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Part 100: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

With Chapter 3 finished, we get a new branch to the tree, with hanging effigies and katanas tied to it.

MUSIC: Becoming Friends

Kehehe... Then I will tell you about the beauty of humanity I have witnessed thus far...

Hey buddy, any of these look familiar at all?

This is a fine gift... It almost makes me sorry to be the one receiving it.

I would like to at least tell you some stories in return. Which one though...?

Yeah... What about it?

Well, music is an important aspect of anthropology.

Oh, that's true. Like folk music.

Huh? It's different?

When you think of Japanese folk music, what comes to your mind?

I guess, Japanese court music. Like the koto or the flute—music they play during New Year's. that those are examples of traditional cultural music of Japan.

What do you mean? to put it... It's a complicated distinction, I admit. It' that was not crafted by the hands of specialists, such as musicians.

Nursery rhymes, lullabies, songs passed down through generations of mothers...

Yes, things like that...

I see... I kinda get what you mean.

There are many nursery rhymes and children's games whose meanings have been forgotten.

I don't wanna hear... It sounds scary.

Oh? I am disappointed that you would judge something based solely on your impression of it.

"Kagome Kagome" terrifies me!

Ah, yes. It has a great many different interpretations. It can be scary, or tragic... And according to one interpretation, it points to the hidden treasure of the Tokugawa family.

A hidden treasure!? I didn't know that! I wonder if that's true...

I cannot say for certain if it is the truth. Nor can anyone else. But...the idea that a certain truth is sealed away in the lyrics of a song is intriguing.

There's a song called "Goin' Home"... I thought it was a folk song... But it was actually just Dvorak's New World Symphony with lyrics.

Ah, so you are familiar with it, after all. Yes... Symphony No. 9's second movement. Known in Japan as "Sunset on a Far-off Mountain."

I almost feel like I'm floating when I listen to it, and the lyrics pair nicely with it too.

It shows just how intertwined music has become with our daily lives.

Yeah, itjust means music has always been with humanity even way back then.

Kehehe... Such words may seem simple, yet they have profound meaning behind them.

Then...may I listen to some music in your lab?

To have brought this to me... You truly have an eye for treasures. Kehehe...what a wonderful woman you are. I have no complaints with this.

If you'd like, I can tell you this item's history. Are you interested?

Though, I certainly enjoy witnessing the beauty of humanity that arises from this situation.

How long we're stuck here is up to us! We're all gonna work together and escape!

I see... So you've chosen to think in such a positive way. Kehehe... That, too, is beautiful.

I'll...take that as a compliment, but his chuckle kinda creeps me out.

You said...that you'd like to be friends when we escape here, yes?

Yeah, definitely!

Then, would it be too ask you to become friends with my sister as well?

I do. She is a very important person to me.

Kiyo nodded cheerfully, but for a moment, I could see sadness in his eyes...

Sister has always been very sickly... She was in and out of the hospital since we were young.

Because of that, she never had the chance to make friends. It hurt me to see her so lonely...

I know that it may be a bit much to ask, but I think you'd be an excellent friend for Sister. about it?

I mean, anyone would get lonely if they were all by themselves in a hospital.

Truly? It makes me very happy to hear you say that...

Oh, but people call me Piano Freak. Even then, you still want me as her friend?

That's quite alright...

AUDIO: Kiyo Free Time #1

Y-You're gonna make me blush if you keep saying stuff like that...

I wonder how Sister will react when she meets you... I look forward to seeing Sister's smiling face...


Sister complex... It offends me to have such a term used to describe me.

Kehehe... I apologize as well. I spoke more harshly than I meant to. So then...I shall arrange a chance for you and Sister to meet.

Kehehehehehehe... I will need to come up with a good plan...


0h, maybe he wants to make it a surprise for his sister.

Kiyo is a bit creepy, least he's a nice enough person to care about his sister. Right? Ummm... I still don't really understand him, though. He acts pretty feminine at times... I wonder if that's because of his sister's influence...

Human beings cling to life... That is the source of their beauty...

What sort of hell, I wonder, has Ryoma experienced... I am most curious...

I may have this? Kehehe...much appreciated. You enjoy giving gifts? Perhaps we can discuss cultural gift giving practices.

Kehehe...they are often confused, so your question is reasonable. To that question, "They are different" may be a possible answer.

History and changes in countries or regions across time. Archaeology traces the course of humanity through physical remains. Anthropology is a study that examines the thought behind traditions and customs.

Ah... I kind of understand, but I kind of don't.

From people come feelings, those feelings intersect and become tradition. At least, that's my stance on the matter.

The feelings intersect?

I'm sorry, I'm not very familiar with such things...

Is that so? But you encounter anthropology on a daily basis.

Someone on a journey commiting a taboo in a mountain village, for example.

That's true, I hear that often.

A character's background can be viewed through an anthropological lens. Tools and houses in the background... Jobs, speech, clothing, or food... With the proper knowledge, such things can help you understand a work more deeply... Without it, such clues go to waste.

You need to have a very high IQ to understand Danganronpa.

Kehehe, it seems I've piqued your curiosity. Let us talk more.

A monster with a plate on its head.

Kehehe... I thought you would say that.

A furry monster that looks like a monkey.

That is a somewhat surprising answer...but not completely unexpected.

A cool big brother.


Wh—... Huh? Why do you say that?

Ah, it's from a video game...

Oh, I see... It's just a recent trend. I have failed in my studies, it seems.

The monster with the plate on its head is probably the most famous.

Kehehe... That's exactly right, and yet...


Originally, monsters had no form, for they were based on people's emotions. That image of a kappa is a culmination of many different people's thoughts. An ancient fear was changed over many years into a creature we can identify.

Thus, I must keep the present in mind while I learn about past customs.

So? It is unexpectedly deep, yes?

Yeah... Profound.


*knock, knock...* ... *click...*

You have shown me beauty as well... Your suffering and determination...have been etched into my heart...

It's gotten to the point where I have so many notes, I cannot organize them on my own... Will you assist me?

This is a fine gift... It almost makes me sorry to be the one receiving it.

I would like to at least tell you some stories in return. Which one though...?

Yes, I would like to learn more, if that's alright with you.

Of course. I will speak of it for as long as you wish to hear of it. Perhaps we should sit somewhere for our discussion.


You seem to be looking at me with a strange expression. Is something wrong?

Ah, well, you're always wearing that mask, Kiyo... I was just wondering how you would drink tea.

So he *does* take it off sometimes. That makes sense, or else he couldn't eat or drink.

...and I replace it with a mask for meals.

That is correct. I have one for bathing, sleeping, and even exercising.

So he has a variety...

If you will excuse me...

He *could* just take it off... He doesn't have to have so many kinds. Why so particular about that...?

Thank you for waiting, Shuichi.

Huh? Did you change your mask?

...It looks exactly the same.

So I will proceed to enjoy this tea now.


This tea has a nice scent. I usually prefer green tea, but this is wonderful.

Bu t won't it just spill on the mask...?

Aaah... A mellow flavor that makes itself familiar to the tongue.

Huh? The mask isn't wet. Did he pour it in the slit? I didn't even see him do it.

Cookies... I'll definitely get to see him take off his mask to eat that.

What happened!? The cookie just disappeared...

What is the matter?

It... The cookie, it just...disappeared...

Well yes... Because I put it into my mouth.'re wondering how I ate it, aren't you? If you are vexed by such trivial things, then your world is still very small.

You also need a very high IQ to understand Naruto.

I will open up your world through anthropology...if you so desire.

That room is just so splendid... I wish to show it to Sister...

You also have interest in the Victorian era, do you not, Shuichi? After all, it is the era of detectives and phantom thieves...though only in fiction.

I dunno, I think a lot of us goons are burned out on phantom thieves right now.

Ah, but there was also that famous serial killer. Perhaps you've more interest in that?

This gift is only available in the casino after beating Chapter 3, so Kiyo's lucky nobody voted for him. Well, nobody in the thread, anyway.

To have brought this to me... You truly have an eye for treasures.

If you'd like, I can tell you this item's history. Are you interested?

So from an anthropological view, "house" does not necessarily mean "family." The house is an umbrella term that denotes both residence and people.

Interesting... It's fun breaking down the etymology of words we use.

Indeed. Speaking of family...

No, it was my uncle... He's the detective, and I just help him.

Ah, so that's how it happened.

How about you, Kiyo? What made you become an anthropologist?

There is no particular reason. I merely pursued my interests.


I first learned of anthropology while reading a book with Sister. It said that tales like that of Princess Kaguya existed all over the world. I was surprised that people across the globe had such similar ideas.

So that's how you became an Ultimate?

Indeed. I am who I am today all because of Sister. Sister understood me more than anyone else.

My outfit was originally much simpler, but she said that didn't suit me... She made it ever so beautifully. There is no uniform quite like mine.

Korekiyo looked elated as he told me about it.

I'm an only child, so I'm a bit envious...

Kehehe... Do you have an interest in sisters, Shuichi?

Th-That's not what I mean at all!

She made me this uniform between bouts of illness.

I'm sorry...

But I'm sure that, as long as you're working hard, she'll be just fine.

What do you mean by that...?

I see. So you're saying I should work hard for her. Of course I know that.

Ah, I apologize, I didn't mean to overstep my bounds...

No, no. Sister thanks you for worrying about her. You're a good person...


Do all her friends have to be girls...? Maybe his sister doesn't like boys going near her. Now *that's* a complex...

Kiyo's sister sounds super cool. I can't wait to meet her.

MUSIC: Spirit, Praise and Beauty

Things like ouiji boards and the Japanese game known as kokkuri are kinds of seances.

Kokkuri is said to summon the spirit of a fox to answer the participants' questions...

That said, answers from these basic seances are often simply the participants' subconscious.

But The Caged Child is different... With it, we can truly speak with the dead!

Well? Would you like to try?

:lol: "I know some other people who do rituals are full of shit, but you can trust that I'm the real deal because

This is a fine gift... It almost makes me sorry to be the one receiving it.

I would like to at least tell you some stories in return. Which one though...?

Now that I think about it, every time we hang out, it turns into a lecture... Well, I am having fun, so I don't mind it.

Yeah, and how there are similar legends all around the world.

That is but one legend with counterparts in other cultures. Another such legend—one I find quite interesting—is that of Hainuwele.


To summarize, she was a goddess who defecated valuable items. In the tale, she was killed and her body became seeds for crops. Similar tales in Japanese folklore are Ohogesu Hime and Uke Mochi.

Yeah, absolutely...

Tales with boxes not to be opened, hero mythology, gods disguised as beggars... There are tales with similar elements like these all over the world.

Interesting. So you know all about legends and myths, Kiyo?

Are there any in particular that resonate with you?

Myths that resonate...hmm...

Have you ever heard of Medusa?

The monster who turns all that look upon her to stone...correct?

Hm? Am I wrong?

No, you're not wrong. But she was originally known as a goddess of nature.

A goddess of nature?

She was changed into a fearsome monster to be slain by a hero.

How did that happen?

The answer is clear if you consider why nature deities were worshipped.

But over time, humanity developed civilization and began taming the land. The protection of a goddess of nature was no longer needed. The goddess becoming a monster is proof of humanity overcoming nature.

I see...

Because we're really starting to regret that whole "overcoming nature" thing?

Because it's a good scary story? It is pretty frightening...

Kehehehehe... Very good. It seems you have the qualities of an anthropologist.

I have no idea...

Kehehe, the reason is something every living thing can relate to.

To show the power of humanity? To say that we've conquered nature?

That is true, yes... But there is a bigger reason.

In other words, all human beings will one day perish. So even if we overcome nature, we cannot overcome death...

I couldn't exactly tell through the mask, but I imagine Korekiyo was smiling.

It seems I've gotten off track. Let us return to discussing myths.


The Caged Child was one such art. It seems feudal lords feared the words of the dead.

"Dead men tell no tales"... Kehehe...what a foolish saying. There are countless ways to speak with the dead...

Really, who else was this going to be for?

This is...! Shuichi, where on Earth did you find such a thing!?

Ooh...I never dreamed of encountering such a splendid item here.

Also known as surveying, fieldwork is very important to anthropology. Hearing legends recounted firsthand, recording tools or lifestyles... For this, I've traveled across the nation.

Across the nation? I imagine that would be quite the life.

The latest topic to pique my interest are customs related to ropes.

oh god


I've found that many regions in Japan customarily use ropes to welcome guests. Why, I wondered, were there such similar customs in such distant places?

pull up shuichi

That said, there are differences in how the ropes are used. In one region, guests tie up women. In another, the guests are tied up.

...That doesn't seem like much of a warm welcome.

...Quite the reception.

Kehehe, your understanding is yet shallow. That was only the beginning. As I was tied up, they whipped me. It was such a warm welcome.

I don't think that was a welcome at all!

I feel like that door should remain closed.

After passing through that door... I was able to reunite with someone taken from me by death. That was the greatest welcome I could've possibly received. Kehehehehe...

Such an experience will grow your love for anthropology. I want that for you.

Oh, indeed. It is useless without basic knowledge. I'm glad you understand.

There are still many secrets to discover.

They are...not necessarily secrets. We merely live our lives distanced from such knowledge.

I don't think I can ever do that.

Well, you may have a fear of entering unknown lands. But knowledge will cause your curiosity to overcome that fear. People are creatures of greed. At times, that inner ugliness is visible. But that, too, is just another aspect of the beauty of humanity.

I'm interested, but I don't want to risk my life...

You misunderstand. Field work places you among the unknown, but it is not some adventure. Being killed in some secretive mountain village is mere occult novel fiction.

From what you told me earlier, I'd say the danger is real...

AUDIO: Kiyo Free Time #2

Even if it isn't for field work, I wish to travel the country with you. I want to show you the beauty of humanity as I know it.

I would like to go with you, Kiyo. We'd have fun no matter where we went.

Kehehe... It makes me so very happy to hear you say that.

I thought he was creepy at first... But now, there's a real bond between us.

Perhaps I might consider you my first disciple, then? Kehehe...I never imagined having a disciple so soon.

You have learned a new skill, Supernatural Phenomenon.

Before you get too excited, this means that the reticle locks on to center mass; hitting weak points is almost impossible with this skill. As with The McD before me, I want my nice shots, so this skill's going straight in the trash

The first I ever knew that Danganronpa did the underwear thing is when I got these from doing Kiyo's events in-game. I thought it was just unique to him at the time.

Korekiyo's Undergarments posted:

Korekiyo's favorite bikini bottom. The stoic color and sexy form represent the beauty of humanity.