it was an hour because I remember being attacked a little after 7.

: That was when we saw Celeste's picture and discovered that her assailant had been wearing a strange costume. As it turns out, it was Robo Justice... It also soon became clear that this same Robo Justice had abducted Hifumi.

: We were soon joined in our search by Byakuya and Toko, and then went on to find Hifumi in the library. He was injured, so we took him to the nurse's office and resumed our search for the suspect. But not long after leaving the nurse's office...

: ...!?
: What's wrong...?
: I saw a shadow! Something moving around at the top of the stairs!

: When Celeste told us that, we decided to split up and search the 2nd floor. And soon after that...
: I saw someone moving around on the 3rd floor, and I yelled out to everyone as soon as I did.

: Celeste! What's wrong!?
: That was a rather...intense scream for someone like you.
: I saw him! The strange costumed man...! He ran off as soon as I screamed... I was blocking the stairs, so he headed further down into the hallway and disappeared...!

: And then...

???: Ungyaaaaaahhh!!!

: Huh!?
: Wh-What was that!?
: That came from downstairs! It must have been...
: Hifumi! He's in the nurse's office! This is bad! Come on, we have to go back!

: At that point we decided to divide up into two groups. Celeste, Hina, and I went back to the nurse's office while Sakura, Byakuya, and Toko chased after the suspect.

: When we got back to the nurse's office, we found Hifumi...dead. And that's when we heard the body discovery announcement.

: I left Celeste and Hina there and headed back to the 3rd floor, to let the others know what had happened.

: Meanwhile, we had just discovered Taka's body, in the equipment room. We must have found both bodies at almost exactly the same time because we heard the same announcement not long after we'd discovered his body.

: And that's when I told you guys about Hifumi. Then the three of us headed for the nurse's office.
: But right after we left the physics lab we ran into Celeste, who'd arrived after us, and she told us something very surprising.

: Hifumi's body has disappeared!

: We rushed back to the nurse's office and saw that she was right.
: Then we remembered we'd left Toko passed out in the equipment room, so we hurried back again.

: This can't be happening...
: Are we hallucinating all this or something?

: But when we got there, we discovered that now Taka's body had *also* gone missing. Next thing we knew, we were searching the school for two missing dead bodies. And after some time...

: Celeste informed us that she'd found the bodies, and we all headed to the repository which is where we rediscovered the corpses.

: I think that about covers it.
: I see... The whole thing sounds exceptionally complicated.
: It certainly seems to me that these are not a simple series of connected events.
: Okay, well...if that's true, then what?

: Rather than a single series of events, I think we have to consider each murder a separate situation. And from there, we can uncover the contradictions surrounding all of them. Now then, let's get started, beginning with what happened to Taka...

The contradictions hidden in what happened to Taka... In order to uncover the truth of this case, I have to find them, no matter what!

: So, regarding Taka's death... I wonder if he died before Hifumi... Or perhaps it was after?
: We already know what order they were killed in! Taka came last!
: What makes you say that?
: Because of the numbering of the Justice Hammers!
: It's true that hifumi was killed with Justice Hammer 3 while Taka's death came from a swing of Justice Hammer 4.
: See? So it's obvious Taka came after!

The order that the Justice Hammers were used in to commit the murders... Something about that is bothering me.

: This one might throw off a new player. The wristwatch seems like the obvious choice but is actually wrong. It's definitely related to the topic but doesn't fit the weak points close enough. However, don't forget we can memorize someone else's weak point to create a temporary Truth Bullet.

: We need to use Hina's statement about supposedly knowing the order of the incidents from the numbering on the hammers and turn it against her. It can be difficult to figure out when to use a memorized statement so make sure you pay close attention to the details of your Truth Bullets.

> Shoot "the numbering" with "what order"

: Hold on, there's no reason to assume that the hammers were used in the same order as their numbers! If anything, that's just another way the killer tried to disguise their actions.
: So you're saying the culprit wanted us to *think* the hammers were used in order but in reality Taka was killed *before* Hifumi?
: Okay then, let's see the proof.

Evidence that proves Taka was killed *before* Hifumi... I feel like...there was something...