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Part 81: Trial 3, Part 7

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: Hifumi was trying to tell us something... He wanted us to know the killer's last name--Yasukiro.
: If there's one person here who might have that last name...
: It would have to be you, Celeste. You haven't told anyone what your real name is.
: How many times do I have to tell you...?
: Celestia Ludenburg, goddammit!
: How long do you plan to go on pretending...?
: I'm not pretending. It's the truth! And since you have no way to contradict me...
: That's the only truth there is! Moron!

Isn't there any way to make her face the truth...?

: "There may come a point, however, where a handbook may play a role." Thanks for being psychic, Kyoko!

> Shoot "no way to contradict me" with "e-Handbook"

: That's it...! The handbook!
: What!?
: Any time you turn your handbook on, it shows the owner's name when it boots up, right? Monokuma told us all about it before!

: This handbook is absolutely vital to a healthy school life, so don't lose it! When you start it up, it will display your name. Always make sure you have the right one! Now, this is not your everyday notebook. It has so many more uses than that!

: So all we have to do is check her handbook and that'll clear up everything.
: That's how we can find out Celeste's real name!

: Th-That's an invasion of privacy! I-I refuse to cooperate!
: ...
: Celeste... Can you please just tell us what really happened?

: Please, just tell us...
: ...

: Even when I'm put in check, it's just my nature not to give up. Because...
: Because, because...because because because because because because--!

: Until the game's over, you never know what might happen!

: Fine then. Let me settle it. Let me go over the case again, from the beginning, and shed light on all your crimes.
: And that'll bring everything to an end!

: The killer!
: (Don't forget to read right to left!)

: Before anything, the killer persuaded someone to help carry out the murder. And that person was...

: ...Hifumi. With an accomplice, the killer was able to execute a number of otherwise impossible schemes.

: First, they convinced someone to meet them in the rec room last night at one in the morning.

: That "someone" they met with was Hiro. The murderous duo intended to pass Hiro off as the prime suspect. So when they met up with him...

: ...they drugged him, knocked him out, and stuffed him into the Robo Justice suit.

: Next, Hifumi positioned himself to make it look like Robo Justice was attacking him, while the killer used a digital camera to take pictures of the "assault." They did all this just to create evidence that would put the suspicion on Hiro. When they were done with him, they shoved him, still unconscious, into the pool room locker.

: And then finally, at 6 a.m., they moved into the "murder" phase of their plan. They called Taka to the equipment room.

: And that's where Hifumi killed him, making it the scene of the first murder.

: The murder weapon was "Justice Hammer 4," which was left there in the equipment room. The reason hammer number 4 was used was to create confusion about the order of the crimes.

: So, next they falsified two more assault incidents. For these attacks, the killers pretended to be the victims, to solidify Robo Justice as the suspect... The first fake incident was the attack in the rec room. There, the killers wanted us to see Justice Hammer 1 and the Robo Justice pictures they'd taken. They wanted to make sure we bought the "surprise attack" story.

: The second fake incident was the attack in the library. This time, they planted Justice Hammer 2 and "injured" Hifumi to sell us that story. With these two incidents, the killers were able to create a certain preconception in our minds that the suspect was increasing the size of the hammers and attacking people in order as they did. We fell right into their trap and started looking for the suspect based on that, but...

: ...while we did that, we left Hifumi alone in the nurse's office. This was exactly what Hifumi was hoping for.

: He took a blood packet from the refrigerator and Justice Hammer 3 and turned the room into a crime scene, in which he himself had apparently been brutally murdered.

: He let out a scream to draw us back, and when we returned, that's what we found.

: Meanwhile, the other group that had been out searching found Taka's body at the same time. So when we heard the body discovery announcement, we naturally assumed it was for Hifumi.

: We left the nurse's office, and Hifumi once again took advantage of the situation. He simply got up and made his escape. When we learned his body had disappeared, we all rushed back to the nurse's office. And once again, Hifumi had the chance he was waiting for. This time, he snuck into the equipment room...

: He wrapped Taka's body in a tarp and used the dolly to move it all the way down to the repository. That explains how each of the bodies disappeared.

: But even Hifumi didn't know what the true killer had in mind for their final act...

: Their plan all along was to kill Hifumi and get rid of the one person who could betray them. And they did it using an ordinary, everyday hammer from the repository. That should cover everything that happened in this case. And the villain behind it all is...

: Celeste! Sorry, you lose!

: I...lost? I lost...!? When was the last time...I was forced to utter such words?
: They hang heavy around my neck...
: Then you admit it? You're the killer?
: Hm. Heh... Listen to you, trying to take charge. As if you're my private instructor... I, Celestia Ludenburg--actually, no...

: Taeko Yasuhiro is fine...
: Taeko...?
: So, you've finally accepted it.
: I'm the kind of person, once I've lost, I don't like things to drag on.
: Interesting...

: Okay, Monokuma. I'm ready to begin. Or, no...
: I suppose this is the end, isn't it?

: Hmm. Hmm. It is indeed the moment we've all been waiting for! Time to vote! Okay? Okay! If you would, please locate your lever and cast your vote!
: And when the votes are tallied...who will become the blackened!?

: Will you make the right choice, or the dreadfully wrong one? What's it gonna be? What's it gonna beeee!?