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Part 105: The Mothers of Invention

MUSIC: Becoming Friends

We've already seen the door messages.

"Hidden" is putting it kindly.

MUSIC: Spirit, Praise and Beauty

Meteorites bombarding the Earth... This "Gofer Project"... I can't believe we forgot about such important events...

MUSIC: Becoming Friends

I do think that once we find everything, it will all connect. I don't want to agree with Kokichi, certainly feels that way.

A biohazard from a mysterious virus spreading... Infecting people with an unknown disease... For the time being, I think I'll stock up on herbs...

It's a shame I couldn't find the door for the motive card key... I searched real hard, too...

Meteorites all over the world...

No! There's no point thinking about it right now! I'm better off thinking of something else!

This would have been decently placed if I hadn't seen it spawn coming into the room.

Canned tuna... Now that I'm thinking about it, I wanna eat some... It doesn't even have to be good tuna! I'm fine with some dolphin mixed in!

Himiko channeling my mom's cats.

What can Gonta be useful for everyone? Gonta think he could protect underground passage!

Leave me alone! I-I'm trying to find meds to help take the edge off...

Miu Iruma > Rick Sanchez. I will not be taking questions at this time.

Whoa! I've wanted this for a while! I never expected you to have it, Pooichi!

Why didn't you give it to me sooner!? Geez, you just wasted my precious time!


Huh? Don't look at me like I just blew up a dove with a rocket launcher! I, Miu Iruma, the gorgeous girl genius, am gonna devote my time to you!

I—I don't know about that...


Typical... When men see the heat I'm packin', they get all nervous and stiff.

But since you caught me in a good mood... Alright, I'll show you my inventions! Follow me!

I know that, you brought me here...

Now, the first invention I'll show ya is this!

What is this? A sensor?

I don't know.

That's what I thought! I call this baby the "Hookup Counter"!

Hookup Counter?

It counts how many people you've fucked! Or how many have fucked you!

Too late! Let's see the result, shall we?

Wow, good thing we used so many Love Keys this playthrough.

Now, on to the next invention!

Miu held out a machine that looked like an arm with a boxing glove on the fist.

...What is this?

"Auto-Puncher that Punches You for Telling Terrible Dirty Jokes"!

Who cares? Sometimes I'm too lazy to think of names. I'm constantly crankin' out new inventions! You can't expect me to name 'em all!

I mean, do you name each of your little dudes after you blast 'em into a tissue?


...What did she think was going to happen?

Miu got punched pretty hard... Is she okay?

Sh-Sheesh... That was sudden... Still, though...that was a good punch...

I guess she's fine.

What is it this time?

This looks like...a ray gun from a science fiction movie.

This baby'll teleport underwear in a flash! I call it the "Goin' Commando" gun!


Whaddaya think!? Cool shit, right!?

Not all objects! Just underwear!

Just underwear? She's wasting this incredible technology on underwear?

Hah-hahahaha! Whaddaya think!? Bow before my formidable talent!

*sigh*...I don't know what to say. This is all very odd.

I just...wanted to show this stuff to you...

Uh oh, did I upset her?

No, um, it's...really creative! Really good stuff.


Ya think so? That makes me happy. Yeah, my inventions are...

But even geniuses like to be praised! You seem to understand that pretty well!

Y'know, you're pretty alright! I'll treat you real good from now on! Just make sure my technique doesn't blow your mind too hard!


MUSIC: Rise and Shine, Ursine!

It is now 10 pm. Nighttime officially starts now. Staying up late is bad for your skin, so maybe you bastards should go to bed, okay?

The reason I can't sleep is because I'm up all night thinking about you, Monophanie.


Goddammit, not this shit again.

It's kinda crazy, really... I've never thought about you this way before... Hey...when did you worm your way into my heart?


So...what are you gonna do about this?

We can't... We're family, y'know? You can't...forget that...

I need you, Monophanie.

...I want you, Monotaro.

MUSIC: Darkness Time

Well, no point worrying about the Monokubs. It's time for training!

I feel like I haven't done it in a long time... Alright, to the courtyard!

Oh, Shuichi? You should go back to room. It's nighttime.

Ah, it's just that...I promised to meet up with Kaito and Maki...

O-Oh... Um, Angie's gone, and student council not around anymore...

Cuz Ryoma got killed at nighttime. And Angie, too.

That's true... But the promise I made to Kaito is really important to me. I can't break it. I promise, I'll go right back afterwards. And I'll make sure we stick together. useless.

No, no! Not at all, Gonta. Don't worry about it. We all know how much you care about us.


Huh? What have you decided...?


Hmm, actually...Gonta will tell everyone tomorrow, when everyone together.

Ah, yeah... Good night, Gonta.


Yeah... It's been so long since the three of us have done this.

...It's because Kaito was scared of ghosts.

When I first met Maki and Kaito...I never could have imagined hanging out like this.

A-Anyway, let's get started! First off, 100 sit-ups!

MUSIC: Becoming Friends

AUDIO: Huge Space Abs're way too fast...

Hey, less talking, more working! What about your sit-ups!?



Do you want me to go check on him? I just finished doing my 100 sit-ups.

What? Already?

But, ah, maybe you shouldn't go... Because it's...the boys bathroom...

...Did that not occur to you?

Ah, sorry!

Well, it's fine...

By the way...this seems like a good time to ask, but...

MUSIC: Heaven of Almost Hell


Well...I assumed you didn't, because that would be weird.

What do you mean, "weird"?


When they aren't already a member of your family? Just a thought.


I...don't know. I don't...really understand what that is...

...Nevermind. Just forget I ever asked.

...No reason. I was only curious.

No reason?

Maki, you're being...cruel. You ask me a personal question, then act like you don't care—

MUSIC: Becoming Friends

Perfect timing as always, Kaito...

*Anyway*, what's wrong Kaito? Why did you leave all of a sudden?

Nah, I...drank too much water before training. But I emptied myself out, so I'm good now.

Continue? I...don't recall you doing even one yet, Kaito.

...I already finished doing my 100.

Heh, don't be so cold! "No road is long with good company," right?

I don't think that phrase applies to this.

AUDIO: Huge Space Abs, Part 2

Just start moving your body and your pain will become memories before you know it.

...Then you should train, too.

Well, I don't have anything to worry about. Cuz, I mean...I'm Kaito Momota! Luminary of the Stars!

H-Hey! No fair, Kaito!

But Kaito and I had to give up, and only Maki was able to finish.

MUSIC: Darkness Time

A lot's happened today...but there's still something bothering me.

That Flashback Light this afternoon...

All those meteorites... The Gofer Project... The mysterious cult organization... Are they connected to the Ultimate Hunt, or the funeral, or the killing game? Those answers...might save us.


Thinking about everything I saw, I had fallen asleep before I knew it.

Next time, Gonta's big announcement.

Mysterious Lime
Rantaro Amami's theme.
Pondering it only makes it stranger...

Those rotating question marks are making me feel veeeeery sleeeeeepy...