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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

by Solitair

Part 104: Shake, Rattle and Roll


With another trial win, we get the normal difficulty unlocked in our casino games. As you can see, it increases our maximum ceiling for bets tenfold.

If you're really good, you can even get a higher multiplier, but if you totally suck, you'll lose coins. I think you're still very likely to earn a bigger payout than on Kind, if only slightly.

Why not? I have plenty to spare.

I fuck up and break combo almost immediately. I don't even think I noticed this error until I reviewed the footage just now.

I'm also not picking great opportunities to use Mono-eye. I should also try memorizing two of each color at a time instead of just one, but that's the LP tax for you.

This is about as much profit as gettin S on Kind gives me. I can do better.

How about this one?

Three important things to note about OUTLAW RUN. First, just missing one pedestrian isn't enough to break combo. Good thing, too, because sometimes you get two lines at once and you have to pick one to be in. As long as you hit someone before the combo indicator fades away, you're good.

Sometimes you'll just get shit luck, like this car bogarting the pedestrian lane. Hitting a car will absolutely break combo in the time it takes for you to spin out. Either way I lose.

Finally, if you thread this needle just right, you can hit both people when they're this close together. I saw someone do it in a video, but I haven't mastered the technique myself.

Not very good at all.

The multipliers are the same for each version of the difficulty, but the required scores do change from game to game.

Despite a few early moves of questionable worth, I quickly figure out how to think a move or two ahead.

You still don't have to excavate everything to win, but boy does it help.

Of all the games I thought I'd crush on my first try, it sure wasn't this one.