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Part 87: Chapter 4 Daily Life, Part 3

: Time to share information with the others. Let's start with Hina.

: There was a big shelf in the chem lab on the 4th floor, and it had all kinds of chemicals and stuff. And there was an all-star cast of nutrient additives and supplements! You should at least go take a peek. I highly recommend it!
: I think you and Ogre are probably the only ones interested in stuff like that...
: Oh,'s not all good stuff, though. There was medicine and health stuff, but on top of that...There was also, um...a bunch of different poisons.
: P-Poison!?

: They were all labeled clearly, though. So it would be hard to grab one by mistake...
: Still, we'd better make sure we're careful around there.
: And...we probably shouldn't tell Byakuya or Toko about the poison, right?
: What do you mean...?
: Well, just in case... You know what I'm trying to say.

: J-Just in case... Yeah, I think you're right.
: It's Byakuya. It won't be long before he's discovered it for himself.

But to put something as dangerous as poison right out in the open... That's absolutely the work of the mastermind.

: I found a couple rooms on the 4th floor, but they were locked! The data center and the headmaster's room!
: The headmaster's room!? That sounds like exactly the kinda place we'd find some clues!
: If we can somehow unlock the door and get inside...
: Who cares about a stupid lock!
: It should be no problem for the world's strongest missing link to knock down one measly door!

: ...What was that?
: Uwah!
: No, please. Continue.

: Did you say I've got the nicest butt on the block? The curviest hips in town? Is that what you said!?
: Hell no I didn't!
: Then what DID you say? Cuz I KNOW you weren't talking about tearing down the door to the headmaster's room.
: Ng--!
: Knocking down your headmaster's door? What kind of war on education are you trying to start here!?
: That's MY room, ya know? It is *now* anyway... And you're thinking of busting it down?

: You seriously don't wanna piss me off. You have any idea how much bacteria lives on a single bear claw?
: N-No, I was just kiddin'! Please don't get mad!
: I'm not mad! >_<
: You're totally mad! ;_;

: I was hoping I wouldn't have to add a rule for this, but if you're gonna go around having those thoughts...
: I have no choice but to add to the school regulations!
: Seriously...?
: Breaking down a locked door is prohibited! There, that's a rule now, ya jerks! *leaves*

: I-Is he gone...?
: Whew... Man, I was scared for my life! I was sure he was gonna kill me, for serious!
: But if he would go out of his way to make up a rule like that, there's no doubt that something important must be hidden in the headmaster's room.
: that it's a rule, there's nothing we can do.
: ...

: Metal sheets had been attached to all the windows on the 4th floor. None of them budged an inch...
: Just like everywhere else...
: Escape from the 4th floor seems unlikely. That was to be expected, though.

: Um...Kyoko?
: ...

She's ignoring me...

: Hey, Makoto... Does Kyoko seem upset to you?

: She is, isn't she!? She's totally mad!
: Y-Yeah, it looks like it...
: ...
: I bet it's your fault, isn't it? You must've done something to her.

Agh...this is bad...

: So...has everyone said what they need to say?
: I think so...
: But it looks like nobody found any clues at all, let alone a way out of here.
: I haven't been this depressed since my house burned to the ground! Someone, do something to cheer me up!
: Um...can I say something?
: It's cuz my dad was smoking in bed!
: That' I have something I'd like to report. guys all remember, right? You remember when I found that picture up on the 3rd floor the other day?

: You mean the one that showed Mondo, Chihiro, and Leon all together, right?
: Yeah, I remember. What about it?
: Well, I found another one. Another picture, almost just like that one.
: Another one...?

: But this time, the picture was of Celeste, Hifumi, and Sayaka.
: Huh...?
: And they were all smiling... And the classroom in the picture didn't have any metal covering the windows.

: So the picture of Mondo, Chihiro, and Leon wasn't the only one... Now you found one that had Celeste, Hifumi, and Sayaka?
: can that...?
: Monokuma must have faked it!
: But...if the picture *is* real...

: ...then everyone who was in it...

: There would have to be some kind of hidden connection there, don't you think? Some deeper truth...that we just don't understand...

: Can't be! It's a fake!
: But Monokuma said it was real. I know we could just write that off as a lie, but...

: Then you trust Monokuma's word over the people who have died?
: Huh...?
: That's what you're saying, isn't it?
: No, that's not it...

: I'm shocked. You told everyone how we should believe in our friends, but you refuse to do the same.
: Th-That's not--!

What's going on, Kyoko? Why are you getting emotional...? I don't understand why she's so angry...

: C'mon guys, stop fighting, or all your good luck is gonna float away! Anyway,'re thinking about it too much. There's no way Monokuma didn't fake that picture.
: He's just trying to confuse us. You shouldn't listen to anything Monokuma has to say.
: Y-You might be right, but still...

Music cuts out.

???: Are you still so conflicted?

: It looks like you guys have stopped playing nice.
: Byakuya!
: You all have the same sunken look on your faces. You were all so ugly before. You shouldn't let them sink any lower.
: When I look at you, it makes me think of a frog sinking into a pile of manure.
: Sorry...
: Why are you apologizing!?

: Leave us alone! You're not a part of this!
: That's true enough. Your problems aren't mine. We are, and always will be, completely separate. So whatever's causing your faces to turn so ugly has absolutely nothing to do with me. And if I happen to discover a vital clue, it wouldn't concern you in the slightest.
: Huh...?
: Did he finally just say something useful?

: ...Byakuya. What have you been up to?
: I don't mind telling you. Perhaps forcing your lazy brains to get to work might do you some good.
: I was in the bath. What else would you like to know? Today's lottery numbers?

He was...taking a bath? Is he saying he's been talking to Alter Ego? Did he tell him something...?

: Maybe we should *all* go take a bath.

: Ah...good idea.
: A mixed bath...?
: A mixed bath...!

If Alter Ego really did tell him something... I wonder what it could have been.