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Part 103: It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie


This place makes you feel like there is no god, but then there's this... Is that coincidence or just Monokuma's sense of humor?

Just looking at the school building from the courtyard, the 5th floor didn't look this big... Did they recently expand it...just for us?

It doesn't look like it will open... I suppose I'll have to leave it be for now.

I should check inside to be sure.

MUSIC: Living in a Lazy Parallel World

It is, right?

Let's see what's in here. But...I'm getting a bad feeling from this place.

Whoops! First time my palm slap actually broke something.

I could tell...just from looking. But this place doesn't match you at all. I think this lab is too good for someone like you.

What...? The clothes wouldn't even look good on you. It won't suit you at all, so don't even try it.

What are these files for?

I picked one up at random and flipped through it.

What is this...?

I hurriedly looked through the other files and found that they were all similar.

...It's a file containing all the tricks used for murders.

It appears so.

I can't be sure, but there are pictures of the scene. And all of these cases seem feasible.

Feasible, huh?


Well, I doubt anyone's that stupid to use a file that's accessible to everyone...

Maki picked up a file at random and started flipping through it.


Maki began pulling files one after the other off of the shelf.

The newer files have photographs, but the older ones have illustrations?

But why? Are the old ones just fictional?

Is there a reason for that?

So you think so too, huh?

There's no way that can be normal medicine in the Ultimate Detective's lab...

She opened the cabinet's glass door and peered inside.

In that case...we should try to dispose of them. We don't want anyone accidentally—

Even if we got rid of them, Monokuma would just replace them. So it's useless doing that. It would only be a temporary solution.

Shame Tenko's not here. We could tell her they're all estrogen supplements.

She wants to make *sure” no one will ever use them.

Even so...I'm surprised they have so many in here. There's poison for instantaneous death, as well as ones that can inflict various symptoms... Depending on how you use them, you can set up different gimmicks.

It's a fine line when it comes to knowing everything about crimes.

I suppose that's right... There's a fine line between criminal and detective.

Everything here has to do with death.

Well, that's your job as a detective, especially in this killing game.

Yeah...I know.

A detective...can't save anyone. I'm only useful after it's already too late.

Why are you so upset all of a sudden? Do you want to die?

MUSIC: Beautiful Lie

With a face as gloomy as that, I can't believe you're my sidekick.


Huh? What do you mean?

Because of how well you did in the class trials, people are keeping their eyes on you, Shuichi... The next culprit might come after you.

Come after me?

...What if I end up as a future culprit?

Are you stupid? That's impossible.

How...can you believe in people so easily?

And if they betray me, it just means I made a bad call believing in them.

Of course, you're one of the people I want to believe in, Maki Roll!


I lost track of him. I can't find that guy anywhere.

Couldn't find him? But he still has the motive card key, right?

Yeah, he should still have it.

There's a chance that Kokichi could have used the card key and gone somewhere...

Ah, you found one!

I am worried about Kokichi, but I think we should deal with this first. So let's all gather in the dining hall!

...Huh? Me too?

Alright! Let's go!

After a time, everyone had gathered in the dining hall.

Oh, what about Kokichi?

Forget about him! It's his fault for messing around like that!

I guess...he must be a real pro at hide-and-seek.


No one can find him, huh?

He might've used the motive's card key to enter a place we're unaware of.

Do you think that's where the real motive is being kept? Either way, it's worrisome.

Anyway, let's try out this Flashback Light!

But...I'm still uneasy about these Flashback Lights... Are they really okay to use?

Well, if we don't use them, our memories will never come back, y'know?

I agree with fish dicks over here!

MUSIC: Rise of the Ultimates

I knew you'd find us here...but only because it's you.

Thanks for the compliment! So, why are all my merry friends gathered here?

First things first... What did you do with that card key?

Ooh, so you're worried about that. Well, relax.

You couldn't use it?

Yeah, I had no idea where to use it, so I just gave up instead.

You don't seem too disappointed about not being able to use it.

I smell another fuckin' lie!

Whatever... Talking to him's a waste of time.

Oh hey, the Flashback Light. Lemme see that. Kaito doesn't have the balls to turn on the switch—

VIDEO: Shuichi's Flashback Light

And what it all means... All at once, I... I remembered.

MUSIC: Wonderful Story

What happened with the meteorites!?

There was a bunch of damage where I lived... People said it was only a matter of time...

A researcher said that, too. Similar meteorite impacts happened millions of years ago... All living organisms on Earth were annihilated...

There were also a bunch of weird groups that started to show up in the streets.

AUDIO: The Cult

GONTA: Gonta hear that, too! Unless someone does something, world will end!

Mankind deserves damnation... I remember seeing those posters, but...

We haven't seen any since we got here. Maybe they died down...

Then what happened to that plan? The one to save the world from the meteorites?

Oh right...I just remembered that...

It was the plan that all the countries of the world came up with to save humanity...

I remember that, too... But the Gofer Project...

Huh? Is that true?

That's what I heard too, but I can't remember why.

S-So...we can't remember anything past that again.

I can't either... I don't remember anything about the Gofer—


Being stuck here with you losers is the worst hell there is!

The "you losers" part...wasn't necessary.

She seems really upset!

Miu, calm down! It's okay! Gonta will protect you!


How are they all connected...? How do they relate to the Ultimate Academy...?


We probably need one more... Everything will start to connect after we remember one more thing...

One more thing? What is Kokichi—


The afterlife?

Wh-Why you... Quit saying stupid crap like that!

It's not stupid. If meteorites can happen, then anything else can happen, too. C'mon, you're an astronaut, aren't ya? Space is full of mysteries that we can't even fathom.

Oh god, Kokichi's been watching Ancient Aliens.

A mysterious virus could've spread, or some weird technology...

That's just your theme, Himiko...

Tch, that's just stupid! It's like the setting for some third-rate anime or game!

This game is at least second-rate!

Do you think I'm making this up?

We may be used to it *now*, but that kind of stuff goes against common sense, y'know?

Which wouldn't be too farfetched if any of the things I mentioned actually happened.

Oh, you're right. Sorry, my bad.

Ughhhh... Wh-Whatever... Just hurry up so I can get out of here...

S-Stop... You shouldn't think like that... About getting out of here...

Oh! You've finally learned to read the air! Nice job, robot!

I'm...learning every day.

Oh, before we go, Gonta put manhole cover back how it was.

If we wanna challenge underground again, this time Gonta definitely—

Himiko, you've really changed...

...Is what I'd like to say, but working hard at escaping from there is pointless. matter how much you've changed, of course you'd think that...

I need to solve all of these mysteries.

But...I can't give up. I need to keep my promise to Kaede. I need to find the truth. What's happening to us... Why we're forced to play this killing game... Anyway...I've still got some time today. I can't stay still, not now...