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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

by Solitair

Part 102: 9 to 5

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

VIDEO: Levistone

Ahhhhh! What did you do to my lab!? It's goin' in super deep!



Ahhhhhhhh! If you put it in that deep, it's gonna drive me crazy!



A-A flying building? What kind of technology is this? We knew this place had advanced technology, but who could have imagined this!?

From the machines and the sci-fi feel, I'd deduce this is Keebo's lab.

I'll check inside. definitely Keebo's lab.

There's barely anything to see or smack around here.

How is the mastermind behind this killing game monitoring us? Or...are we not really being watched at all?

Ohhh, you'd look so pretty with this, Keebo... I want you to make lots of cute noises! Heh, hehehehe...

Is that...something to be embarrassed about, Keebo?

...Huh? Isn't it yours?

I don't want this. I don't like this sort of...sci-fi technology. ...Can we leave now?

But I imagine that a lot of things in here would really help you out. You Should take a look.

Wouldn't that include you, Keebo?

Anyway...I would prefer a more Japanese theme, since I like that food the most.

...Even though I can only stare at it.

So how could you prefer the food?

Y-Yeah...that would be nice.

It doesn't seem like Keebo is going to use this lab. Well, he's free to do as he pleases. Nothing I can do about that.

On our way up, we find this on the second floor.

Has the creepy music on the fourth floor been defeated at last?

No, not yet. Why?

I remember Kiyo telling me this before... Shrine gates are the entrances to holy grounds, and holy grounds have barriers around them... When you think of it like that, there may be a secret entrance somewhere around here.

I still don't get that stuff with his sister or why he killed Angie and Tenko... But Kiyo really was an excellent Ultimate Anthropologist.

But if Kiyo had made it out of here alive... He might have made even more friends for his sister.

Kiyo, you said... How you come to terms with death determines how you live. Perhaps...I understand what you mean. By facing Kaede's death...I was able to embrace my own talent and move forward.

...But I don't know if I'll ever truly understand your answer.

Did you notice the hanging scroll beyond the shrine gate? Nothing's written on it.

Yeah, that was bothering me as well. It's strange.

They probably made all this to create an atmosphere. See if you can use the junk here.

Right. Leave it to me.

She must have been serious about what she said after the trial.

...What? Why are you making that gross face?

Wh-What!? It's not *gross* it? I'm just happy... It's, ah, really nice that you're working with us like this.

Well, unlike Kaito, I'm notjust all talk. I always follow through with my decisions.


You had strange methods, but you rejected the killing game and wanted us to live in harmony. But all that was taken away for some stupid reason. I never knew your Atua, but I will never forget you.

VIDEO: Octobrush

The fifth floor, huh? How many floors does this school have?

Monokuma domine!

That must mean this is the Ultimate Cosplayer's lab.

There is so much to destroy here. I'm being just plain rude, doing this in front of Tsumugi.

As I explore the giant venue in the back keeps changing.

And it's not just the monitor, it's this entire academy. What is going on here...?

I see... Cosplay is fun to do with others, right?

There's no point doing it by myself...

Hey, Shuichi! Do you want to give it a try!? Come on, try cosplaying with me!


To become a completely different person and feel like you're part of a different world...

Ah, but...I'm investigating right now...

Then, let's do it later. Let me know when you feel up to it. I'll help you become your favorite character, whether it's from an anime, manga, or game.


Well, what do you's just like the real thing.

Tsumugi spoke cheerily and sat down at the table in front of the counter.

Hey, Shuichi, are you thirsty? I can make you one of my signature cocktails if you'd like.

A signature cocktail?

I used to make them a lot at my part-time job. Don't worry. It'll be non-alcoholic, of course.

Ah, okay... I'll take one.

MUSIC: Cool Morning

AUDIO: Tsumugi's Cabaret

Let's pretend I didn't smash all the furniture out of the set earlier.

How would you like it? A little stronger, maybe?

SHUICHI: Huh? Ah, sure...

How do you make a non-alcoholic drink stronger?

*clink, clink*

SHUICHI: Wow, you're good at this, aren't you?

Yeah, before I got sponsors for my cosplaying, I worked a bunch of jobs. I used to say to my customers...


What is this feeling...? I suddenly feel charitable!

*clink, clink*

Okay, it's ready.

SHUICHI: Thank you.

What kind of part time job did she have, anyway? Mixing drinks like this...?

Dang, Tsumugi makes entry-level work in Japan look good. Here in America a customer can piss in your mouth and you'll still get fired if you complain.

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

Please come again.

Yes, thank you. I'll be back.

Tsumugi said she'd worked in a place like this before. What kind of part time job did she have, anwvay? Mixing drinks like this...?

It's usually for when something bad happens... I hope it stays off.

You'll never guess whose lab we find next time.